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Step Into The Flow of Prosperity Angel Course

angel courseAre you allowing the flow of Abundance into your life?

Your angels are on hand right now, to assist you in opening to more abundance and prosperity in your experience. By releasing blockages, and opening to more love, joy and passion in your life… the flow of abundance will naturally increase for you as well.

Archangel Ariel connects in this .MP3 Angel Course to assist you in releasing blocks to your abundance, so that you can step into the flow of prosperity.  You will also receive an .MP3 Lightbody activation with Archangel Haniel, which will help you to strengthen your lightbody, and release any blocks that stand in the way of fully embodying joy, love, and abundance!

This angel course also includes a relaxing angel meditation with Archangel Michael, which will assist you in cleansing your energy, lifting into the angelic realm, and connecting with Archangel Michael and your own highest best, and most loving guides and angels.

This Course Includes:

1.  Stepping Into The Flow of Prosperity Angel Course with Archangel Ariel, 27.20

2. Light Body Activation with Archangel Haniel~ Releasing Blockages, 12:06

3. Relaxing Angel Meditation with Archangel Michael, 18:42

All of these meditations have been combined with our Abundance Angel Course to create the most comprehensive prosperity and abundance course available.

Click here to learn more about the Prosperity and Abundance angel course, now!

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