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#1 Most Important Eclipse Spiritual Meaning That No One Talks About

Entering A New Eclipse Cycle

Learn the Significance and Spiritual Meaning of Eclipses and the role an Eclipse Cycle may play on your path. #eclipse There is a profound and beautiful Eclipse season that occurs twice every year; but why should you care? Let’s look at the spiritual meaning of Eclipses and why these periods are so significant.

As we each continue to progress on our individual spiritual and ascension paths, there are many significant time periods, high energy gateways, as well as astrologically observable events that act as markers on our paths.

Both solar and lunar eclipses are among these highly significant times.

So, in the simplest sense, Eclipses are highly significant markers of transformation.

And our next key marker points are:

June 5th – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
June 20th – Solstice and New Moon Solar Eclipse
July 4th -Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Wait a Minute… What Is An Eclipse Exactly ?

An Eclipse is an observable event that happens as a result of an alignment of the sun and moon, or another planet.

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As NASA explains: “A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth blocks the light from the Sun so that the Earth’s shadow falls on the moon… Lunar eclipses happen at least twice a year, and can last for a few hours.”

And on the other hand…

“Solar eclipses happen once every 18 months and only last for a few minutes… Solar Eclipses happen when the moon lines up directly between the Sun and the Earth, so that the moon casts a shadow onto Earth.”

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Eclipse Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually or metaphysically speaking, Eclipses are essentially like doors or gateways that support us in entering into a higher dimension of being.⠀

Eclipses are essentially like doorways leading towards higher dimensions of being. Learn more about the spiritual meaning and significance of Eclipses now. During this “Eclipse Cycle” the entire universe is now focused on your transformation to help you align with your highest self and most vibrant life!⠀

It's time to step up on multiple levels, and just keep in mind that Eclipses are also known to trigger necessary life changes.⠀

Are you needing some sort of push to realign you with your highest purpose? This is likely already in the works for you in some way!⠀

Support yourself in making the most of this period by detaching from the outcome and letting go.⠀

Stay present, centered and adaptable to be ready for the unexpected.⠀

And remember that as you release what no longer serves you, you make way for new creative inspiration, and the highest levels of your Divine expression.⠀

What do you really want to manifest, experience, and create in your life?⠀

Dream big! Feel into what your most radiant high vibrational life would be like…⠀

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And know that this is the perfect time to plant seeds of intention, and really get in sync with the spiral of creation.⠀

Eclipses act like energetic gateways, allowing a heightened frequency to reach us and impact us in many ways.

This makes eclipse cycles a powerful time to focus on what you really want and to consciously manifest!

Things often feel accelerated around Eclipses, and whatever needs to be dealt with will surely appear.

Stay grounded, open and willing…

Knowing that the energy of Eclipses may feel intense, its ultimately supporting you through massive transformation to help you align with your highest self and most vibrant life!

Melanie Beckler



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