archangel metatronThe angel messages on this site will help you connect with the incredible love, spiritual healing and harmony that is available to you through working with your angels, archangels and spirit guides!

Through learning how to center your energy, open your heart and connect with the Angelic Realm, you will learn to more clearly receive divine guidance for yourself, from your angels, guides, and the Creator! I'm excited for this opportunity to teach you how to ask your angels for help!

Connecting with Angels is fun and rewarding on a deeply spiritual level!  Angels transcend any one religion, gender, or culture. They exist in a realm that is just beyond the physical, and they vibrate with unconditional love and peace always!

You can learn to connect with your Angels and through doing so you will learn to peacefully flow through your life with joy and ease.  Every guided angel meditation found here will assist you in the process of connecting with your angels, as long as you set aside some quiet time for yourself and show up!

Your angels are always there with you, waiting to help.  They will never intervene without your request, but they are always there with you.  Your angels are with you, right now, as you read these words.

Since 2007, Melanie has helped thousands of people to tune into the love and wisdom offered from the Angelic Realm.  By focusing on recording high energy meditations, publishing Angel Courses and Kindle Books of Angel Messages, Melanie continues to touch the lives of thousands of spiritually awakening individuals like yourself, each month.

On this site you will find dozens of Channeled Messages both free and paid to help you connect with your angels, archangels, your highest self, and stay connected throughout changes in life throughout each year.  New messages are generally published around every new moon, full moon, equinox, solstice, eclipses and more.  Messages are now being published as Angel CDs & Books as well, in case you would prefer a hard copy of the messages.

Angels can help you to heal all areas of life, from the physical body, mind, emotions, family, relationships, careers, and even finances.

Angels desire for the will of God to be carried out, and they wish for nothing more than for you to live a happy, blessed, and inspired life.

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler