How to Connect With Your Guardian Angel

How to Connect With Your Guardian Angel

guardian angelRecognising Your Guardian Angel

Guardian Angels have been heard of since the dawn of time, some people think that they are a ‘nice idea – but what purpose do they actually serve?' and ‘How can having a guardian angel help me now with the problems and challenges I face'?

I'd like to kick off by explaining what the angels have told me about Guardian Angels – what is fact and how they can help you manifest the most wonderful changes in your life.

Angels were created by God to help source experience itself, to experience duality. They were also created to help oversee all manner of life both human, animal plant and other discarnate entities living elsewhere in the universe.
Angels come in different ‘ranks' much like the army, and have different purposes. Archangels are Usually the highest form of angels that humans have the benefit of working with, and I describe these as the ‘CEO' or the ‘Area Manager' of your life. They oversee millions of people at the same time, and usually you have one particular angel that works with you prominently during your life.

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Archangels help us with many different things, however essentially they are ‘assigned' to us before we started the incarnation process to help ‘keep us on track' just like a big boss would ensuring if you like that the door is ‘always open. They love you as a individual and know you just as a loving headmaster would remember a favourite pupil, and I can promise you this, you can never wear out your welcome and the door is always open!

Guardian Angels are the First Port of Angelic call – they are completely and 100 per cent ‘yours' and yours alone, you will never ‘share' your angel with
another living or non living soul!. From when you first entered the incarnational cycle as a plant or crystal element there was a energy of pure positivity that was assigned the task of overseeing ‘you' and encouraging you to grow (the old adage of every blade of grass having a Guardian Angel saying ‘grow grow') is not so far from the truth!

Every time you reincarnate, before your soul joins your body, your Guardian Angel escorts you into your mothers body, and both of you begin the
perilous journey onto the earth plane, it is with great excitement on both your parts that you came here to share your gifts and learn new experiences, and it is primarily your Guardian Angels job to ensure that you stay on track and complete your purpose during your lifetime on earth.

Guardian Angels are not guides. Guides are souls that we knew in other lifetimes, that we ‘appointed' certain tasks to help us with, and it is true that we can
seek guidance from either our guides or our angels, they are their for you forming a spiritual entourage whenever you need them, it really is true you can never be alone from the minute you incarnate, which energy you most draw towards is up to you, but both guides and angels are there for you all the time either way.

You may have heard stories of people that have been miraculously saved before their time, or a stranger has appeared to help them at a crucial point, these stories are a testament to the help that your Guardian Angel can give you, however that is really the top end of the scale, they can and will and wish to do so much more than that.

The most important thing to remember is that your Guardian Angel will Never judge you, no matter how badly you have fallen off your path, or how many times you have let yourself or others down, they only Ever see your potential. Your angel will not take interest in private moments with another person, nor are they concerned by our bodily functions so don't feel embarrassed in the bathroom (or at any other time). The angels tell me that they see you as perfection in your ability to grow change and learn with each experience that you have, and whilst it is true most angels have never incarnated in human form, they understand how challenging living in a low density plane can be, and will help you in many more ways than you can imagine perhaps at this moment.

Your Guardian Angels Name

Your Guardian Angel has a unique energy, and it will feel very familiar to you, when you begin working with them you may realise that it feels very like your own energy except it has a higher vibration. Your angels energy will usually be more male or female though this doesn't follow because you are one gender that your angel will be the same. Angels understand that we have a need to identify with them and so are more than happy to give you a name to help you to feel closer to them, however as they exist in a place of pure love and as a pure consciousness they don't feel offended if we don't use their name and don;t wish you to expend great levels of energy placing great importance on their name as that can take away the focus of you enjoying building your connection.

There are several ways to get your Guardian Angels name, from asking them to bring this to you in meditation, or asking them to bring you this as you fall asleep, it can be helpful for you to give them a name if you don't actively hear it as it can then allow you to start to identify with their presence when you call on them, and if you call they Will begin to make their presence known in a variety of ways, all of which are loving and at the level that you are ready for at the moment.

Feeling their energy clearly

So you have realised and now wish to start to connect consciously with your angel. You don't know where to start. An invocation is a wonderful way of calling an angel to be with you, an invocation is NOT needed to allow them to be close to you as your angel is with you for every moment of your life, however it allows you to feel aware and closer to them and to ‘open the channels' of angelic communication – thus allowing you to feel their presence on a much more personal level.

When you ask an angel to be with you whether this is an archangel or a Guardian Angel, they will Always answer the call, even if you feel you are imagining it or wonder if you are mistaken, they ARE with you. They will not prove it to you but they are happy to ‘show' you their presence every time. The more of their energy that you can accept on faith, the stronger the link will become until you can identify one angels energy from another. It's wonderful to acknowledge that there presence is with you anytime and every-time you need it, and it makes life truly magical to know that these incredible beings love us so much!

Your relationship with your angel is purely personal and loving, and so the way that your perceive their energy will differ from how someone else feels theirs. The angels have asked me to pass on that you are not to judge your capabilities based on what someone else says their experience is like. You came here to be you, and your angelic channels of communication are there, you were born with them, and they will open beautifully over time, the more acceptance faith and allowing that you can give yourself, the easier and more effortless the link between you will become, and remember, they are their whether you feel it or not, and they Want you to connect with them and they will help you all the way.

