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How to Receive Angelic Guidance$97

Learn to clear and elevate your energy and open your subtle senses to receive clear angelic guidance for yourself.

In this powerful new multi-part angel course with Archangel Michael channeled by Melanie Beckler you will learn to receive guidance from your angels.

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Angel Energy HealingAngel Energy Healing Training: $297

Learn to channel Angel Energy Healing for yourself, and to heal and uplift others.

This course consists of a 29 Page .PDF Course eBook as well as 9 .MP3 Channeled Audio Components which you can download instantly. You’ll also get transcriptions of all the audio course components.

Once you become activated and allow Angel Energy Healing to flow through you, this energy of the Divine, and of the Angels will always be available to you.

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Psychic ProtectionPsychic Protection Angel Course: $57

Psychic Protection, otherwise known as Spiritual Self Defense, is the process of clearing your energy and protecting yourself on an energetic level.

This powerful angel course with Archangel Michael will teach you the basics of psychic protection!

You will learn Spiritual self defense, shielding with light, how to call your energy back, using protection objects, grounding, and more!

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spiritual cleansingSpiritual Cleansing Sessions: $77

This “Angel Course” is actually a series of powerful Spiritual Cleansing sessions designed to help you easily and comfortably release dense, stuck, and heavy energy from your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual being.

Each of the Spiritual Cleansing sessions are specifically designed to work for you so you can more brightly shine your light and live with more energy, joy, love, abundance, and fulfillment now.

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high vibrational livingHigh Vibrational Living: $77

Connect with the Divine and angels to increase the flow of light into all areas of your life.

Experience illuminating your highest path and purpose as you  let go of all that no longer serves you, while igniting your inner passion, vibrant well-being, and an illuminated perspective.

This uplifting angel course will help you to live your high vibrational life now. If you have been wanting to align with your passion, your true purpose, and the infinite power of your inner soul light, this new angel course is for you.

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how to channelLearning to Channel Online Course: $495

Learn to channel from the incredible woman who taught Melanie to channel… Betsy Morgan Coffman.

In this powerful video course you will open to channel and unlock your psychic abilities and spiritual gifts.

She can convey that power to you OVERNIGHT simply by showing you a technique that unleashes your true spiritual potential…

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Ascension Angel Course

Ascension Angel Course: $97

Are you ready to make the conscious choice to embody an enlightened perspective and to experience a higher ascended state of being?

This Angel Course will help you to progress on your ascension path in to higher levels of love and light.

Complete with 13 Audio .MP3 Components, and direct guidance from the angels, archangels and ascended masters… Simply relax and listen to raise your consciousness and progress on your ascension path now.

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Experience Angels Experience Your Angels- Angel Course: $54

This angel course is made up of seven messages from the Archangels to assist you in activating and opening your chakras, lifting your vibration, connecting with your Guardian Angel, and then lifting even higher to experience your Higher Self and the realm of Archangels.

Don’t only learn about angels, take the step to actually meet and Experience your Angels with this powerful course!

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spiritual gifts


Empowering Your Spiritual Gifts: $97

Elevate Your Vibration and Empower your Spiritual Gifts.

Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Orion, and the Council of Light connect in this Angel Course.

Simply listen to connect with powerful guidance, and a healing, uplifting frequency to help you step into embodying more of your spiritual light, accelerating your spiritual growth, and revealing your spiritual gifts and abilities.

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Past Life RegressionPast Life Regression With Your Angels~ Angel Course: $47

Tap into your Past Life Wisdom and Healing, Neutralize and Integrate Past Life Challenges, and Heal Past Life Karma in this powerful channeled angel course.

This course is made up of four .MP3 audio components recorded with Archangel Metatron, Raziel, Michael, Haniel, and Orion.

Simply relax, breathe and listen as the audio messages in this course guide you to integrate, learn from and heal past life experiences now.

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Pendulum DowsingPendulum Dowsing With The Angels~ Angel Course: $97

Learn to work with your angels using a pendulum! In this course you will receive a 41 page .PDF Course Book, along with 5 .MP3 Guided Meditations to assist you in your journey of learning to Work With Your Angels.

Start with the course book which will guide you to listen to the corresponding meditations at the appropriate time. Take your time going through this course, and learning to work with your angels using pendulum dowsing at your own pace.

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Authentic VIbrationYour Authentic Vibration Angel Course: $77

Cleanse your energy and restore your home vibration. The authentic truth of who you are as a spiritual being here in the physical.

Your natural state of being is high vibrational, and yet it’s easy to get pulled into the lower vibrations of the physical realm.  In this course you will cleanse and refresh your energy so you can reconnect with the diamond light of your higher self and authentic truth.

You will also learn simple techniques for maintaining your authentic vibration. When you do stay in your authentic, high vibrational energy signature, your destiny naturally unfolds before you.

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Deepen Your Relationship with the DivineDeepen Your Relationship With The Divine: $67

Simply relax and listen to the components of this angel course to deepen your relationship with the Divine.

By simply listening to this channeled course you will experience Truth on every level so you can effortlessly deepen your relationship with the Divine and uncover your Ultimate Truth.

This course is incredibly powerful and it’s truly unique when compared to anything I’ve channeled before.

The beautiful thing is that your angels, guides, and The Divine do all the work for you, so you can gain full benefit from the course as you relax and listen… It even works if you fall asleep while listening!

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Angels of AbundanceAngels of Prosperity and Abundance Angel Course: $87

Are you allowing the flow of Abundance into your life? Your angels are on hand right now, to assist you in opening to more abundance and prosperity in your experience.

