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How to Become An Angel Reader

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Becoming An Angel Reader is not as hard or as difficult as you think, it is actually how I got into working with angels many years ago. It is an opportunity to get to know yourself far better and to develop your gift (and yes you have one, we all do!) and also to develop a really personal bond with the Angels and Archangels which is like no other – so rewarding and gets better and stronger over time.

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Back To Basics

The basics of being an Angel Reader is not what you think – its does not matter if you don't think or consider that you have any gift at all. The most important ingredient for being a Good Angel reader is to trust the Angels will guide you. Its to hand your heart and mind your doubts and fears your hopes and dreams over to them and to want more than anything to help your self or the person you are reading for.

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The Angels are always with you. Your Guardian Angels are with you every minute of every day and they are the Guardians of your crown along with your guide and they will bring forward the Archangels to work with you. You don't need to be concerned about ‘who' you are working with but I would advocate starting with the Archangels as their energy is strong and palatable an will help you gain confidence in your messages.

Always start by protecting your self by seeing a purple curtain of energy go around you and then Ask Archangel Michael to be with you and assist you in gaining clarity and messages that are helpful. Breathing in Michaels blue energy and see it filling your heart before you start. Know that when you ask an Archangel to be with you it is spiritual law that they must be without question.  Relax and enjoy this special time.

Angel cards are a wonderful focus – it does not make you a better or more superior reader whether you use cards or not – the important thing is to be comfortable with the tools you use – and to be able to get your own guidance and trust it before reading for others.

To learn how to give a reading with angel cards, click here.

Choose some cards that you love, and really really play with them. Use them every day for guidance and trust the guidance you get.  Asking questions in the right way is also helpful.

Rather than asking ‘What will happen with my partner' leave it open so that your energy is open and you can receive the best guidance to bring the best outcome to you.

Remember that the Angel Cards themselves have no special power, the Archangels can see your energy and the energy of other people and will know exactly what you need to do
and what will best serve you at this time.  Phrasing your questions in the right way produces a trusting atmosphere and also asking in a whimsical way allows the energy to be thin enough for the Archangels to come into your aura easily and stimulate your pineal gland so you pick the ‘right' cards.

‘What is the best way for me to approach this situation at work' or ‘How can I best move forward in my relationship' are examples I would give.

Sitting In Trust

Before you take the card, keep your heart open and your mind ‘still' and allow your eyes to move over the cards, pull one or two cards and as you look at them take them to your heart and ask Michael to allow you to ‘ feel' how accurate this information is, if you sit quietly in ‘trust' before you look at the card you will find the guidance quite astonishing.

Asking More Questions

If you are reading for someone else and they are asking ‘when' questions remind them that as in any demand the energy is closed and so ask them to be calm and open expectant that they will get the advice that is right for them, look at their body language have they got their arms and legs crossed if so take some time to put them at their ease and ask what their expectations are.  Sometimes people are scared even though the angels would never scare them their situation may have become quite constricted or perhaps they have had bad experiences before so their expectations can be either quite firm or they don't really know if they want to hear the answer.  Talk to the person or even talk to your self and remind your self that the Archangels have been around for thousands of years and they have a vast array of experience they can bring to the table to assist you in ways you can't even imagine at this moment.

Asking questions from the Archangels is fine, but avoid asking questions that tie you in to a definitive answer.  Sometimes an outcome is only predictable because the energy is very set in one direction or another.  Very often a change in perspective changes the outcome in a wonderful way.  Asking the Archangels how they would suggest the person moves forward, or for more information about the guidance you are getting can produce clearer results.

Combining Your other psychic senses such as your third eye or your audience along with your heart can provide more assistance.  Ask the Archangels to show you a colour in your third eye. If you are not confident with discerning images, ask them to give you a word and keep your mind still whilst you get this word.  Asking them for a physical feeling or sign to accompany what you are getting would be a wonderful idea also.

I also advocate combining card decks, using a set of angel cards along with say Soul Coaching cards or general oracle cards can give further insight into the information you are being given.

Taking It further

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Very often the people that i work with have no idea of the abilities they possess they simply dont see themselves in ‘this' way yet the truth is the media has a very rigid protocol of what being ‘clairvoyant' means, in my course here on ask angels the first thing we do is show you what Your gift is and help you to identify how it has worked in the past with examples, so perhaps getting a journal and beginning to note the syncronicities that you have enjoyed the past times when you have been given times and other messages you have given gives you something to look back upon if you get doubtful.

Developing your ability should be joyful, and sometimes even a smaller budget withstanding – there are ways of getting a lot of help and guidance for little investment in monetary terms.  Find a online forum that encourages practice and sharing or perhaps team up with a friend and practice ‘checking in' with each other on a certain day and noting how he or she is feeling to you or any impressions that you get.

Alternatively a Channelled Angel Reading can give you goals and tools and also concrete information about where your gift is headed at this moment, the Angels and Archangels will talk to you about how to move forwards and how to develop your gift to the next level, they know what is right for you and will not try and make you into something you aren't.

Perhaps you love the idea of working with Angels but are wary of being labelled weird?  Or perhaps you have tried but simply don't hear and see anything?  Please know that only a tiny percentage of people see full on Angels. Some people see angel energy externally out of their eyes (like me) and others see colored lights when they close their eyes, others feel cold spots and others hear internally or see internally – what a lot of the stage mediums don't tell you it is often like this for them so please give your self a chance and trust what you get.

Lastly know it is such a joyful path, you will never be on your own again. Imagine being able to get your own guidance wherever you are what ever you encounter.

Working with the angels brings extra happiness and meaning to your life but also all of the lives that you touch, and that is why if you are reading this – this message is for you
it is time to step up and open up to the love of the angels and creator and all of the joy and opportunities that they will bring you as you progress.

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Sheelagh Maria

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