Ascension Activation of Divine Love
Ascension Activation

Ascension Activation of Divine Love

ascension activationAscension Activation with Archangel Michael

Ascension is the path of opening to the higher dimensions, and of manifesting more fully, the magnificence of Spirit within your physical form.

Are you engaging with your inner Spirit and creating your every moment with Divine Love and Light? Or are you experiencing reality through the ego's lens of fear and separation?

Archangel Michael connects, in this beautifully uplifting Ascension Activation to help you directly access Divine Love, ascension energy, and the healing vibrations of the spiritual realms.

The time has come to step into living as the full expression of Divine Love, manifest through the radiant light of your soul, and higher spirit.

Relax and listen to witness and to know the inner activation taking place, carrying you into this new cycle of living in oneness and alignment with your spiritual power… Blossoming into your full potential.

Archangel Michael connects you directly with Divine Love, with your higher self, and with magnificence of All That Is in this high vibrational ascension activation .MP3 channeled by Melanie Beckler.

This Ascension Activation with Archangel Michael is now available as a part of the Ascension Meditations Pack which you can access by Clicking Here! 

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