In this angel course you will be guided by the Archangels to connect with your manifestation powers. You will have the opportunity to set specific intentions to be infused with frequency from the Divine which will assist you in creating prosperity in abundance in your life.

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Wheel of the YearWheel of the Year Angel Course: $97

Whether you are in the northern hemisphere or southern, the Earth’s journey throughout the year is very symbolic of the journey of a human soul.

Each season of the year is a reminder that your life is cyclical, and there is beauty to be found amidst change.

Journey through the themes of the four seasons with the angels in this powerful multi-part angel course.

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At all times, you have the ability to connect with angels and Spirit for help in your life. The Angel Courses displayed on this page are designed to help you increase your connection with the angelic realm, and to progress forward on your spiritual path.

When you purchase an Angel Course, you will receive instant access to a downloadable .MP3 audio file that you can download to your computer or hand-held device to enjoy time and time again. Each channeled message is blended to the beautiful channeled music of Thaddeus and will help you quickly quiet your mind and open your heart to connect with your guides and angels of the light.

During this process of ascending to the angelic realms, your energies will be cleansed, your chakras will be balanced and you will feel energetically uplifted. After the meditations you will feel an elevation in your mood and an increase in your energy.

You have the ability to reach elevated levels of consciousness and these angel courses are designed to help you along your unique path allowing you to uncover the story of your soul’s path, one course component at a time.

Whether you are simply learning to connect with your angels, or if you are already  an angel practitioner and looking to strengthen your connection to your angels, I’m here to help!

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Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

Although Melanie no longer offers private readings, she has several recommended partners who are available to help you get answers, right now!If you would like a one-on-one reading... Simply Click Here!

Prefer a guided .mp3 meditation by Melanie? Click Here For A Free Angel Message Channeled By Melanie! 


  1. Thank you for all of these blessings Melanie.
    I absolutely love and cherish the work you are doing for all of us. Every angel meditation has truly been transformational for me!
    Love and Light,

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  2. Hi! I’m so happy I found your site. I’ve been searching for courses like the ones you have on your site and I will be taking some courses here this spring.

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  3. Just found your site last night and I am very impressed what you have to share with others. I have had one of the deepest
    loss for a mother my beautiful 27 year old daughter. I truly believe in almost 7 years my heart , soul, and mind have been
    shattered. I have been very open to so many signs from my daughter and very interested in healing myself and others. Who
    are going through so much heartache and grief. Through the years I have researched everything about the afterlife I feel a
    great connection with the angelic realm and the Divine our Lord Jesus. My vivid dream was so powerful I feel so blessed
    with the Divine’s message. That very night he reached out and spoke the words to me ” I am so happy with you” I woke up immediately spreading his word to my husband. Our Divine knows how strong my faith is and I feel he needs me to help.
    My intuition is there I can feel it I only need to know how to use this gift and with your help Melanie with the angels I want
    to heal myself and so many others. What do you think the best course would be for me ? The excitement I hold in my heart
    is so ready to start to change my path and others. One Love, One People, One World. Sincerely, Deborah

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  4. I love reading these articles because they’re short but inraomftive.

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  5. Channeling, Angelic Guidance, Angel Energy Healing! Whooooo!

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  6. Thank you for all that you do. I have gotten a lot of support from your material….Blessings.

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  7. Hello
    I’m interested in you pendulum course,and before buying wanted to ask if it’s just a E book or can I purchase the book? ?

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    • The Pendulum Dowsing Course consists of an eBook combined with .MP3 audio meditations… No print book at this point.


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  8. I would love to learn more about angels but unfortunately, they would be in .MP3 audio component. I’m Deaf – is there a way I can access to these information in print or captions if I choose to purchase any one of the course offerings?

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    • Thank you for your question Elizabeth, at this point we’re still working on transcribing all the course material. The Angel Energy Healing Course does include transcriptions of all audio sessions…

      However the rest do have audio components.

      I recommend checking out my books on Amazon for now!

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  9. What a rare and beautiful gift you have, and how generous you are to share it will all of us via the medium of the internet. I listen to a message every day and feel uplifted and full of love. Blessings to you. Clare

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  10. Dear Melanie,
    How do i benefit from your services, it is only available to people who live in the US, i am in Calabar, Nigeria.

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    • Hi Lyadim,
      The courses are all online so they can be enjoyed around the world! 🙂
      With gratitude,

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  11. Dear Melanie.

    I have recently found you, and I would like to ask about where to start.
    I am new to this work, but have always believed in angels.
    What I would like to, is to know how to start. I am very practical and only listening to meditations, will probably ,not keep my focus on learning.
    So what would you recomend?

    I got your three meditations. And I have just startet to listen to them.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    All my best.
    Eva Christina

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  12. I would love to learn more

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  13. thanks so much i love to lean more about angel.

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  14. All of the books that you offer look amazing. Not sure yet as to which one I will start with.


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  15. I would like to know If any of this books has been translated in Spanish. thanks

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    • Yes! Multiple of my books are available in Spanish on Amazon! Mensajes de Ángeles, Experiencias con Ángeles, y Deja brilliar tu luz…. 🙂

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  16. I have been a loss soul for so long and have trust issues. I am not sure which of these books or work in jping me.

    Thank you

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    • I would recommend starting with Angel Energy Healing or Experiencing Angels.

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  17. I am very unsure of my self as to me sabataging myself. Can you please help enlighten me with reasurance with the message I think I Am receiving. That I am off big importance a shining star

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