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No matter how hard we might try to “think positive,” maintain a spiritual outlook, and remember our own divinity …


There are way too many things that can knock us off balance, cloud our perspective, and rob us of our joy …


Everything from world events (i.e., corruption, disease, violence, natural disasters) to relationship problems, financial issues, career challenges, and health concerns …


And mind you, those are the big things!

Ascension Code Activation Series

I haven’t even mentioned so-called “minor” frustrations, like the keys you can’t find … the hour-long wait at the DMV … and the unexpected traffic jam …

That’s the bad news, here’s the good …

The Higher You Ascend the “Spiritual Ladder” …

Imagine having a beautiful dome of pink crystalline light around you … a dome that acts as a protective shield against fear, anxiety, doubt, and other lower frequencies.

That’s what a higher level of spiritual mastery does for you.

While you may still experience frustrating things from time to time, they don’t bother you the way they once did …

Instead, you find it easier to maintain your joy, spiritual connection, and emotional balance …  regardless of what’s going on around you.

Even better, your vibration rises naturally … and as a result, you start manifesting more of your desires, deeper spiritual experiences, and happier outcomes. 

However, as great as all that sounds, there’s a problem …

It Can Take Months or Even Years

When we don’t have enough money in the bank … are dealing with relationship issues … experiencing health concerns … or facing challenges at work …

We (quite naturally) focus on what’s troubling us, which ends up perpetuating our problems … since the powerful Law of Attraction guarantees we get what we think about!

As a result, we tend to recreate the same challenges in our life again and again, month after month, and year after year …

Spiritual mastery puts an end to these negative patterns by giving you access to a higher, divine perspective--where real, lasting change can occur

You start to experience inspired solutions, divine blessings, and joyful opportunities … things we typically close ourselves off to because we’re too busy observing “what is.”

However, as great as spiritual mastery is, it takes time to develop … in some cases, a lot of time.

Happily, there’s a divine shortcut known as the ascension codes …

What Are Ascension Codes?

Ascension codes are powerful energies you carry within …

When awakened, these energies trigger remembrance of your true nature … your divine perfection, incredible power, and infinite potential.

In fact, activating your ascension codes can be life-altering because once you remember your divine magnificence, virtually anything you desire becomes a possibility.

Not only are you powerfully shielded from negativity … but you also start releasing fear-based constructs, limiting beliefs, doubts, blockages, and other restrictions that have been holding you back …

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you a series I recently created …

Introducing the Ascension Code Activation Series

Ascension Codes Activations Series

The Ascension Code Activation Series is an audio journey with the Archangels that unlocks your unique ascension codes … so you effortlessly reach a higher level of spiritual mastery.

The series consists of 5 incredibly powerful meditations that’ll recalibrate you energetically  … raising your vibration by flooding your subtle bodies, and energy field with as much light as you can safely and gracefully hold.

This guided ascension process is incredibly powerful, because not only will you recognize your unlimited potential as a divine being …

But you’ll also open yourself up to …

  • More bliss, love, and joy
  • Exciting new opportunities
  • Divine blessings
  • Deeper passion and enthusiasm
  • Meaningful synchronicities
  • Profound spiritual experiences
  • & A greater sense of purpose

… which is why The Ascension Code Activation Series is so empowering … it helps you start living as the spiritual light master you truly are!

More importantly, it couldn’t be any simpler, because …

The Ascension Code Activation Series Is Incredibly Easy to Use!

The Ascension Code Activation Series is a self-paced program that will work for you—whether you’re new to meditation or have years of experience.

And if you struggle to visualize, don’t worry because …

All you have to do with these recordings is press “play,” listen, and relax.

The Archangels will handle all the rest!

To use the series, simply listen to the meditations in order at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

You can complete the series in a week or take several months to complete it—it works just as well, regardless of how long you take to finish it.

Because the Archangels are your guides, they’ll control how much light you receive … so the Ascension process is a safe one, even if you finish the meditations quickly.

Even better …

The Ascension Code Activation Series Helps You

Achieve the Best Possible Results …

in the Shortest Amount of Time

From the very first meditation session in The Ascension Code Activation Series, you’ll start to notice a change …

You’ll feel lighter … freer … happier … and more connected to the divine.

You’ll become aware of your own spiritual perfection on a deeper level … and the incredible power you’re endowed with …

As you continue through the series, these feelings will deepen as you become accustomed to holding even greater amounts of light.

