Connecting With Your Spirit Guide

Connecting With Your Spirit GuideMeet Your Spirit Guide

Have you been looking for a step-by-step guide that will help you connect with your personal spirit guide?

Are you ready to start working with your spirit guides to discover and experience your life’s purpose?

In this brand new online course, you will gain access to everything you need in order to Connect with Your Spirit Guide, and increase your clarity of connection, and working relationship with the realms of spirit.

Whether you have been on a spiritual path for decades, or if you are recently awakening to your spiritual gifts and energies, this course will help you develop and strengthen your connection with your spirit guide.

You will receive a comprehensive .PDF workbook on Connecting with Your Spirit Guide, written by clairvoyant psychic medium, Amanda Linette Meder.  In addition to the workbook, you will also gain instant access to three new and powerful .MP3 meditations by internationally acclaimed author and channel, Melanie Beckler.

Each meditation is set to the beautiful meditative music of Thaddeus and contains the powerful spiritual energies of divine love, the angelic realms and your spirit guides.  After reading the .PDF you are able to put the information into direct use through the audio meditations.

The audio meditations will prepare you to connect with your spirit guide, help you establish or strengthen your connection and then to begin working with your spirit guide.  No need to wonder what your personal spiritual work consists of, any more.  This Connecting With Your Spirit Guide course will help you understand your spiritual work and connect with your spirit guide quickly.

This course is divided into three written segments with a corresponding meditation for each.

Chapter 1: Spirit Guides~ Grounding and Centering Meditation

Chapter 2: Connect With Your Guides~ Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation

Chapter 3: How to Work with Your Spirit Guides~ Working With Your Spirit Guides Meditation

After you finish the course and the audio meditations you will have a new level of understanding and connection with your spirit guides that will offer you a direct connection to the divine love and light that is all around you.  You are able to connect with the audio meditations time and time again to further strengthen your connections and to increase the amount of light you carry with you in your light body.

As you carry more light in your life, your manifestation powers will grow, your healing abilities will increase and you will have a direct, personal connection with your guides, and with the one source energy that flows through all that is.

Once you have a clear ability to perceive your guide, you’ll be able to receive guidance on decisions for yourself and situations in your life, and will open the doorway to connect with others in the Spiritual realm, such as angels, additional guides, and even deceased loved ones.

Connecting With Your Spirit Guide Course: $44

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