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It's Christmas Time… Make a Wish! 

So you love angels, you love working with their energy and yet sometimes doubt that they are Really there to help you?  After all if they were Really there to help.

Why are you having the problems of evidence in your life of disharmony? Surely if they wanted to they could change all of the exterior evidence to loving abundance and you wouldn't have any ‘outstanding issues' of debt, lack or lack of love etc.

The angels would like you to know that they Do hear your cries for help,your often urgent cries of help for assistance and they want you to know they are aware of the urgency and depth of your need.  They are not the only ones who hear your please.  The Universe which comprises of ‘all that is' every planet, every thought, every feeling every inanimate object is made up of energy even those that we cannot clearly see, and the Universe responds like any other mechanism with a large machine in system and in order to what has gone before.

The ‘Machine' is the larger quantity of energy surrounding you or your plea for help, the ‘Machine' is the emanations or ‘toxic vibrations' that are being emitted almost like a gas.  It escapes and permeates everything within its path, colouring it with the stain of the poison contained therein.

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So the angels want you to know the Unvierse is an organ.  It is one giant Organism operating within a machine and system which is intricately linked to it in every way, nothing can exist outside of this Organism and the Organism cannot survive and function without the relationships sustained vibrationally with all else that is.

The Universe simply responds to the data it collects and if the data it collects tells it to operate in a certain way – it will.   With no higher ability being present than to react.  Almost chemically.

The Universe responds to Your emanations of vibration.  To what you are signalling like a solar flare after solar flare from the core of your being.  What the Organism or Universe does not know or recognise is what is wanted or what is not wanted,  it only ‘hears' and ‘reacts to' what is emanated.  Like all good machines do.  

How can this be when the Universe is mass conciousness? I hear you ask,  There are vibrations within the Universe that Do have individual identity, me you and our other human counterparts, also the animals plants and other life forms.  Also the angels, guides etc. They See what you are asking for with your emanations and they see what is being ordered and delivered to us by the Cosmos,  however they cannot indicate to the Universe that this is not what is wanted, they also cannot stop you and make you see or realise what you are ordering, however they can and are sharing with you their recognition that often we don't conciously know or realise what we are ordering and so keep ordering more of it.

The key they say to you, is to connect with your Inner Being.  To learn to connect with the soul the part of you that resides in spirit.  this being has a conicousness that is fully aware of the disharmony that

you are emitting and this Being will and does translate information to get you to become aware of what you are mistakenly ‘ordering' and this advice comes to you through your emotions.

Think of it as a Emotional Sat Nav.  If you input an address and follow the instructions usually you will get where you wish to be, however if you take a wrong turn and go down a sideroute, and try to get back on track by ‘going round the houses' you will find that you get taken further away from your destination.  The key is to stop take your bearings and take direction once again.

Follow your emotional nose.  When you get a feeling of dis ease, or disharmony,jealousy anger whatever the emotion is understand your ‘nose' has pointed you away from your destination

re centering back to ‘who you really are and your I AM' presence will automatically re programme the sat nav with the correct information thus ensuring your delivery of abundance and joy comes to you or you go to it directly.

Being aware of your feelings and thoughts can ‘seem' like a thankless task especially when you have no proof that this method works.  especially if it is absoloutely justified why you are feeling negative or upset i mean honestly who wouldn't feel this way with what you are facing?  All of that is true and the angels do not wish to detract you from the ‘justifiability' of your perspective, however the Only thing that can happen by standing in this circle, is that you Will you Have to attract more evidence that you are Right to feel this way,Right but not abundant or happy.  Which is more important? they ask.

Also know that the Universe does not separate what you are feeling good or negative about, its not ‘its' job,it doesn't ‘sift' through the data, the Univese does exactly what it is ‘told' by you,which is bring you more of what you are signalling you want.  So if you cannot in all honesty see ANY good at all in where you are, start by focusing on where you would like to be,but instead of getting then churned up because you can see no way of getting there, allow yourself to dream a little dream then make it bigger.

When you focus on something for long enough the Law Of Attraction will assemble vibrational relativity to brink it into manifest form.  The Law Of Attraction does your assembling and sifting for you.  Al you have to do is trust it.  Focus on what you want, focus on the way you want it to feel now the ‘hard' or ticky part is to feel grateful for what you want when you are living the absence of it (and we say again of course you may be justified but that keeps it away from you) so it is far easier to note when you are feeling unsure that you can possibly feel good about what you do not yet see and to start to look for what you have forgotten you have got.  the things that if by no fault of your own you lost you would feel sudden great attachement too.

So look at what you have.  Your body what your body can do for you.  Your home and all of the things you have and do enjoy there, your mind and your ability to dream and express and to feel and to think.  Your connection with the angels everything within your life experience without question is evidence of previous energetic signalling to the Universe, so in many ways we tell you dear

you are Living Your Emotional past…..what you need to do is create your Future with your thoughts now as they say prevention is way better than cure.

So if this festive season has and presents lots of reasons not to be jolly,perhaps just perhaps you can find reasons to be thankful.  Even if those reasons are not here anymore in living form.  Giving gratitude to what has been paves the way for much much more of the same to come.  This neednt be ‘another person' to fill the void, however it can be experiences friendships outcomes that start to take you into a fresh and happier tomorrow.  So feel thankful for all you have had and allow yourself even if you feel it has been taken or stolen from you to see that this viewpoint cannot bring any good with it.

So start with identifying how grateful you are to have had what you had, and then look at what you Still have.  It may not be ideal but you have it so start there  Allow your self to feel gratitude for te beauty of the world and it is true pain is part of the human experience but where one thing exists the opposite must exist also  It is our gaurantee to all of you who are reading this and wondering ‘why' things are the way they are you would not have taken part in this Dance called life if there were to be no joy or love within the experience.  And when you know what you detest what you dont want what is not fair then the reverse is true and you know what you do want and when you focus on that you call it into being you bring it towards your experience bit by joyful bit.

Take heart there is nothing it is our promise you cannot be do experience or have it is only the extent to which You believe or know that you can have it that limits it finding you.

Become a child in fact allow yourself in the magic and also mayhem of the holiday season to look at the wonder in the eyes of a child and see they are your biggest teacher your biggest opportunity.

When you believe (and we remind you a belief is only  thought you keep thinking until it settles) you will receive.

We wish you a joyful Christmas and ask you to rest assurred that the power really is in your hands.

Sheelagh Maria, guest author for


About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.


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Anyhow my kids are grown don’t have any time to care or visit I wish them a merry Christmas. I would like a sewing machine material batting thread and crochet thread to keep me busy and help my lonely time pass

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My daughter is about to lose her 2nd child how can I help her afterward

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