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  1. Allan

    Thanks for offering a wonderful program that will help me light up my dream.

  2. OswaldNdanga

    THIS IS A WONDERFUL PROGRAM. amazing essential oils for every day home use.

  3. Sharon

    Thank you for sharing this with me. But I am not in a position to start this right now. I do love your oils though.

  4. Mel

    Thankyou for this wonderful opportunity it has arrived just when i needed it to change myself and my way of living
    Will be an active member as soon as im back off holiday . Thanks again
    Mel x

  5. Zenovia

    Thanks for offering a wonderful program that will help me light up my dream.

  6. Giuseppina

    Hola Melanie
    He tratado de empezar el ser socia pero no se pudo, he hecho como esta ahi pero no lo ha aceptado.
    Giuseppina Maraboli
    Mi idioma es sueco y espanol

  7. Godfrey

    I would like to thank you..for the service of Unconditional Love you’re providing to humanity and All Life..I will order the package. ONE LOVE!

  8. Donna

    I am saving this message for future use as soon as I can get the finances together!

  9. Zalisile

    Hi Melanie

    definitely i will join as soon as i can,I’ve always wanted to do business but didn’t know how,where to start and i think this a great boost that will open for me also many other opportunities along the way.
    You life has been always about helping others for the last past ten years while i was a dedicated christian and a church attendant but could not benefit anything from all my efforts by that i mean growing spirtualy and experiancing a life of adundance but i accepted my situation and fate that time.

    But now that i have found my path and i have awakened into finding my true self and the awareness of knowing who am i and why i’m here as a person (as i’m still on the journey of knowing myself)i think it’s time to take action to creat my own world where anything is posible through the divine guidance and light that is transmitted towards me to co-create and take full responsibility of my life as a being because i’m who i’ve been waiting for.

    I solely believe that through the love,guidance and light of the angels that is exuded towards us we can make it through in liberating our planet and leading others to the light that is eternal.
    I’m so glad that i have connected with you Melanie and found your website cause there’s so much to benefit from you and this site and there’s significant growth in me now more than ever!

    No more procrastination
    No more mediocre life
    Forward we move!!!



    • Tara Sanson

      Thank you. I am going through a very difficult time in my life. I have divorced the person I was married to for 20 years. And now I am being evicted from my house where I have lived for 10 years. I have two children and two cats. I pray every day, please send prayers. Thank you. Love & light. ~ ((( <3 ))) ~

      • Lucy

        Dear Tara Sansom
        I’m sorry about your sad time at this moment but I admire your continuing faith in prayer! I’m sending Special Reiki Love & Light to you. I ask Angels to Bless your Soul x

  10. danica

    Malanie, Thank you so so much for sharing this lovely product with me Im sure its an amazing product! I would like to try the essential oils first before I become a member of Young Living if its ok.
    With much Love
    danica 🙂

  11. terri

    Would like information

  12. Debra kohl

    Dear Melanie
    I feel strongly that I can trust you &your walk with the angels they have told me to to believe in you & the words you send this time I need more time to receive what costs any money. Thank you

  13. Penny

    I’d like to order my kit. Thank you.

  14. Apostle James Ukpong

    Thank you Melanie.I am going to full time ministry i need this business.

  15. Lanomay Phillips

    Hi Melanie, Thanks for the information. I am interested. I will contact you as soon as I am ready. Thanks again.

  16. Regina Davis

    Thank you so much you have been great big help to me life saver and more my life was off track lost more God bless you for love you have heart of reach out to others just like me.

  17. Jeanette Novak


  18. Lisa M

    I will definitely keep this mind! Thanks for the offer! You have helped me so much in so many ways. Many thanks to you!

    Oh, BTW, you and Miles make a lovely couple… 😉

    May the angels be with you always! ♥

  19. Leonora

    SPOT ON FOR ME, exactly what I needed today Thank you so much Angels Thank you Melanie.

  20. Ex

    very wonderful 🙂

  21. Maria

    Thank-you for guiding me at this time when it is needed most

  22. Ann-Mari

    Thank you i love your Angel meditations , and i know The angels are always With me. I listen to Them on youtube. The meditation With Mother Mary is so beautiful i love it .

