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September 2015 Ascension Energy Wave

September Wave X Energy Shifts

September Energy Wave
The energy of accelerated ascension for Earth and for humanity is already here, and now it’s increasing!

If you’re like most people, you’re already noticing huge changes unfolding in your life… These changes are due to the energy of accelerated ascension, which can otherwise be described as an Ascension Energy Wave.

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Starting in late August of 2015, through about September 28th… The energy will really be heightened, as the Earth physically and metaphysically aligns with a huge series of transformational energy waves.

These light energy waves come from the Center of the Cosmos, from Source, God, and they are raising the vibration of everything encountered on their path.

Scientifically, these energy waves have been noticed, measured and described as Gamma waves.

Ultimately, however you look at them, or describe what is happening… In one form or another, we’re headed into a HUGE tsunami wave of LIGHT.

This of course, is right on Divine time and not to be feared. For a long time now the Earth and humanity have been receiving increased light, ascension codes, and consciousness downloads from the Divine through solar flares, gamma rays, angels ascended masters and ascension gateway openings.

Yes, 2012 ties into this wave of energy too.

2012 was a Divine cosmic alignment and the official entrance into the new paradigm of the new age. The 888 Lions Gateway relates as well, it was like a threshold we stepped over into the new paradigm… Now the September Wave X Energy is the welcoming party. A full initiation into the new energy.

This is yet another phase of the Great Awakening which continues to unfold…

The energetic wave of September 2015 offers further support in our collective shift into the Golden Age, and the return to Love and Oneness on Planet Earth.

Our lesson and opportunity now is to ride the wave of light into new possibility rather than being dragged down into the undercurrent beneath.

From my perspective, and based on the guidance of the angels and my intuition, the September energy wave’s purpose is to cleanse the consciousness of humanity, raising our vibration, and shifting us individually and collectively into living in a new paradigm.

This is an opening, and an opportunity for humanity as a collective consciousness to become more awakened than ever before, and to shift out of the old paradigm of fear, control and manipulation into higher vibrations of LOVE, PEACE, and COOPERATION.

This is ascension, and we have the incredible opportunity to live through it now. We’re evolving into the highest possible versions of ourselves.

We’ve always been spiritual beings in physical form… But for most of us we’ve been blocked from perceiving the fullness of our spiritual power and light. Now, we all have the opportunity to retain our physical ability to perceive through 5 senses while adding on the brilliance, mastery, and beauty of our FULL Spiritual Light and Power. This can manifest in so many ways like increased physical and spiritual abilities, new technology, advanced creativity, expanded intelligence, and awareness in multiple dimensions, tuning into an expanded cosmic perspective, and so much more.

There are of course people who are perceiving this energy shift through the lenses of fear, and focusing on the potential challenges, hardships, and obstacles which may come up as a result of the energetic shift. There are those who are completely oblivious to anything happening… But the truth remains, for those who are awake, and awakening, the opportunity is here, and more than ever LOVE is the way into the new paradigm.

Love is the key to riding this gamma photon wave of light into new heights… Into true freedom, love, and peace. As the energy continues to elevate, keep your heart open, your feet grounded to the earth and your spirit elevating in light, rising into it’s highest vibrational form.

This is a exciting time of both celebration, lifting in light and consciously choosing to live in love and joy. It is also a time of letting go of all that does not serve you…

Let go, release, and step through the doors of infinite possibility opening before you.

The angels encourage you to ask yourself… Ask your heart, and your inner being:

What do you want to experience in the new paradigm?

What do you want this light wave of energy to mean for you?

Anything is possible… Now more than ever. Clear your mind, open your heart and get clear about what you truly desire… Not just material desires, and physical things… Go deeper than that.

Now is the time of aligning with the infinite, brilliant, unlimited possibility that is your highest spiritual light and authentic truth.

Don’t try to limit the unlimited.

You can also support yourself during the shifting energy by maintaining a high vibration, staying positive, eating healthy, and making conscious choices to be impeccable in all areas of your life. This choice will offer you a solid foundation of love that you can lean on as the light increases, builds, and draws to the surface all lower vibrations to be released.

Lower vibrations, patterns, thought forms, and situations will come up in your experience so they can be released, to make way for increased light to ground, and enter in.

Be willing to let them go.

You can’t take old energy, grudges, limiting thoughts, limiting beliefs or trauma into the higher realms… Let these vibrational patterns go as they appear, so you can ride the light wave into new possibility.

Take good care of yourself during these times of accelerated ascension and increased change. Be willing to change, be adaptable, and go with the flow.

Treating yourself with immense self love and care will support you in this transition. And of course keep calling on your teams of spirit guides, angels and ascended masters who are very real, present, able and willing to help you .

If you’re not sure what to do, or how to respond… Let love be your guide…

Keep shifting back into love. Into gratitude, forgiveness, and into a willingness to let Divine presence guide you into the infinite light and love that awaits.

This shift is happening for everyone in one way or another. The ascension energy is affecting the planet, humanity, and all species. When you look for it you will see manifestations of ascension happening in many ways, shapes, colors, sizes and forms.

This is the new earth emerging from within the old… Look for it.

See the miracles, the magic and the beauty of humanity collectively returning to love. Notice the rallies for peace, the lies exposed, and the tyrannical manipulations exposed.

Notice the new emerging from the ashes of the old.

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Look for new solutions, new possibilities, and new potential as humanity works together to heal itself, heal the Earth, co-create with one another and positively impact All.

More will be awakening now, shedding off the grogginess of a long deep slumber, and those who have awakened will reach a new height.

Listen to your body, as it will tell you what it needs during this shift too. Rest when you need to, change your diet as you’re inspired, let go of ingesting toxins… Take care.

Flow with the ascension changes of light already streaming onto your planet, and quickly increasing to continue to accelerate this Divinely inspired, guided, and fulfilled shift. Act upon your inner intuition, return to love, open your heart to yourself and to others and enjoy the shift you are living through now.

You’re shifting on every level. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual…. Don’t resist the changes… Embrace the light of the Divine that is accessible within you. This will support you through your transition. Enter within. Open your heart. Let your light shine.

It is no mistake you are here.

This is the opportunity we have been waiting for.

The time is now.

Melanie Beckler
with guidance from Archangel Metatron

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Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. Thank you from Cincinnati OH. It was precisely what I needed when I needed it. No surprise. A friend that I worked for this year felt it and I have felt it all summer. Since we were like minded and working in close proximity, it seemed to amplify the effect. We had some wild extra consciousness events going on.

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