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Eclipse Activations

Eclipse Gateway of Transformation Activations!

Embracing the Transforming Power of the Light

August Eclipse Gateway

Eclipse Cycles have a magical way of opening doors to higher dimensions.

And presently, we're experiencing one that is so powerful! The Eclipse Gateway between July 13th and August 11th 2018 is creating an incredible opening for transformation.

… At the core, this is really about the transformation of you!

Stepping through this gateway equates to embodying a higher level of your Divine light and authenticity…

There is a huge opportunity presenting for you to realign your trajectory, and truly embody your highest authenticity and most radiant light!

This happens in part through clearing out layers of illusion, past density, and stored emotional pain…

And part lifting in love to reconnect with the light of the infinite and All You Are!

Are you ready to free yourself from the grip of illusion so you can embody your Divine Truth?

Introducing: The Gateway of Transformation Activations

Eclipse Gateway of Transformation ActivationsTo support you during this profound opening, I’ve been guided to release a special series of 4 Brand New High Frequency Activations.

This 4 Part “Gateway of Transformation” Series is Divinely inspired to support you during this time in freeing yourself from lower densities so you can tap into the light of the higher dimensions and step into alignment with your highest Divine expression of love.

Are you ready to experience an incredible re-patterning and re-connection with the perfect crystalline coherence of Divine Source level consciousness?

Do you want to pro-actively align with the highest possible timelines and most benevolent outcomes for your life experience?

The Gateway of Transformation Activations are Divinely designed and inspired to support you through this powerfully activating period.

When you purchase today, you will be getting access to all of the following:

Part 1: Diamond Light Cleanse

As you listen you will experience a truly blissful cleanse of Diamond Light.

Relax and lift as you bask in Divine Source level consciousness and perfect crystalline coherence.
Cleanse and vibrationally elevate your entire being.
Attune and balance your energy to sync with the highest possibilities for your unique soul mission and purpose.
Anchor the highest light of your infinite potential into your present location and energy. 
Realign with your truly vibrant, joyful, fulfilling, high vibrational life!

You will also now have access to the second activation channeled with with Orion, Metatron, Michael, Uriel and Gabriel:

Part 2: Your Crystalline Divine Blueprint

Step through the Gateway of Transformation into perfect alignment with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint!

In this blissful activation you will:

✨Connect with Pure Source Light Presence
✨Breathe light into every cell
✨Return to perfect Crystalline Coherence
✨Experience profound Divine Re-patterning into the Geometry of Love
✨Realign with your Crystalline Divine Blueprint
✨Embody your full and infinite expression
✨Directly connection with God, Source, the Infinite… All that is.
✨Tune into your I Am Presence.

The crystalline geometric energy woven throughout this session is incredible! Don't worry if you can't see or visualize it though, just relax, breathe and lift…

It's time to step into alignment with your highest timeline and living your highest light!

Part 3: Gateway of Starlight

Recorded for the 8-8 Lions Gate… Relax and lift in the pure high frequency of infinite love, expansion and beauty as you call forth the higher downloads of frequency into your presence, to integrate these into your being and into your life through love.

In this blissful activation you will receive a profound starlight ascension activation from the healing light of Sirius, the light of the infinite, and the Council of Light.

Tune into the harmonic frequency of your Soul Tone 
Awaken the codes of your Divine Royal Template
Align with your highest Divine Course and Timeline 
Activate the Seeds of Potential you carry within
Shine as the Divine Light Being you authentically are
Activate your Light Body and Higher Multidimensional Nature 
Receive Healing Light Blessings
Release Lower Densities 
Activate your DNA

Know and directly experience the truth of the Divine Light Being you are.

Part Four: 11-11 Gateway Transmission

Recorded for the August 11th New Moon Solar Eclipse, this channeled frequency transmission with the Council of Light guides you to open the 11-11 Gateway and step through into the highest possibilities for your most radiant light.

Cleanse, Refresh and Raise Your Vibration.
Sync with your Highest Timeline
Unite with the light of the Awakened Earth 
Download blessings from the Crystalline and Christ Light Grids
Connect with the infinite light of love
Illuminate your highest possible path before you
Embody the awakened template for your full expression.
Receive the infinite blessings of love

Step through the 11-11 Gateway onto your highest possible timeline, refreshed and aligned with the highest Divine expression of you.

You Can Now Purchase This Entire Four Part Series Today For $57 

Upon purchasing, you'll get instant access to all four high vibrational channeled activations…

Plus When You Order Today You Get This Free BONUS!

Crystalline RebalancingWhen you order the Gateway of Transformation Activations today… I'll also include for you the profound Crystalline Re-balancing Activation as a FREE Bonus!

As you relax and listen to the Crystalline Rebalancing, you will restore the divine blueprint and template for your physical body, so that every cell shines and vibrates in a state of coherent love and in alignment with the full light and truth of the divine crystalline being you authentically are.

Realign with your highest timeline, and feel the coherent crystalline structure of divine light rippling out throughout your entire experience…

You're going to LOVE this experience of pure Crystalline Light!


Melanie Beckler

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I just want help to achieve happiness with my son & fiancé & my hubby & me . Stress free as I have had a terrible year. I don’t know what ANGEL to help me. 3 sudden deaths, depression & worry financial. Help! Xxx

Shimels kibebew says August 10, 2018

You are a candle lightning in the dark nights.

Shimels kibebew says August 10, 2018

Thanksgiving, to a continued support &
Your positive thinking .Generally my spiritual concept are increased.

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You and I, we are the same…

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Your awesome, God bless you always!

    Melanie Beckler says August 7, 2018

    Thank you! Love and bright blessings back your way ✨💖😇

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