New Angel Energy Healing Session From Melanie Beckler!

Invoke Divine Healing Energies From Your Guardian Angel

If you've been searching for a way to rekindle the Divine Light inside you, to access powerful healing energies, and break free from the chains holding you back...

Then you're at the perfect crossroads.

Because, right now, there is an open a window of opportunity to raise your awareness above the level of ordinary mind and offering you a direct connection to your Guardian Angel.

Your Guardian Angel holds a key to unlock and illuminate the energetic blockages that have been holding you back.

So you can finally let go and open to the Divine Light that is Truth.

Because, as you hold more Divine Light in your physical body, in your Chakras, and in your energy bodies...

Two things happen:

First, your intuition begins to sharpen, allowing you to access clear guidance and insight on your healing journey.

Second, you (and your team of Angels) can circulate powerful healing energy through your mind, physical body and your subtle energy bodies!

Directing that healing light exactly where you need it most.

How Does This Work?

All you have to do is download the .mp3 guided audio session, and press play!

Whether you sit in a meditation position or lie down to relax, it doesn't matter.

This is all about creating some sacred 'you time', so be comfortable!

You can put on your favorite headphones for a personal experience or simply stream the .mp3 on your phone sitting on your nightstand.

As the beautiful meditative music begins you'll instantly start to relax and allow the stress and tension of your day to begin to wash away.

Next, Melanie guides you through the process of connecting with your team of guides and angels while you simply listen.

Just listening, you'll find yourself surrounded by the light of your Guardian Angels who transmit their light and blessings upon you.

Waves of light will wash over you as you begin to relax deeper and deeper.

Detaching from what no longer serves, and opening to the blessings available to you now.

Experience Waves of Bliss as Your Vibration Continues To Rise

You'll feel uplifted as Melanie continues with you further along this spiritual journey to connect with your angels in the pyramid of light.

In each of the four cardinal directions around you, an angel steps in to radiate light and elemental energy to advance you along your journey of energetic healing.

First, Archangel Raphael steps in to purify the element of air within your etheric energy.

The presence of your angels help you relax even deeper...

Next, Archangel Michael steps in to shine his blessings upon you.

Michael purifies your energy with the element of fire, burning through and transforming anything that's no longer serving you.

To complete the pyramid of light...

Archangel Gabriel pours high vibrational frequency upon you with a transmission of light to purify the water element within your field.

And Archangel Uriel clears and purifies the earth element in your mind, body and spirit.

Your angels radiate their light and blessings upon you while you simply allow.

As you welcome this healing and clearing light you will feel energized, recharged and connected to a greater awareness of your spiritual truth.

Gratitude will fill your consciousness as your angels begin to ground your energy into the crystalline grid of the awakened Earth...

To deepen your connection with the sacred Earth and energetic grid of Gaia.

You go deeper...

The crystalline light continues to circulate as it purifies and elevates your energy even higher.

Invoking Your Guardian Angel's Healing Powers

Now that your energy body is clear and you're radiating Divine Light...

Melanie guides you through the process of connecting you with your Guardian Angel who welcomes you into higher consciousness.

You will continue to feel relaxed and loved as you are opened to more light, frequency and spiritual substance from your Guardian Angel.

As you commune with your Guardian Angel, you receive a tremendous amount of light and spiritual consciousness into your body.

Pure life force energy impressed upon your physical body.

Divine Light of Source flowing into your energy body.

Now you're ready to receive the energy healing.

Your Healing Journey Through The Energy Centers

Next, you're guided through an energy exercise to cleanse and illuminate your energy centers.

Opening each energy center individually with the help of your Guardian Angel so it can shine brightly as you continue to activate your spiritual truth.

Your pineal gland is illuminated and begins shining its light from the center of your brain to uplift and enhance your mental body with divine clarity.

Inspired ideas, intuitive nudges, creative breakthroughs are attracted to you.

Your throat chakra begins to glow like the spiritual sun as you unlock the power of "I Am" so you can take control over your destiny.

So you can claim your Divine Truth of well-being and abundance.

Solar Christ light begins shining from your heart center as you feel the love from your entire team of guides and angels in spirit.

Because you are loved.

Flow that Divine Love from your heart center as your healing journey continues to unfold.

Your solar plexus becomes illuminated opening you to new levels of willpower and discipline so you can elevate your life and be of greater service.

Continuing down the pillar of light your sacral chakra is awakened, next.

Your creativity, purity and soul truth are activated, enhanced and illuminated.

Finally flowing the tremendous light and spiritual consciousness from your Guardian Angel all the way to your root chakra.

Grounding you in the stability, safety and security of The Divine

So you can move beyond the patterns of old...

And shine with the light of The Divine that you are.

Retaining this higher level of spiritual energy and awareness with you in everyday life.

So you can continue to allow your natural healing energies to flow throughout your being, 24x7.

Introducing The Guardian Angel Energy Healing Session

This brand new Angel Energy Healing Session by Melanie Beckler is a life-changing 40 minutes long.

By simply listening, you'll have a profound spiritual experience designed to connect you with the spiritual healing energies that are your birthright.

You'll feel a deeper connection to Spirit and a greater sense of purpose every time you listen.

Plus, you can download the .mp3 and save it on your phone or tablet, so you can get a boost of healing energy anytime, anywhere.


To make this available to you and as many other people as possible...

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Even if you simply don't like the sound of my voice!

No worries.

And it's easy to get a refund if you'd like...

Simply reply to your email receipt or email me directly at, and I will see to it that you get your refund promptly.

I'm 100% committed to your satisfaction and want you to experience the profound benefits from going within and connecting to the healing energies of your Guardian Angel that I'm willing to take on all the risk.

Curious What Others Are Saying About Melanie's Guided Angel Sessions & Meditations?

“Wow absolutely exhilarating... I felt pulsating as the meditation brought me through each part of my body. Especially the solar plexus and sacral. A tingling connection from head to toe. Thank you! 💙🙏” – Donna

“Thank you!! I really needed this today!!!” – Cindy

“Awesome 😊❤️ I felt more connected than ever. Very aware of the incoming light and energy center’s. Thank you. Melanie may we all be blessed.” -Arlene

This was so beautiful! Thank you.” – Crystal

“My heartfelt thanks to you for this incredible meditation. It just felt so very perfect in every way. One to return to again and again. With so much gratitude and love to you and all. 🙏” -Jennie

Thank you Melanie that was strong. -Jacqueline

“WOW – WOW – WOW I feel more connected to my angel spiritual team than ever. – Christopher

Get The Guardian Angel Energy Healing Session For $47

Only $17 Today! That's 63% off!

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