While of course, you could try to make this shift on your own, most people advance spiritually far slower than they’d like …

The Ascension Code Activation Series speeds up the process … so you can experience the benefits of spiritual mastery now.

The Ascension Code Activation Series

Aligns You with Your Highest Potential

Once you activate your ascension codes, you’ll start to:

  • Step into Your Power – As you become aware of your divinity on an even deeper level, your confidence grows ... and as a spiritual teacher, you feel more empowered than ever to create the inspiring, joy-filled changes you desire
  • Manifest Blocked Desires – When the amount of light you hold increases, desires that once seem blocked (you know, those ones you’ve been waiting on for a long time!) finally become “unstuck” … and enter your life more easily than ever before.
  • Let Go of Limiting Beliefs – As you unlock your ascension codes, you’ll ascend spiritually … this shift in consciousness will inspire you to let go of limiting beliefs and discard patterns that no longer serve you.
  • Raise Your Vibration – Activating your ascension codes helps you absorb more light and love energy. This high-frequency energy raises your vibration, while helping you grow in self-awareness, wisdom, and understanding.
  • Enjoy Profound Spiritual Experiences – When you become attuned to higher frequencies, you’re on the same vibration as Source … which opens the doorway to exciting mystical experiences, transformative dreams, and intuitive guidance from the divine.
  • Experience a Greater Sense of Purpose – If your life feels lacking in passion or purpose, activating your ascension codes will recharge your spirit, give your experiences deeper meaning, and help you feel more zest, enthusiasm, and passion!

Bottom line?

Activating your ascension codes is the easiest way to align with your highest potential, so you experience more bliss, exciting new opportunities, and that magical sense that anything is possible! 

But don’t just take my word for it …

Read What Students Are Saying About

The Ascension Code Activation Series

“Wow! What a light-filled experience. And I can listen again and again. Rainbows of light. Thanks!” ~Kathleen

“Activating Your Ascension Codes is freaking phenomenal.” ~Brad

“Oh wow oh wow oh wow!!! Thank you! Thank you! That was incredibly powerful and so beautifully uplifting. I felt that across all energetic levels.” ~Mari 

“That was powerful. My hands and feet were like I put them into a socket. I felt a super charge from top to bottom and warm golden light flowing down over me. Thank you for an amazing ride. Much love and light.” ~Bonnie

By now, you’re probably wondering what you can expect with the Ascension Code Activation Series, so let me tell you about that …

What You’ll Get with the Ascension Code Activation Series

The Ascension Code Activation Series consists of 5 beautiful meditations that I co-created with the Archangels.

You can listen to the series just once or use these meditations again and again … each time you do, you’ll experience a profound shift in consciousness.

The meditations you’ll receive with the Ascension Code Activation Series include:

1.    Archangelic Zero Point Reset (30 minutes)

Your ascension code journey begins with a healing “energetic reset.” In this meditation, the Archangels use the sacred geometry of Metatron’s cube to release what no longer serves you, unlock stored densities, and free you of disempowering beliefs … so you take a quantum leap forward toward creating the life you desire!

2.    Anchoring the 9th Dimension (20 minutes)

In this session, Archangel Sandalphon will help you establish a solid foundation for the series by balancing your Earth Star chakra, before angels attune you to powerful 9th dimensional frequencies … frequencies that’ll raise your vibration, so you experience more love, joy, inspiration, and abundance in your day-to-day life. 

3.    12th Dimension Ascension Activation (15 minutes)

By this point in the series, you’re ready for one of the highest vibrational meditations I’ve ever made! During it, Seraphim Angel Serafina will activate your ascension codes, while transmitting 12th dimensional frequencies to you … these frequencies act like a magnet, attracting exciting NEW opportunities to fulfill your soul’s purpose.

4.    Activating Your Ascension Codes (18 minutes)

During this meditation, the Archangels will raise the vibration of every cell in your body to the highest frequency of light you can safely hold, before awakening more of your unique activation codes … by the end, you’ll strengthen your ability to manifest your desires and increase your potential to create powerful change!

5.    Activate The Seed of Pure Potentiality (19 minutes)

As you align with your highest potential, you have access to a profound inner point of stillness, peace, and calm—The Seed of Pure Potentiality. In this session, Archangel Metatron will activate it, before illuminating your pathway of greatest fulfillment … so you more forward (with confidence!) as you make divinely inspired, joyful changes.

