Channeled Message On AngelsWith Archangel Uriel

Welcome beloved. I am so glad you are here. You are reading this by no mistake, for indeed I am writing these words with you in mind. You are a member of the family of light; you my dear one are divine. I am here now, to speak with you about angels and I am quite happy to do so for it is a subject, which you may imagine, I am quite fond of, and it is true.

I am Archangel Uriel and I am so pleased to be of service to you, and to your race. I love humanity and am committed to your success and to your ascension. I will begin with a brief introduction on angels, and who we are. Angels are beings that exist in a realm that is not above, but more so within your realm, how is this so you may say, for you cannot see us, so some will doubt our presence, but know we are indeed among you, and if you will ask of us, we will begin to make ourselves known to you. We are non-physical beings, but although we do not have a physical body this does now mean we are not real. We are simply a consciousness, we are still connected to the Source energy, the creator, and for this reason we are happy to act as messengers bringing you messages from Source Energy, from the Universal Source, or from God depending on your phraseology.

Angels are always among you beloved, and we are more than happy to help and assist you in all areas of your life, we are not physical as was stated earlier, so we are not limited to being in one place or even one time, we are everywhere so do not hesitate to call upon us. Your questions are never too silly or your requests too small or too big. We will not however interfere in your life, you have free will and we will always respect this entirely. For this reason, it is important that when you do want our help you ask. Call upon us often, and for any reason. Ask us to shield your car when you are driving and we will ensure that you arrive safely at your destination. Ask us to bless your dreams and we will sit with you while you sleep protecting you, radiating love and increasing your frequency. We can bring you into alignment with your desires, provide guidance when you are lost, and help you to see areas of your life, which you are ready to change.
How can you connect with us? This is actually quite easy; it is only your mind that tries to overcomplicate it. The reality is, whenever you think of an angel, an angel is with you, and when you ask of us we will always answer.

You do not need to use a formal ritual or a specific ceremony or tool to invoke us. Simply think of an angel and know that you have called an angel to you. You may also call on an angel by speaking aloud, by writing a question or a task you wish for us to complete. Are you worried, or stressing about matters of your life? Hand over your worry, give us your stress and we will gladly take it from you. We are always pleased to raise your vibration if you are feeling low, simply say or think or write “Angels please raise my frequency now, help me to choose happiness and to open my heart to love.” Know that the manner in which you notice the presence of angels is completely unique to you. Some may feel our nearness, a warm or cool feeling, chills, or just a lovely feeling may accompany an angel. Some of you will see us, you may see lights flicker, colors, or our actual shapes, we do not use wings to fly but we will appear with wings since this is familiar to you. You may hear us, a ringing in your ear is a message from an angel, if this sound is too loud ask us to turn it down and we will gladly oblige. You may hear a piece of a angelic music, or you may hear nothing at all, do not dwell on expectation but rather trust that when you call upon us we are there with you, and allow whatever you experience to be perfect, for it is. The more you call the more you will begin to notice our presence, we never want to scare or startle you, so we will begin to show ourselves to you as you are ready. We love you, know that when you ask us to be we are with you.

Some of you who are very sensitive to energies would benefit greatly from shielding each morning and cleansing each evening. Angels can help you to do this, you may ask upon me, Uriel, or ask upon your guardian angels (each of you do have guardian angels) or any angel to surround you with white angelic light throughout your day, protecting you from lower vibrations and assisting you in choosing love and in staying in a positive state, ask for protection from angels around your mind, body and spirit and know that you are safe. Then, at the end of your day call upon your angels once more, to cleanse any impurities that may have clung on to your energy throughout the day, let the angelic light wash over your body and leave you shining brightly.

Remember, the more you call upon us, trust us, and believe in us, the more we will make ourselves known to you.

We love you so much, and since we can see your past, present, and future all at once, we are able to assist you in making subtle shifts that will greatly enhance your life. We are always happy to assist you because we love you.

Call on us often, it is our greatest joy to be of service.

By Archangel Uriel~ Channeled by Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. OH no! I was having a buzzing sound in my one ear for about an hour..I was so frustrated and then I tried to concentrate I heard a tiny voice.I was sweating..n I heard “mamma I miss u” I was shocked and I sat erect on my bed!Then after some time I felt cold the buzzing was continuing…I heard “mamma mammaaa” twice.And I replied to it yes…”I miss u mammaaa…”then I started to cry and I said “I miss u tooo luv uuuu muaahh”Then the buzzing stopped completely everything to normal.My temperature too.
    Last Dec I assume that I had a early miscarriage,because I never confirmed that pregnancy but I had a strong feeling that Im having my baby.I used to talk to my baby placing my hand there and said her to leave as Im not in a situation to look after her.Then the bleeding happened before I get a test.
    After that I had a dream of my crying tiny baby girl saying ‘ it hurt me too much,I cried but both u and dad didnt heard me’. After that I had a dream of her playing in heaven with butterflies and other babies and kisiing me and going away.Then a scaring dream,’she looked angry at me and to harm my newborn baby,when I begged her to go n I said I luv U she went with tears’.After that sshe never came in my dreams.Last night I said pls come to mamma I miss u my girl I want ti see you being happy and the I slept.Today morning I woke up to a dream of my baby girl playing in my arms and smiling at me.Then by noon I experienced this buzzing sound!So I assume my never confirmed pregnancy was real and I had a baby girl!

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  2. Iloved this from Archangel Uriel . Thank you .

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  3. Thank you, comforting knowing my Angels are always with me xxx

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  4. i love my bf so much his ex stole our beloved cat now we find she has ran away i am so worried something happened to her i love animals and ask that my guardian angel uriel please take care of aeofie or let us know to go get her or sadly let me know what happened to her, thank u arch angel uriel for always taking care of me and my bf we r devoted to u and extremely grateful for u

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  5. I thank you for the inspiring message, I ask for your help in my financial situation and leading me to the right path in my life.
    I know that you are with me everyday when AI call upon you, but I would love to see a sign for confirmation as I continue through this journey in my life. Thank you

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  6. I need the healing angel to heal my body of this auto immune disease I also need to feel peace within my heart and soul.

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  7. I would like to know if my daughter and parents are with me. My daughter was murdered burial murder. Thank you

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  8. I want to understand myself and I all want to know my wife.l was born on the 6 may 1977. Thanks

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  9. Thank you so much for this treasured information. Please, I will like to see the image of Archangel Rosha, the angel in charge of fire!

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  10. I find this post so beautiful and reassuring. Last night when I could not sleep I pulled it up and did the cleansing as suggested. I do think I am taking on energies lately that are not my own and it really helped. I then asked my angels for protection and for them to raise my frequency so me and the children could sleep well. I enjoyed a peaceful night sleep and happy kids this morning. Thank you for the post!

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  11. I love my angel messages and am always inspired. I work with dying patients and when they take their last breath I know that their angels are with them to take them onto our heavenly father. Thank you…..

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  12. Thank you for that information. That something that needs to know, now I am going to keep in touch with all of you . Amen

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  13. Thank you so much for this message. I loved it!!!

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  15. Thank you this message couldn’t have come through at a better time. I will keep my angels near and let them guide us through this storm that is upon us and will soon see the light to clear the way.

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  16. Thank you for pointing me to this message.

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  17. Thank you, truly, for this message. <3

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