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Your Angels Have Messages For You! The key, is to take the time to connect!

The challenge is, that in today’s busy age of technology, media and non-stop social interaction, few people take the time to quiet their minds enough to hear the messages their angels have for them. If you have 15-30 minutes of quiet time and an .mp3 player, you can effortlessly cleanse your energetic fields, open your heart, balance your chakra centers and connect with your angels for loving energy and spiritual guidance.

You can learn to receive angel messages for yourself or you can simply tune in to the messages available here, channeled by internationally acclaimed author, Melanie Beckler.

As a clear channel of light, Melanie is able to connect with Angels and Spirit guides to bring through spoken messages of love, healing and empowerment. These messages are recorded and published after being mixed with the beautiful music by Thaddeus. There are many free messages and paid messages mixed throughout the more than 4 pages of angel messages found below! Simply click on the ‘Older Entries’ link at the bottom left of this page to access even more angel messages which all contain the loving message and frequency of the Angelic Realm.

Spiritual Tool Kit

The Only “Spiritual Tool Kit” You Need For Awakening Your True Divine Nature If you’re like most spiritual seekers, you’ve likely heard the old saying that: “You are a Divine spiritual being

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The Opportunity Invoker

Enlist The Help of Angels to Align With New Opportunities What if you could connect with your team of guides and angels to raise your vibration and seize opportunities in your life you wouldn’t see

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Aligning With Your Highest Purpose

“You are an incredible spiritual being in physical form.” Have you heard this before? It's absolutely true… But what does it really mean in terms of your life as a physical being here

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Restoring Your True Essence

An “Almost Magic” Way to Align With Your Highest Potential. Are you ready to move out of who you think you are (identity) into who you really are (essence)? Now is the time to step into more

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7 Reasons You Should Neutralize Your Challenges

Why Neutralizing Your Challenges Inspires Greater Love and Empowers Your Highest Truth Like it or not, challenges are a normal part of life. But what if there was a way to shift your mental and emotional

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An 18-Minute Exercise to Unite Your Heart and Mind

Have you ever felt like your mind and heart were out of alignment? Maybe you’ve experienced your mind telling you one thing while your heart was telling you something completely different? Or maybe

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High Vibrational Manifestation

Experience the Pure Magic of High Vibrational Manifestation Whether you realize it or not, you are always manifesting your reality. In every moment, through your vibration, your thoughts, your beliefs

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Awakening Your Heart

Awakened Heart Meditation! Are you ready to elevate the vibration of your life experience? Jesus, Metatron and Orion connect in this uplifting new angel message that will awaken your heart, raise your

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Bridging The Gap Between Heaven And Earth

Experience Increased Love and Light In Your Life Now! If you're like most people you have likely heard the phrase “You are a spiritual being having a human experience”… And yet despite

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Earth Sanctuary Meditation

Experience the Peace and Sanctuary of Divine Light In The Enlightened Earth Jesus, Metatron, and Orion all connect with you in this brand new angel session to guide you through a beautiful meditative journey

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Elevating Into Higher Consciousness

Simply Press Play & Listen to Lift In Light and Elevate Your Consciousness Now! You can always reach a higher level of consciousness no matter how far you have come. There is no limit to how much

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Creating Balance In The New Paradigm

Shift Into Joyfully Creating Within The New Paradigm! Remarkable new Angel Session with Archangel Orion will balance your energy, raise your vibration, and help you manifest blessings in under 15 minutes! Have

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