Effortlessly Cleanse Your Aura and Renew Your Mind, Body, & Spirit in Minutes!

Did you know that your aura, the energetic field surrounding your being, is constantly influenced by your thoughts, emotions, and the environments you encounter? 

Even the energy of others can leave its imprint on your energetic field.

When your aura shines with clarity and brightness ...

You effortlessly align with joy, optimism, and a sense of being in harmony with life. It's as if the universe conspires in your favor, effortlessly manifesting positive outcomes.

But here's the catch… 

When your aura becomes clouded by the accumulation of negative or distorted energies?


Everything changes...

You may unknowingly absorb negativity from others as you navigate through a simple shopping trip … Or get entangled in a toxic conversation. 

Even the smallest, seemingly insignificant incidents can trigger your ego mind to incessantly nag at you, leaving you feeling drained and off balance.

The truth is, your energy field is vulnerable to pollution from negative encounters, energy exchanges in everyday life, and the pervasive influence of social media. 

And the result? 

You find yourself feeling out of sync, lethargic, ungrounded, scattered, frustrated, confused, anxious, or even spiritually blocked.

Your energy is the key to shaping your experiences and the quality of your life. 

When you absorb negative energies, it sets off a chain reaction that amplifies negative feelings, attracting more circumstances that reinforce that low vibration.

As a result, you may find yourself facing various blockages in relationships, abundance, and even spiritual growth. 

These energetic blockages can dim your true power and hinder your path to fulfillment.

Here's the exciting part:

When your aura is clear and your energy naturally raises up to higher levels of love and light, you unlock a profound sense of joy and passion. 

You effortlessly flow through life, experiencing coincidences and synchronicities that serve as divine signs of love, romance, and prosperity.

These positive experiences create a beautiful feedback loop, elevating your vibrations of delight, gratitude, love and joy. 

And as you continue to radiate these higher frequencies, your life becomes magnetic for even more extraordinary experiences… 

You get to live a life that evokes gratitude and love, where each day brims with limitless possibilities.

And so…

Are you prepared to unlock the gateway to complete control over your energy and experience a profound transformation?

In the chaotic rush of modern life, it's all too easy to overlook the subtle shifts happening within you.

But just imagine if you could become acutely aware of your energy fields, detecting the very moment your energy takes a turn.

Envision having the tools in your spiritual tool belt to effortlessly cleanse your aura, sever any draining cords, and release negative energetic attachments in an instant.

What if you had the power to quickly cleanse your energy field anytime, anywhere?

What if you could effortlessly shed the weight of negativity, paving the way for a life abundant with boundless happiness, peace, and unwavering well-being?

No need to wonder any longer because the answer is right here, within your reach.

Presenting the Aura Energy Cleansing Course:

A hand crafted transformative journey that will guide you toward a profound understanding of your aura energy field and its immense influence on every facet of your life.

Within this life-changing course, you will harness the power of sacred spiritual techniques and timeless wisdom to remove blockages, release attachments, and dissolve distorted energies that hinder your growth.

Prepare to elevate your state as you embark on a new chapter of vibrant, flourishing living.

The time has come to reclaim your energy, embrace your true potential, and illuminate the path toward a life brimming with radiance and fulfillment.

The Aura Energy Cleansing Course extends its invitation to you, urging you to take that pivotal first step.

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey?

Here’s What You’re About To Learn…

  • The Secret to Sustained Joy: Discover how to maintain a state of inner bliss amidst life's challenges.
  • Unlock the Healing Power of the Violet Flame: Discover the ancient practice that can help you release and heal past trauma.
  • The Energy Reset Button: Learn 3 powerful practices to quickly shift your state and return to a place of sustained joy, no matter the external circumstances.
  • Detoxify Your Energy Field: Discover effective techniques to overcome energetic residue from toxic social media interactions and negative workplace experiences.
  • Awaken Your Spiritual Allies: Unleash the extraordinary power of your divine spirit guides and celestial angels, igniting a profound partnership that will elevate your life to new heights.
  • Unveil Your Soul's Destiny: Unlock the path that leads to fulfillment, success, and profound impact.
  • Aura Cleansing Breathwork: Experience the transformative effects of a scientifically backed breathing technique that reduces cortisol levels, releases stress, and purifies your energy field.
  • Cutting Energetic Cords: Free yourself from draining attachments with powerful energy clearing techniques.
  • The Alchemy of Transformation: Harness the transformative power of the Violet Flame invocation that instantly transmutes negative energies into love and light.
  • The Empowered Awareness Formula: Tap into the power of instant energy interception and reclaim control over your day by instantly  preventing negativity from taking hold

