Connecting and Manifesting With Your Guardian Angel

Connecting and Manifesting With Your Guardian Angel

guardian angelBy Sheelagh Marie

There are many ways of connecting with your Guardian Angel, and in order to manifest with your Guardian Angel you need to have connected with them first.

This does not mean you need to have ‘seen' them real time in front of you with their wings, it means that you need to know that they exist, believe that they can and will help you and most of all be open to receiving their guidance.  This is not connected to how many courses you do or how much money or time you have.

I am a busy mum of four, and as many of, us my daily routine has time restrictions, the angels want you to know that it doesn't take hours of meditating or a still mind to connect, even though both of those things can greatly increase clarity of connection.

There are in fact just three components which are necessary for the communication between you to take place.

1) Expectation

2) Intention

3) Acceptance

Expectation is a place which exists in the heart chakra or space, not the mind – the mind can be clouded by doubt or perhaps fear over what we ‘should' or ‘may' experience, thus setting us up for either a disappointment or disbelief if our logical preceptors feel misled or disbelieving.  The heart however remembers energetically the connection of complete and utter love and acceptance, and so it is far easier to place our hope and faith in this place for the connection to begin and to grow.

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So we start with knowing we wish to connect, and accepting that whatever we experience must be loving and positive and indeed for our highest good if it comes from the Angelic Realm, and is placed within our heart.  Therefore whatever we experience, will be just as it is meant to be, and will be something which can grow and expand over time.  Simply go into your heart by closing your mind, and perhaps placing your hand on your heart chakra and feeling its presence.

Intention is the predefined urge or acknowledgment that this Will happen in whatever way or level it is meant to, and by understanding that with everything we draw into our lives the universe echoes back at us what we expect even subconsciously – and so our Intention that connection Will be made is similar to setting aside some time to make that phone call and ensuring before hand that you won't be disturbed and feeling quite sure that the person at the other end is likely to be in.

Acceptance is, that once the phone call is placed, the response Must and Shall come, however just like sending a party invitation you wouldn't know for Sure that your friend could make it, the response may not be as expected but it will be there as intended….Acceptance is understanding that the human condition of what we demand or want can be very different from  what we actually get either because we doubt our abilities and therefore don't recognize true guidance, or presence, or because we have heard through other sources how it is for them and we feel perhaps that we can't possibly have this quality only Sage clairvoyants or people of a certain caliber or appearance can do this, and what evidence is there to suggest that ‘I' can do this too?  

So when we start to work with our Guardian Angel or Archangel, and whether we do this through oracle cards, meditation, or just asking for and accepting the signs that we are brought… When a bridge of faith is built brick by brick of expectation, intention and acceptance, your channels of angelic and psychic communication Have to and Shall open like the most beautiful bloom bringing joy and colour to your world and also to the lives of those around you!

We have already shared the knowledge of setting aside a regular and special time to connect with your angel by using an angelic invocation, and without doubt this is the preferred method.  However if like many of us you are very rushed for time, the angels bring an alternative, and this is in ‘being connected' with them with your higher self, that part of you which is ageless, sexless and timeless and part of the angelic realm and ‘all that is' and doing this daily.

Have you ever had a sense of being either more male than female or feeling very ‘old' or very ‘young'? This is when we ‘revert' back to our ‘soul', that part of us which exists outside time and space and is always like the sun, omnipresent, whatever our thoughts or beliefs are, is always ‘WHO' we are despite our experiences had or still left to have…….This state of ‘us-ness' is connectedness with the essence of our selves. Some call this the higher self, others call it Universal Consciousness – the point is, you can connect with this daily, without meditation and it will start to bring you into connection with the angel of your choice, your Guardian Angel and even the ‘god' part of yourself.

To be present, you simply close your eyes, and breathe quietly and it is likely, thoughts of a random nature will start popping into your mind, let these go, pay them no heed……Just allow the energy around you to settle. It is ideal for you to be undisturbed but sometimes background noise such as cars or lawns being mowed actually allows you to enter this place quickly and swiftly, as it can ‘lull' you there.

You simply breathe and ‘be'. You neither ‘try' and empty your mind or do a guided meditation, that would simply confuse and ‘busy' your mind – All you are doing is ‘being you' for a few moments and it can be simply a couple of minutes that it gives you, it is So peaceful and So deep that even if you cannot hold it for long, even if its done in the bath or in the car before you go into work it will centre you and open up your intuition like nothing else. repeating this exercise daily will strengthen and hone your Clairvoyant or intuitive ability to perceive guidance and the presence of the Angels themselves.

