Eclipse Activations

Gateway of Light Eclipse Activations!

Gateway Opening

A Cosmic Gateway of light is opening and it offers you the opportunity to consciously leap forward.

*Updated 8/6/2017!

The energies around the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, are creating a powerfully transformative gateway opening.

This is a huge opportunity to reset, and restore your energy.

Stepping through this gateway equates to embodying a higher template of your Divine light and authenticity.

Where you step into a new phase of life flowing in sync with the Divine…

Are you ready to start embodying the Divine qualities of the heart and merging with the light of your inner self and your authentic multidimensional nature?

The time is now!

This gateway period around the eclipses has a mystical and purifying effect, in which infinite possibility can truly align.

There is so much support from the higher realms for you in releasing the past, releasing limitations and letting go of lower timelines.

Be willing to dissolve negative emotions, release past experiences, and let go of beliefs in lack because through this release you’re able to shift into embodying the truth of the infinite…

Stepping into the embodiment of your full potential may equate to new opportunities, a higher standard of living, greater ease, and alignment, feeling good, or even complete timeline shifts and changes that bring you back into sync with the Divine blueprint for your soul.

However these energies manifest for you personally, they are integrating compassion, divinity, purity, and light into being.

This time frame is all about letting go of illusion and embodying your Divine Truth.

Embodying the many qualities of an awakened Divine Heart, like:

Divine Heart QualitiesAbundance.
… And more!

The Eclipse Gateway Window

The peak energies of this powerful gateway passage begin with the July 23 New Moon, ramp up with the August 7th Full Moon Eclipse and extend through the Total Eclipse of the Sun on the August 21st New Moon.

This time period is Divinely aligned for activation, illumination and shifting into greater authenticity and with the highest timelines for you personally, and collectively for humanity.

August Eclipse GatewayWhile the August 21st Solar Eclipse is only visible from the United States, its implications are global.

This gateway marks the entrance into the next level of the ascension experience.

From a physical perspective, the total Solar Eclipse will look like a crown as you can see in the photo to the right.

This Solar crown is symbolic of Christ consciousness, and this is what the energy of this gateway entails.

A blessing of Crystalline “Christ Consciousness” and the opportunity collectively and as individuals to embody this now!

Gateway Activations with the Council of Light

Gateway ActivationsTo support you during this profound opening, I’ve been guided to release a special series of 3 Gateway Activations with the Council of Light.

These sessions will be released on the July 23rd New Moon, the August 7th Full Moon Eclipse and the August 21 New Moon Eclipse.

The first of these activations called “Opening the Gateway of Light” is available for you now!

You will receive the first .MP3 Activation with the Council of Light immediately upon purchase and you will then receive 2 additional.MP3 guided audio activations on August 7th and 21st.

PLUS my most powerful Spiritual Cleansing Session ~ Divine Light Cleanse as a Free BONUS! 

This 3 Part Gateway Activation Series is Divinely inspired to support you during this time so you can call forth the light of the higher dimensions and support the collective in stepping into a paradigm of greater ease and flow.

$57 ~ Available For Only $44.44 For a Very Limited Time

Gateway Acvitations


Included are 3 Sessions! Plus a BONUS!

1. Opening The Gateway of Light 

Opening the Gateway of LightRecorded amidst the energies of the July 23 Leo New Moon, this session with the Council of Light kicks off this new series of upcoming Gateway Activations leading up to the August 21 Total Solar Eclipse.

This session will guide you through a powerful Gateway Opening to prepare you to embody your Higher Essence and Divine Template.

In other words, to make the most of the incoming energies of activation and accelerated awakening…

You will experience opening a gateway of light so you can;

Expand your consciousness…
Cleanse and release limiting patterns and beliefs…
Step up in light to activate higher levels of your DNA.
Awaken the royal code of higher living.
Elevate the vibration of your life.

2. Love Light Activation with the Council of Light 

Love Light ActivationRecorded amidst the energies of the August 7th Full Moon Eclipse, this incredible activation of love and light will reconnect you with your Divine soul tone. The implications of this reunion are vast.

As you listen, the 12 Rays of Light will shine down upon you, and you receive a complete blessing and realignment of your Divine authentic nature.

Balance your energy and strengthen your vitality.
Replenish the light in your being.
Expand your ascension column of light.
Open the Divine flow of energy into your body, mind, spirit and life.
Activate your Pineal gland and amplify your clairvoyance.
Infuse your intentions with love to magnify their potential.

Experience realigning with the highest light of the Universe available to you…

BONUS~ Divine Light Cleanse with Orion (Spiritual Cleansing)

Divine Light CleanseMy most powerful Spiritual Cleansing audio session, originally sold as a part of the Spiritual Cleansing Sessions for $77.

Spiritual cleansing and letting go of the layers of illusion fears, limiting thought patterns and beliefs, challenging past experiences, attachments, and entities, and even toxins at the physical level is an essential part of stepping into your full light.

For this reason, I’m including this incredibly powerful Divine Light Energy Clearing session (originally sold as a part of the Spiritual Cleansing Sessions) for you as a free bonus when you purchase the Gateway of Light Activations.

In addition to these 2 sessions… You will receive 2 more new sessions that have yet to be recorded! I will record these within the window of the August 7th Full Moon Eclipse and the August 21 New Moon Eclipse and add them to your download page at no additional charge!

Plus a brand new, yet to be channeled Activation to be Recorded for the August 21 New Moon Eclipse

This is a wonderful way to access some incredible activations and make the most of this powerful band of time supporting you in stepping into your full light and next level of conscious awakening!

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With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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