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Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting Today:

Video 1: Introduction - Energy Field Awareness 

Embark on an enlightening journey as we delve into the mysteries of your personal energy field. 

Discover the profound impact your aura has on your life and gain a heightened sense of awareness as you begin to raise your vibration.

Video 2: The Violet Flame: Liberation from Energetic Attachments

Unleash the transformative power of the Violet Flame, an ancient spiritual tool renowned for its ability to dissolve energetic attachments. 

Witness the profound cleansing and liberation it brings to your aura as you release blockages and invite renewed vitality into your being.

Video 3: Archangel Michael's Sword of Light: Reclaiming Your Energy

Step into the divine realm guided by Archangel Michael and his mighty Sword of Light. 

Learn the sacred art of cord-cutting, freeing yourself from draining connections and reclaiming your energy. 

Experience a harmonious energy field and a renewed sense of inner strength.

Video 4: Aura Cleansing Breathwork and Golden Light: Elevating Your Energy

Unlock the incredible synergy between the ancient Yogic “Box Breathing” technique and the transformative power of golden light. 

Immerse yourself in a practice that calms your mind, purifies your energy field, and elevates your aura. 

Embrace deep tranquility, enhanced clarity, and a radiant aura as you embrace this empowering technique.

Video 5: Aura Cleansing Session: Awaken Your Radiant Essence 

Embark on a profound journey of inner renewal through a guided Aura Energy Cleanse session. 

Release stagnant energy, restore balance to your chakras, and awaken your true spiritual essence. Feel revitalized, reenergized, and aligned with your highest potential.

Accelerate Your Transformation! Claim These Exclusive FREE Bonuses with Your Order Today!!

Free Bonus 1: Claim the Blessings of the Violet Flame (A $27 Value)

Ignite the Power of Transformation and Manifest Abundance!

Immerse yourself in the transformative energies of the Violet Flame with this extraordinary 23 minute bonus mp3 channeled session. 

The Violet Flame is a potent spiritual energy of transmutation, and this activation will guide you through a profound release of old energies that no longer serve you.

As you deepen your work and further harness the power of the Violet Flame with this activation… 

You'll experience a deep purification and elevation of your vibrational energy signature.

With the support of this powerful session, you'll transcend past painful patterns and lessons, opening yourself to the abundant blessings that await you. 

This sacred activation empowers you to step into the highest timeline and embrace the divine possibilities that align with your true purpose.

The Blessings of the Violet Flame session is designed for repeated use, allowing you to continuously transmute the old and invite more clarity, brilliance, and light into your subtle energy bodies. 

As you progress on your path of radiance and embody your highest truth, this bonus will serve as a catalyst for continued transformation and limitless manifestation.

Unlock the full potential of the Violet Flame and embrace the profound blessings it holds for your life. 

Order now and receive this invaluable bonus to accelerate your spiritual growth and create a life of abundance, joy, and fulfillment.

Bonus 2: Divine Rays of Clearing with Archangel Michael (A $27 Value)

Elevate Your Energy and Embrace Divine Clarity!

Immerse yourself in the powerful energy clearing experience of the "Divine Rays of Clearing Meditation" with Archangel Michael. 

This guided meditation will take you on a transformative journey, allowing the Divine Rays and angelic energy to cleanse your entire being, revealing your vibrant inner Divine Light.

As you listen to this divine meditation, your energy will be cleansed, balanced, and infused with the light of Divine Presence. 