  23. johnson

    I am more than happy you have made me whole my total life is now complete

  24. sue

    Melanie your meditations have been life changing for me, on my journey of spiritual upliftment and lifting my vibration to align myself with the divine and angelic realm. It is always a pleasure to see your emails.

  25. M Macinnis

    Dear Melanie We Were Meant To Be Connected And To Become Friends Thank You Im Deeply Honoured We Have Connected Your Wonderful Truly Amazing Lady You Are Truly Blessed Dear Friend And Sister People Say Im Blessed As Well PS Please Stay In Touch Mary MacInnis

  26. LISA

    ok I like all of this and I need all the help I can get

  27. Lanomay Phillips

    Hi Melanie, Greetings. I am interested but we have to clarify a few things before I get started.

  28. Dennis Kalai

    Thanks for this opportunity am learning day in day out and am conscious of Angeles around me even though I don’t see, or feel them around, I just saw one in my dream but nothing happened.

  29. Karina

    I actually open the comments first. Knowing. What I gained by reading others members opinion, reviews about the topic your sharing. And all the thanks 2 U,and of course the main beingings. Bringing this all together.To allow these things 2 happen. Angels love, light,and also having their special way of seeing that everything comes forward, and together as one.perfectly. keep up ur amazing changes your making in this world. Thank you, BEAUTIFUL. STAY GOLD.
    Love Karina x

  30. Melanie Neofitou

    Thank you. I’m not in a position to join in your business, but I am inspired to use more essential oils and be true to my healing path.

  31. kelly

    thank you melanine very beautifull

  32. Lukman

    Comment My Angel Help Me On The Business am ready but am finacially stranded

  33. Danny

    Bless my soul, I’m on a roll, Love myself… That is my goal!!!

  34. Rose M Naze

    My name is Rose

    I am 51 years old with Bi-polar depression. I take lithium which has heavy metals in it. I am always constipated and I usually go to the bathroom about every 3 weeks.

    I know I would definitely benefit from these oils, but I haven’t received any disability checks. Maybe so other time; thank you for the offer.

    • laurie

      Cascada sagrada, and try looking into something called fabian therapy was originally developed for mind control. for mk ultra victims but can be used to heal mind because many have mpd and it helps them God bless it involves keeping a dairy of experiences, dream diary, a feelings dairy such as happy thoughts, and a happy event dairy each day make a dated entry it may help dissolve negative energy in the mind field

      I’d also recommend writeing down your actual feelings about situations in another to help you express unresolved emotional issues I know I am saying Alot but it help me with my mind.

  35. Julie

    How lovely and kind of you thank you so much
    Love & Light

  36. Nola Papadopoulos

    Hello Mellenie,for how long will these essential for essential oils be available for I’m W8ing for some money to come through to me which could take up 1-2 months till i can get may hands on it.
    Love&Light 💋 💋 💋

  37. musisi geofrey

    my thanks giving to you isn’t worthy what you give me but I still say thank you so much!

  38. Thomas Jefferson arany

    Thank you my hevenley angels!!.Mellenie you are a God send to my life.please help me with the info so i may join your team now emercency.i am 54yr old retired.stage 4 cancer 2000.suffer from an assolt that broke my neck now have 2 rods in my neck i was d.o.a on arrival but i am ini good health todat.i live on s.s.i.and a way to give back to all people in the wourld .my neck was broken in 2015.i need to help myself and also help all people.i beleve its Gods ancer please may i help you now and become your bussiness partner.please no is not an optchion.thank you angel Mellenie.your frind Mr Thomas Jefferson Arany.xoxo lol Gods speed!!

  39. kami

    I was asking for an answer this morning and i stumbled upon this video. Thank you and appreciation for your video. I would like more information on this. I am very motivated to move on. I have never started a business before i would like information on maybe a short step by step guide in a way so i can visualize it as i am more of a visual person. Thank you and looking forward in hearing back from you.

  40. Stacey Ann Vasquez

    I’m interested in seeing how I can get my career started with knowing what is in my spiritual being. What I’m meant to be.


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