Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Message with Metatron

December 2011 Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

full moon lunar eclipseThe December Full Moon Eclipse energy is here and it offers you a powerful opportunity to take a leap forward in your personal evolutionary journey. These energies offer a profound turning point.  Divine assistance is available, and by erasing and releasing old and outdated programs, you can tune into the new pathways available for entering and experiencing the higher dimensions in your physical reality.  

Right now, is a powerful time for letting go of distractions, and  outmoded  ways of seeing and experiencing the world around you. By letting go of that which lacks deeper meaning, you are supported by the universe in taking another quantum leap forward in consciousness.  

Learn from the past, and step into the light and love offered in this now!  

These energies are too powerful not to offer you something free to help you tune in!  

Below you are able to access a free .MP3 Meditation from Archangel Metatron which will assist you in releasing your fears and limitations and fully tuning into the divine love available right now!  

This message is 15 minutes long and mixed down to a beautiful audio track by Thaddeus.  

Simply Click Here to Listen or Right Click to Save to Your Computer!  

If you like this message and would like access to the 30 min .MP3 Energy Activation recorded during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energy with the Guides and Angels of the Light, you can do so below.   You will be guided through the process of learning from past experiences and boldly leaping into the light and love available to you now. Your energy will be lifted, cleansed and activated when you connect with this message that was recorded in the window of the full moon eclipse energy.

These meditation is now available as a part of the Ascension Meditations Pack which you can access by Clicking Here! 

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