The rainbow wave of light from Source will support you in aligning with the next chapters of your fulfillment, love, and embodiment, unlocking new levels of your light and potential.

This powerful spiritual cleansing meditation is perfectly attuned to cleanse your mind, body, spirit, self, space, and energy and it will help you release emotions, fears, and energies that no longer serve you… 

Creating sacred space for new growth and transformation opportunities to unfold.

Order now and unlock the transformative power of the "Divine Rays of Clearing with Archangel Michael" bonus, amplifying your energy clearing journey and accelerating your path towards profound clarity, love, and spiritual embodiment.

Bonus 3: Golden Light Energy Cleanse (A $27 Value)

Unlock the Radiance Within and Manifest Limitless Blessings!

You’ll love immerse yourself in the brilliant golden light and angelic energy of the "Golden Light Energy Cleanse" bonus mp3. 

This profound guided meditation, led by Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Metatron,

Archangel Sandalphon, and Archangel Uriel, sweeps away stress, tension, heavy emotions, and past trauma, allowing you to open up to a current of love, joy, bliss, and blessings that await you.As you press play and surrender to the divine frequency of the Golden Solar Light, a profound energy clearing unfolds. 

This cleanse brings healing and blessings to your physical body, offering cellular healing and empowering your will center. 

By simply listening, your vibration will rise… 

And your aura will be cleansed and rejuvenated! 

Harmonize and rejuvenate your entire being as you listen to this powerful angel meditation and frequency transmission. 

The Golden Solar Light uplifts your energy and cleanses your being on every level, reminding you of how deeply loved, guided, and supported you truly are.

Return to this transformative meditation time and time again, as it serves as the perfect reset for your energy, cleansing your aura, and realigning you with your highest soul light. 

With each session, you'll effortlessly manifest blessings in your life, tapping into the limitless potential that resides within you.

Order now and unlock the profound power of the "Golden Light Energy Cleanse" bonus, amplifying your journey of self-discovery, renewal, and manifestation. 

Embrace the radiant blessings that await you as you step into the fullness of your divine light.

Bonus #4: The Angelic Energy Clearing Video Experience (A $97 Value)

Elevate Your Vibration and Live in Joyful Blessings!

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of the "Living in a State of Joy and Blessing" Angelic Energy Clearing Video Experience. 

In this extraordinary video, you are welcomed into the higher levels of love, peace, and light. 

The frequencies transmitted will effortlessly cleanse your energy and elevate your vibration leaving you feeling uplifted and refreshed as your spiritual blockages are dissolved by watching.

Unlock the depths of spiritual energies with this captivating 50- minute bonus session. 

Journey through the awakened heart grid of the Earth, enveloped in a crystalline column of light that connects you to the profound realms of higher consciousness.

Guided by Melanie, you will tap into the crystalline core of Mother Earth and align with the radiant light of the Divine. 

Prepare for a transformative experience that will elevate your vibration to new heights, leaving you resonating with an unparalleled sense of spiritual connection and inner radiance.

This video session is not sold anywhere else and it’s only available as a bonus for you as a bonus when you purchase the Aura Cleansing Course today!

That’s A Total Value Of Over $349

From its inception, this course has been divinely inspired…

It’s creation has been driven by a deep desire to provide essential spiritual tools to countless empaths and spiritual seekers like you

These transformative tools and processes are designed to empower you to live a life of elevated vibrations, aligning with the abundance and joy that you truly deserve.


To help as many people as possible get their hands on this course and the bonuses…

Intuition has guided me to price this course well below its retail value of $349. 

In fact… 

I’m being guided to charge less than $97 which is what you’d expect to pay for one single 30-minute aura healing session.

The price is set even lower…

Right now, you can seize the opportunity to gain instant access to the complete Aura Energy Cleansing Video Course, along with all four powerful bonuses, for only $47. 

This is 86% off!

Act now to embark on this extraordinary journey of spiritual growth and transformation.

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By making the investment in the Aura Energy Cleansing Course today, you are embarking on a transformative path to reclaiming your energy and transforming your life.