An invocation

Think of a friend telling you she is having a party, and you know you are welcome, but when you get an invitation, you know that she is expecting you and will be pleased to see you, it makes going much more fun and the energy is full of positive expectancy…..So when you arrive the door is open and you can go straight in.

With an invocation it allows you to show your intention to connect with the angelic realm, it allows you to positively open the door to communication with the angel in question, and if facilitates easier contact between you and the angel, and the more you do this, the better the communication will be!

The angels have given me an invocation to share with you to start to help you open the door to your Guardian Angel.

They suggest you set aside ten minutes where you will not be disturbed, and in somewhere that you can relax and begin to expect the connection to take place, it is your expectation to connect which will allow this to happen and will enable you to start to become aware of your Angels presence, and how good it feels to work with this. Setting aside a particular spot really helps focus your mind, and also lighting a candle that you keep just for this purpose is also something which signals to the angelic realm that this is time for pure positive energy and guidance to flow between you.

Once you are in a relaxed frame of mind, and you have ensured you will not be disturbed, sit upright either with your feet flat on the floor or crossed, spine straight, and light your candle and gently close your eyes. Ensure you have neither just eaten or have consumed alcohol as this can lower your energy.

Taking in two deep breaths of white light through your mouth and ‘seeing' it come through your crown from above, and with each breath breathing white light all the down your column or spine deep into mother earth. Allowing yourself to focus only on your breath for this short space of time. When you are ready either say clearly in your mind, or even better out loud (as vibration of sound is one way we connect to the angelic realm) say…

‘Guardian Angel, of love and light, I ask you to be with me now. I invite you to come as close to me as you can, and allow me to feel your love and support of me at this time. I trust and accept every sensation or feeling that i receive, and I align myself with your pure loving energy and surround myself with your love. Be with me now and so it is'.

Take a few moments just to let your breath softly move in and out of your body and just note gently without judgement any sensations that you receive. Particular sensations are a coldness around your body, or a desire to shiver, a tingling sensation around your face or head or crown as if you have a bug crawling through your hair or a stray hair has caught your face. You may simply feel a very slight air pressure change, or feel suddenly very calm.

Expectation is a powerful thing. The angels want you to know that at whatever level you perceive their presence they Are and will be with you from the moment you ask. It is your perception that may need attention and tuning rather than the reality of your ability to actually see hear or feel them. Please don't judge however gentle this connection is at first, doubt is part of the human condition and something which your Angel will work with you to ensure you realise that you are capable of capturing divine love and guidance, and however gentle or doubtful it feels in the beginning, it is something that will only grow and flourish over time.

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Just as when we learn to drive we feel the controls are foreign to us and hard to work with, but the more we practice this the more effortless it becomes until we make the journey with no knowledge of having done it consciously yet we have completed that stage safely and without event. So it is with all of the angels, be they Archangels Guardian Angels or angels for a purpose to help you spiritually develop or manifest a desired outcome.

Your Guardian Angel Wants to connect with you and Wants to help you develop gentle and loving and un-frightening channels of angelic communication. This is not a gift reserved just for clairvoyants or mediums.

If you find that you still doubt your connection, or there is a particular issue that you need the angels help with, then a Angel reading may be right for you.
In an angel reading I shall tune into one of your Guardian Angels and begin to convey their messages to you. My readings are channelled which means I use no tools, and the information given is always loving and most of all empowering, this means it gives you the opportunity to work with the pure energy of the universe to bring around real change and happy outcomes in your life, it is not the case that we must learn all our lessons through heart ache or hardship, the angels Want you to learn to develop so that You can access your own guidance whenever you need it.

To this end it is my job as a channel to start to show you how you can make this happen. So shortly I shall be sharing with you articles on how to further connect with your Guardian Angel, how to Spiritually Develop with your Guardian Angel, and even how to manifest anything you want – with your Guardian Angel, the days of having to struggle and feel that help is far away will be gone, your angel is there to help you with everything and sometimes knowing how to ask correctly so that they can bring you all you deserve (and there is nothing you can't experience if you ask for it in the right way) is a skill which is needed.

guardian angelYour Guardian Angel has led you to this page, as a sign that it is time to ‘wake up' and begin to realize your own potential as a Angelic Communicator, so that you can help yourself and also others with your intuition. The wonderful thing about working with angels consciously is that every aspect of your life will start to open up and flower as you let them guide you towards the experiences and happiness that were always meant for you however far away they have seemed at times, let them show you how to climb the ladder towards all that you deserve!

I shall be offering Guardian Angel Readings and Spiritual Development Readings where i tune in and ask the angels what is your strongest gift, and what blocks are standing in your way, and also Archangel readings where any area of your life can be looked at and guidance given to help you attract in happier and more loving outcomes.

If you would like to find out what your Guardian Angels name is and what their messages are for you at this time, or perhaps you would like their help and guidance with a particular issue you are facing at the moment, please do take advantage of my special offer, where for the month of September I am offering 20% off all one hour readings, and also a complimentary 6 month forecast for what is coming up over the months ahead.

It has been such a pleasure to connect with you, and i would love to hear from you on your own experiences with Angels how they have helped you or any questions you may have do please get in touch via and remember, your Guardian Angel is just waiting for you to begin a wonderfully exciting adventure in to developing your own channels of communication to improve and enrich your life starting today!

With love and happiness

Sheelagh Maria
Angelic Channel

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