Working With Your Guardian Angel

Working With Your Guardian Angel To Develop Your Gifts

guardian angelYour Guardian Angels Are Here to Help You!

You have 2 Guardian Angels, they stand side by side as a bundle of energy just above your crown. They assist you in so many ways without you even realising it. Ever been in just the right place at the right time? Ever felt that something couldn't get sorted and by some ‘miracle' everything fell into the place at just the right moment?

And of course we all hear of stories of near misses, that shouldn't have turned out as well as they did, these are some of the more well known aspects of Guardian Angel Work

Your Gift Is Their Pleasure

Since you're reading this we will cut to the chase, you are a spiritual seeker, you have wanted to develop in so many ways and have tried probably all sorts of things teleclasses, meditations and all sorts of wonderful ways to open. Perhaps just perhaps you've missed one of the easiest and accessible forms of development there is – an energy that is totally devoted to you and wants nothing more to help you acknowledge your ability to perceive and receive energy – it is quite literally what they were ‘born' to do!

Ask and receive

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Your third eye is perhaps not where you think it is. It is in fact an inch to be exact above your brow, and it is slightly higher when working with it than your imagination which ‘runs' like a movie a little lower. Did you know you can pick up energetic grease and gunk from all sorts of places? If you are a healer or have anyone around you that is wary of your gift it is likely that in their ‘fear' or misunderstanding they have ‘thrown' cloudy energy over your eye, even co workers or friends who are a little put out at your level of knowing or feeling may have inadvertently shielded your third eye, you may even have a partial covering due to a past lifetime where it wasn't considered ‘good' or ‘safe' for you to practice with this – so it became veiled.

Your Guardian Angel will gently cleanse and lift this grease over a series of days and weeks to help you begin seeing in a whole new light, also they can bring in Archangels such as Haniel who is famed for her ability to help you develop your Clairvoyance and your understanding of it also. She can help play games with you like ‘who will i see in the grocery store' and see if you are shown some body – now what you see may not exactly match the description you saw in your mind but you may see a person with a coat and hair the way you were shown.

I remember being shown a red ‘van' with a red hood and two mins later I saw a White Mini with a pink hood! You will get a ‘knowing' as well.

Your Audiant Senses

Your Team is always giving you guidance and whenever you ask for it it will come in many ways. Many people feel that Voyance or Audience is more exciting than Feeling or Knowing – the truth is when developing, I teach you to Feel that what you are seeing is real or that knowing what you hear is real.

When you begin developing, I start with Archangels as they are professional messengers and their energy is strong enough for the most sceptical to start working with, many people expect or feel it isn't clairaudience or Psychic Hearing if it isn't external, we can think we are ready for this when in fact we are not.

I was in bed the other day and a lady spoke to me and I nearly jumped out of my skin, so remember if the message gets lost in transit there is a waste of energy for the Angel or Archangel.

They will step into your aura and stimulate your Electro Magnetic fields and prompt your own mind to speak to you but its ‘their energy. Your advice from an Archangel may be just one word accompanied by a feeling, they will not give you the end result but the next step or attitude to adopt. This is because we only ever have the present moment and our point of attraction depends on our thoughts and feelings – so end results can change.

A beautiful way to develop higher audience is to sit in nature and become aware of the sounds around you and begin to distinguish one at a time, and become attuned to the more subtle levels of noise. Also ask your Guardian Angel or Guide to speak to you as you go to sleep, you will begin to enter Alpha state (that lovely dozy state as you become aware of going to sleep) and you will literally hear and see them in your eyes and mind much more clearly than when your mind is telling you its your imagination!

angel messagesWant To Know For Sure?

Here at ask angels we believe in you learning to trust your self. Which is why our courses are all focused on your individual needs. A reading is a wonderful pre cursor to any course being considered, and in your first hour we will define your personal gift and give you exercises to develop this safely.

You will be connected to Michael or Gabriel depending on whether you are wanting to develop your Voyance or Audience and you will be given messages about your spiritual path to give you the confidence to continue. You will also be given a individual goal to work towards should you decide to develop at your leisure.

These sessions will come with lots of tips to use in your meditations and daily life to develop your intuition easily and with minimum effort. You will be delighted to know that this path is not just for a special few, you are meant to be able to get your OWN guidance so that you can help yourself and those around you, if you are particularly wanting to do this for a living wonderful, yet getting your own guidance is the starting point.

Dont Be Scared, No Boogey Men here!

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Many people associate development with tarot cards, crystal balls and ghostly figures. Here at Ask Angels we work with only the purest most positive energy. The tools themselves are completely pure and harmless, yet the associations with them sometimes can provoke suspicion and fear. You will be developing with Archangels because they are professional messengers and therefore simply the easiest energy to connect with and work, they happen to also be the purest energy you can work with so it is impossible for you to pick up on any lower energies as protection and cleansing are the first port of call. The way that you go on to develop can be strengthened by working with a higher energy to start off with, as angels work all the way ‘down' to loved ones and animals in spirit.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips. We love to hear from you – if you have any stories about working with Angels Ascended Masters or Source Energy, we would love to hear from you!

If you're interested in a channeled reading, Click Here! 

Wishing you an abundant now.

Sheelagh Maria

About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.


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