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Don't let this opportunity slip away.

Take action now and secure your spot in this extraordinary journey towards healing, empowerment, and spiritual growth.

Aura Cleansing Course $349

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Plus, You Have Zero risks With My 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

When you make your purchase today, you can do so with complete confidence knowing that your order is backed by my "no questions asked" guarantee. 

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the transformative powers of the Aura Energy Cleansing video lessons and bonuses, simply reach out to me. 

You can reply to your receipt or email me at support@ask-angels.com, and I will personally process your refund promptly.

I'm 100% committed to your satisfaction and want you to experience the profound benefits of aura cleansing without any hesitation. 

Whether you feel the need for a refund within a day, a week, or even 60 days, I honor your request.

Your journey towards energetic transformation is risk-free, allowing you to explore the teachings and immerse yourself in the process with peace of mind. 

I believe in the power of this course and am dedicated to your satisfaction every step of the way.

How Does It Work?

When you complete the secure order form you'll gain immediate access to all 5 video sessions.

In the sanctuary of your own space, you'll embark on mastering the art of releasing energetic blockages.

As you watch you’ll transmute any negative energies and clear any burdensome energies you may have accumulated throughout your day.

This transformative process of clearing the negativity from your aura opens sacred space for attracting an abundance of love and blessings into your reality. 

By utilizing the tools and processes you'll learn, your energy field becomes infused with ever-increasing levels of radiant light, propelling you towards a future brimming with positivity, strength, and empowerment.

can access the videos from any device, and the best part is, you'll have lifetime access. This means you can revisit the trainings and cleansing sessions at any time, day or night.

All you have to do is watch, learn, and apply these powerful techniques to initiate an extraordinary energy shift in your life.

Transform Your Life with Aura Energy Cleansing

Aura Energy Cleansing is a transformative practice that empowers you to release dense energies, negativity, and blockages from your aura, creating a profound shift in your well-being.

By engaging in this powerful process, you break through old, outdated energies, programs, attachments, and limiting patterns. 

It is a journey of transmutation, where you let go of all that no longer serves you within your energetic field, and in turn, elevate your personal vibration.

Imagine charting a course towards a future filled with luminous, positive change and revitalizing energy. 

As you cleanse your aura, you unlock the gateway to a life brimming with joy, clarity, and boundless potential.

Experience the transformative power of Aura Energy Cleansing and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Experience an Energetic Transformation

Embark on this spiritual journey and learn the techniques shared in these video classes. 

The impact is profound and immediate, leaving you with a sense of tranquility and a surge of invigorating energy.

As you dive deeper into the teachings… 

You'll begin to feel and witness the restoration of your spiritual light, and the elevation of your energy vibration. 

The effects are tangible and transformative, permeating every aspect of your being.

These tools and techniques work rapidly to cleanse and elevate the vibration of your aura, mind, and energy field. 

Plus the done-for-you video aura cleansing session that provides you with an on-demand energy cleanse that can shift your energy at any time, anywhere. 

Simply stream this course and the bonus sessions from any device and immerse yourself in a powerful, guided aura cleansing experience.

Whether you're in need of a quick energy boost…

Or if you’re seeking to release negative influences…

Looking for a quick reset for your energetic field… 

This video aura cleansing course and the bonus sessions are always at your disposal. 

"It's like having a personal energy healer available to you whenever you need it."

Prepare to witness the power of these techniques as they bring about a profound energetic shift within you and the world around you. 

As you embark on this transformative journey, not only will you experience personal growth and elevated energy, but you will also extend the positive effects to your surrounding environment.

By implementing these practices, your entire space will be infused with light, nurturing a harmonious and uplifting ambiance. 

The vibrational shift you undergo will radiate outwards, creating a ripple effect of positive energy that touches the lives of those around you.

Imagine entering your home or workspace and immediately feeling a sense of peace, clarity, and inspiration. 

The serene and positive atmosphere you cultivate will uplift not only your own spirit but also the spirits of others who enter your space. 

