Free Printable Intuitive Oracle Cards Deck!

About the Intuitive Oracle Cards

This deck was born from an inspiration to create a deck that could be easily printed at home or in a local office store no matter where in the world you are.

The Intuitive Oracle Cards are designed to support you in unlocking your innate intuition by providing a structure and sacred space for reconnecting with your inner soul guidance and receiving the higher light of Divine Love.

Each of the 44 Oracle Cards in this deck has a unique and symbolic image designed to trigger your intuition & inspiration. Each card also features a card title and short text message to further prompt your own intuition and offer specific guidance and insight to answer your questions and support you in your life.

This unique deck of Oracle Cards has also been designed for you to color, customize and make your own with your own personal creative flare! Color the cards with coloring pencils, markers or crayons… You could even paint them with watercolor, or acrylic.

Customizing the cards is optional, and you can choose to simply use the cards as is in their black and white form, but creativity and intuition go hand in hand, and coloring the deck for yourself opens up a new level of contemplation and discovery as you explore the deeper meaning you unlock within that's pointed to from each card.

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And then …

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How to Print Your Deck:

  • Intuitive Oracle CardsThis is a full 44-card deck, so make sure your printer is ready for the job with a full ink cartridge. 
  • Alternatively, printing services and help may be available at a local office supply store.
  • Print your deck. Use the heaviest card stock paper your printer can handle. If needed, be sure to change your printer's settings for the type of paper you're using.
  • Optional, print the back of the cards. Carefully place the pages you've just printed back in your printer to print the backs, if you want. Set the exact page and number of copies you need (15 if you’ve printed all 15 pages with the full 44 card deck). Pay careful attention on your specific printer as to how to place your sheets in the printer. Often home printers print on the front-facing side of the sheet, so you would place the printed side to the back (triple check this).
  • Alternately you can choose to print the back of the cards design on separate sheets and glue them together with a glue stick.


  • Cut out the cards.
  • Glue on the backs if necessary.
  • Color, customize and make your own with your own personal creative flare!
  • Laminate if you wish. (Lamination may be offered at a office supply store.)

Order an Already Printed Deck

Want to skip the DIY printing process and just order a printed copy of this deck on heavy cardstock? We have a limited number of printed decks available for purchase here:

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