Having started to do this daily you will look forward to this quiet time.  It is ‘after' this space being held that y6u can ask for your angel to make their presence known.  The angels suggest that you don't use this as meditation or a conscious attempt to connect but rather just using it to get into the highest state of awareness in a quick way, and then just ‘after' you have been in this state, for one or two minutes, you ask your angel to make their presence known and a very simple ‘Guardian Angel show me you are with me now' and just take a few seconds (even on a bus) to become aware of any sensations or feelings or flashes of colour that you get…..And I'd love to hear from you and I shall happily confirm whether what you have felt is your Angel!*:) happy

The angels also suggest having a pack of well loved angel cards with you even in your bag or glove compartment, and asking your angels if they have a message for you.

The angels flock to angel cards like moths flock to a light, as it is a signal from your heart that this is your intention and they will always answer it.  Asking for a message, they will use the easiest and most obvious way first to convey this to you, and it is your acceptance of this message even if it makes no sense at the time that will allow for a stronger channel of communication to start to open.

Please know that as your Guardian Angel is always with you, that it really doesn’t need to take very long, if all you have is two minutes before the bus stops or before you leave for work, asking for a message via oracle cards is a wonderful way to include angels in your everyday life.

angel readingsThe angels say to me that Spiritual development is like working with a muscle, building exercise daily and allowing the effects to build up and become part of you in a wonderfully uplifting way, is more effective than prolonged attempts at serious content that you then give up on when you have no clarity of what you are achieving.  

The difference between psychic development, say once a week, and spiritual development is that spiritual development raises your vibration for good, and it is raising your vibration which allows your gift to develop safely and positively and also allows the angels to lower their vibration less making it easier for you to hear them, feel them, sense them, and know that they are there. You are only working with the most loving energy and so you cannot pick up nasty presences, you cannot hurt yourself or anyone else and the guidance you get will always be truthful and helpful to you and those you care about.

Psychic development if carried out correctly can help us to develop our ‘clairs' however it is a little like building our calf muscles without warming up, the chance of ensuring a long lasting and consistently growing connection to spirit is always about learning our own lessons as a soul, integrating these and thus taking ourselves ‘up' for good and for the good of all, and that is about getting rid of limiting beliefs, learning to love and tolerate others perhaps that are not easy to do so, and yet it is this very journey of unconditional love for all we encounter even in the most difficult of circumstances, which will undoubtedly allow you to connect with the celestial realms whenever and wherever you wish.

Your Guardian Angel suggests a few ways for you to begin to develop your own beautiful journey towards opening up spiritually.

1) Discovering what your primary ‘clair' gift is, and then setting a plan of growth to develop this most joyfully and fully.

2) Working with a favourite set of oracle cards daily and making angels including the Archangels a part of your everyday life.

3) Looking for the lesson that you are being presented with when a difficulty hits, the sooner and more willingly you accept the lesson
the quicker and gentler your progress will be.

4) Asking for signs from the Angels both Archangel and Guardian Angel that they are with you, and accepting these for what they are will strengthen the connection between you and the unseen realms of love.

5) Finding out what your Archangels or Guardian Angels name is and message for you, and what blocks you are experiencing right now, to ‘set you up' on your path for you to decide, and joyfully take your next steps.

The angels say that you can take this journey as slow or as fast as you like, growth is learning… Is one of the delights that we came here to enjoy, and your angel wants you to develop your spiritual gifts and wants you learn that you can manifest whatever outcome you most desire easily and with joy into your life.  Please be assured that wherever you are on your path right now, whatever you are experiencing, there is a much easier way forward than you probably realize at this moment, reach out, and they will be there supporting you, loving you and urging you to develop your own beautiful gift!

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I leave you with this message from the Angelic realm

‘Wherever you are is where we already reside, whatever you wish for we want and desire to bring to you, whatever you fear we are here to dry your tears and help you understand there is nothing real except love, and our love for you and our faith in you is as strong as your faith in yourself – there is always enough time, enough abundance and enough help to ensure you experience a loving and joyful Now and forever more'

With love and happiness,

Sheelagh Maria

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About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.


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