Your transformed energy field will harmonize with the energies of your environment, enhancing the overall well-being and harmony of your surroundings.

Embrace the potential for extraordinary energetic transformation, both within yourself and in the world around you. 

Together, let us embark on this journey of personal and collective growth, as we witness the profound impact of these techniques on our lives and the world we inhabit. 

Get ready! 

This is your chance to experience an extraordinary energetic transformation like never before.

Embrace Renewal

Through the practice of aura energy cleansing, you have the opportunity to not only cleanse your energy but also experience a profound renewal. 

This transformative process goes beyond relaxation and encompasses a holistic rebalancing of your entire being - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

As you engage in these practices, you connect with the divine and tap into the vast wellspring of spiritual energy. 

This connection allows for a deep cleansing and realignment of your energy on every level. 

It dissolves stagnant or negative energies, releases limiting beliefs, and clears away lower vibrational patterns that may be holding you back.

The effects of aura energy cleansing extend far beyond momentary tranquility. 

By working with the subtle energies of your aura, you initiate a profound shift in your life. 

As the layers of energetic residue are cleared… 

You create space for higher vibrational experiences and manifestations. 

This process opens up a pathway to a life filled with elevated vibrations, greater clarity, purpose, and alignment with your true self.

Embrace the transformative power of aura energy cleansing and witness the profound impact it can have on your overall well-being. 

Allow yourself to be renewed, realigned, and revitalized as you connect with the divine and embrace a higher vibrational life.

And the beauty of it is:

Each time you engage with these transformative video classes, you embark on a journey of self-discovery that leads to the illumination of an even brighter level of light within you.

As you immerse yourself in the practices shared in these videos… 

You will experience an initial shift in your energy. 

But the true magic lies in the ongoing exploration and deepening of your connection with the divine. 

With each revisit, you reignite the radiant light within you, unveiling new layers of transformation and growth.

Enhancing your aura energy cleansing journey is effortless. 

Simply play, re-watch, and repeat any of these video classes whenever you feel called to do so. 

There's no need to worry about doing it "the right way." These sessions guide you through the aura energy cleansing process, ensuring that you have a supportive and empowering experience every time.

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation? 

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Seize the opportunity to unlock your inner radiance and embark on a path of profound transformation.

Aura Cleansing Course $349

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Here's What Past Students Are Saying...

“Priceless! I feel I have been set back on course. Powerful! Thank you sooo much!!!” –Carolyn

"This was a beautiful and uplifting course. Thank you Melanie. My heart is so full of love and gratitude" –Debbie

"I am noticing a change in my energy and life. I call angels sometimes and they always come and help me. In a few minutes I feel much better. My life is easier now than it was few months ago. Some positive changes happened and I have more faith now than before. I am progressing. I am so grateful for this! And I am so grateful to you as well 🙂 With love” ~Danijela

“Melanie, your guidance and presence leading me to the Light and Love, this has become invaluable in my life. Thank You!!” ~Lorraine

“Listening is like our spirit is being sent to heaven and it feels like angels are near us and that the presence of god is near us.” – Rachelle

I am at peace after listening to my 1st session. Thrilled to know what greatness is ahead thank you” –Lianne

"Just wonderful. Thank you, Melanie!" –Gracja

"Thanks so much! I cant tell you how helpful this information is to me. God Bless" -B

“Thank you, you are helping me so much in a hard time that I'm having lately... The change is amazing! I really didn't think anything could help me get over the deep sadness... And you made it happen. Thank you !” ~Limor

"Thank you very much that was wonderful. 🙂 love and light" ~Jess

Are you ready to embark on this spiritual journey of self-discovery, growth and transformation? 

Click the orange rectangular button below to order the Aura Cleansing Course and begin your journey within minutes.

Don't miss out on this special offer for the Aura Cleansing Course at the discounted price of $47. 

Seize the opportunity to unlock your inner radiance and embark on a path of profound transformation.

Aura Cleansing Course $349

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See you inside the course area!

With love and bright blessings,

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