The Ascension Code Activation Series

Uses Angelic Musical Sequences to Deepen Your Experience

To amplify the power of the Ascension Code Activation Series, the meditations have been set to the transformative music of Thaddeus, an angelic being.

Thaddeus’ gentle music uses certain sequences and combinations of tones to expand consciousness … and help you connect with higher dimensions of light.

Because this music is so transformative, the results you get from the Ascension Code Activation Series are that much more powerful! 

But, the news gets even better because right now, I’m also making a special bonus available with the Ascension Code Activation Series …

Get the Ascension Code Activation Series Today

& You’ll Also Receive 3 Amazing FREE Bonuses!

(Total Value: $80+)

If you purchase the Ascension Code Activation Series today, you’ll get the following bonus meditations to aid you in your ascension process … absolutely free!

1.    Divine Presence Initiation (Value: $27)

This best-selling, 31-minute meditation is one of our most popular! During it, you may feel tingling, light, or warmth as Archangels Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel transmit multiple surges of divine blessings and light codes of wisdom to you. By the end, you’ll glow stronger and brighter … so you’re a vibrational match to the Divine!

2.    Ascending with the Awakened Earth (Value: $27)

As Mother Earth undergoes a beautiful awakening, you’ll ascend with Gaia into a high vibrational blissful state during this 17-minute meditation. While surrounded in a golden egg of iridescent light, your angelic team will remove the ceiling that’s limiting your growth, ascension, and expansion … aligning you with your highest potential. 

3.    Reset Into Cosmic Consciousness (Value: $27)

This 24-minute meditation is perfect when you’ve had a long day and want to relax in the evening, while getting an “energetic tune-up.” As you float in the galactic sea of tranquility amidst twinkling starlight, you’ll receive downloads, attunements, and blessings … high-vibrational gifts that’ll ensure your week unfolds in the happiest possible way!

Although these bonuses are valued at more than $80, they’re yours—absolutely free—with the Ascension Code Activation Series.

And because I want you to be able to enjoy this light-filled (and life-changing!) ascension process, I’m also going to throw in an incredible discount if you order right now …

Get the 5-Part Ascension Code Activation Series

AND the 3 FREE Bonuses (Total Value: $216)

For Just $27

That’s an 87% Discount!!!

So, for less than you might spend in a month on your daily cup of coffee, you can live like the spiritual light master you truly are and …

  • Feel more bliss, love & joy
  • Manifest long-awaited desires
  • Enjoy profound spiritual experiences
  • Banish limiting beliefs
  • Eliminate patterns that don’t serve you
  • Own your incredible, divine-given power
  • Attract happy new opportunities
  • Experience more passion, purpose, & vitality

I’d call those benefits priceless :)

But, I can’t promise this deal will be around forever, so you need to act now.

You have absolutely everything to gain, and nothing to lose, because your satisfaction with the series is guaranteed ...

My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll love the Ascension Code Activation Series that I’m offering a 100% moneyback guarantee. Listen to the entire series from start to finish, while enjoying all three of the bonuses. If you decide in the next 30 days that you don’t completely love it, I’ll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked, no fine print, no funny business. I’ve removed all the risk for you—that’s how sure I am that you’ll love the results you get from this series.

Alright … NOW is the Time!

If you want to effortlessly reach a higher level of spiritual mastery by activating your ascension codes, this series is the way to do it.

But, you need to act.

So, to get started, click the payment button below, enter your details, and you’ll get immediate online access to the Ascension Code Activation Series.

Let me break this down for you even further.

You have one of two options:

1.         Your first is to ignore this page.

Sure, you want to energetically recalibrate and experience what it’s like to live like a spiritual master, but your ego’s whispering that now isn’t the time. So, you keep doing what you’re doing … even though you know that if you don’t take action, your future will probably hold more of the same …

2.     Your second option is to follow your intuition and get this series.

Find out for yourself how wonderful it is to fully remember your own divinity, strengthen your ability to manifest, experience more happiness, and feel fully empowered. Risk absolutely nothing because if you try the series, and you don’t get the results you hoped for, I’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked.

Thanks for your time … I can’t wait to hear about the incredible experiences you have with the Ascension Code Activation Series!


PS If you’ve made it this far down the page, I know you’re interested in this series. Psst … that enthusiasm you’re feeling is how the divine shows us the next step on our path. :)

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