“Imagine… You’ve Been Handed a Direct Pass to travel into the Spiritual Realms. Your energy is uplifted and the reality of illuminating your life, and embodying your Divine Spirit glows brilliantly before you, like an angelic being.”

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From Melanie Beckler:

You’ve been seeking the truth, looking for that higher dimensional path, searching for the road less traveled, and the hidden key to your inner power…

I understand how you feel, I’m seeking too.

Where is the key?

How can you align with a more joyful, love filled, inspired life where you are in alignment with the Divine, and actively co-creating the life of your dreams?

Imagine knowing the alchemists secret, having the guru’s confidence, embodying the light of the Divine… Feeling, knowing, and understanding the truth of All That Is.

I’m always working on expanding my knowledge and spiritual abilities, increasing my frequency and further increasing my connection to Divine truth and understanding.

Seeking advice and insights from the Divine Realms of Spirit is the most powerful way I have been able to infuse enlightened spiritual energies throughout my entire life.

The majority of spiritual teachers keep their direct conversation with Spirit private, limited to one-on-one sessions or in exclusive high-priced seminars. I felt that you would want to experience these communications as well.

“Join me, as angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters reveal
The secrets to living a beautiful life.”

Imagine the blissful peace as angelic message after message came pouring consistently into my life, having a huge impact and creating positive change at divine speeds.

Can you see yourself breaking through the past limitations and blockages that have been weighing you down? Imagine the freedom and bliss.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to synchronistically align with the guidance, tools, and techniques you need to improve every aspect of your life?

Imagine if you were invited to experience an hour of life altering, direct guidance from your personal team of angels, archangels and spirit guides.

What would it be like if I let you in on these powerful angel messages… Would you be interested?

After years of being depressed, confused and energetically drained by the 3D world, I’ve finally aligned with a few key things, not by failing forward alone, but by connecting with my guides and angels for energetic healing and divine guidance.

Living with more love, joy and abundance than ever before, I want to open the doors to these powerful conversations to you. I’m willing to share the exact guidance, frequency, and angel messages which lifted me out of feeling disconnected, un-happy and un-loved, to living a love filled life while anchoring light energy at sacred locations around the world.

For just a moment here, allow yourself to pause, and breathe deep as you imagine your life getting better and better.

Imagine waves of Divine Love, Angelic inspiration, intuition, creativity, and the light of your authentic being pouring into your life experience. This is possible for you.

Imagine the joy and freedom of having:

  • Divine intuition in every moment
  • A team of angels guiding you forward
  • The ability to cleanse your energy in any situation
  • An infinite supply of Divine love and healing energy
  • The Divinely timed insights you need to take control your life

These are the very Angel Messages I’m working with to heal my mind, body, and spirit, and to increase my connection with the Divine, and with living more joyfully, abundantly, and vibrantly than ever before…

There was the possibility of keeping these messages private… But I’m so glad that I was given the angelic nudge and inspiration to open the doors to share this angelic connection with you.

Imagine the bliss you will experience knowing that you are actively progressing on your path of awakening, moving further into love and light, together staying on the cutting edge of spiritual thought and ascension.

The divine and spiritual realms are actively working behind the scenes, paving the way for humanity to ascend, and we are able to tune into their guidance and direct frequency through these messages.

When I need guidance, healing, or clarification, I seek divine and angelic insight first.

To be honest, recording and sharing this divine guidance not only takes a lot of professional equipment and software, but it requires even more time and effort than simply keeping the messages for myself.

From the microphones and recording devices to the editing software, the meditative music, and making sure the conditions are ‘just right’ to get a stellar recording… Can you imagine the effort it takes to produce just one Angel Message?

I have over 100 of them created, and ready for you to tune into.

Instantly, you’re connected.

I record and channel the messages and frequency from spirit guides and angels on the topics which will most serve you, now. I allow the guides and Angels to reveal the keys to living an inspired, and awakened life and I will keep with it until we both have the clarity, ability, and knowing needed to actively improve reality.

Just as a piano player needs to consistently keep their instrument in tune, we all need to keep our inner being attuned with the love and light of the Divine.

I am committed to my continued growth, and ascension through consistently seeking and experiencing my oneness with the Divine Spirit flowing throughout All That Is. This oneness is always available, but takes practice, presence, and a willingness to take the time to tune in.

Throughout my the years of tuning in and channeling these angel messages, I’ve come to realize their power to keep me in alignment with Divine Love, and that these messages are “Pure Love and Light”.

The Angel Messages have illuminated subjects such as:

  • Energy Healing
  • Ascension
  • Divine Love
  • Prosperity and Abundance
  • Manifestation
  • How to connect with your guides and angels
  • Psychic Protection
  • Chakra clearing
  • Past life regression
  • Divination
  • Connecting with your spiritual gifts
  • Grounding Your Energy
  • And much, much more…

This wisdom from your angels is valuable

On so many different levels!

With the help of the angels, I’ve designed an online portal where you can access this information, and frequency at any time.

Wherever you are now on your path of spiritual growth and awakening, your angels are ready to meet you to help you improve your current situation, now.

Each Angel Message I publish contains not only teaching and guidance from beyond the physical, but it contains the essence of the powerful spiritual beings of light and love who will directly work with you to help you improve your life experience.

These messages are valuable not only due to the information they contain, but also because they’re filled with spiritual insights and divine light energy! They will directly connect you to the realms of angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters… and directly to the Divine. All you have to do is listen.

So What Exactly is the Membership Program?

The monthly membership program will give you full access to all of the powerful angel messages that I only share with members and paying customers.

Every full moon and new moon you will receive at least 1 new angel meditation and in addition, over the course of the year you will receive at least 8 new angel courses, each containing a minimum of 3 individual messages or a minimum of 1 hour of teaching from the angelic realms.

In addition to the nearly 50 new angel messages you will receive in the next year, you will also gain instant access to the Member’s Area, where you can literally download the entire library of angel messages I have channeled and published.

This means you get instant access to all 75 paid products and the dozens of free messages I’ve created to date, that are all filled with uplifting, inspiring, and game changing spiritual guidance and angelic energy.

All in all, you get online access to over 100 high-vibration angel messages, instantly!

Some of these products sold for $54 each, some for $97, one even retails for $197… And you get them all, immediately!

There are 22 Angel Courses you gain instant access to and if you only paid $37 for each of them, that would cost $726!

I’ve also included all of the individual .MP3 audio meditations I’ve ever created. Most of these retail for $7 – $11 each and there are 70 available instantly for members, with new ones being published every month.

Even if you only paid $9 for each of these, they would cost over $630, right there.

If you were to purchase all 75 products at retail, it would cost more than $1750!!!

You get access to the entire “Vault” of angel messages, angel courses and meditations instantly, when you join the Membership program.

And… Each and every month I add at least 2 new angel meditations and I add one new angel courses on all of the solstice, equinox and cross-quarter dates which is at least 8 times per year. All members receive constant access to the growing Membership Library. It’s vast, and quickly expanding!

You’re going to LOVE it!

In each angel message and angel course, you will experience a direct connection with angelic information and frequency that you will learn to infuse your life with, for increased levels of love, joy and abundance.

Plus, each message is mixed with the beautiful meditative music by Thaddeus to create one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating guided meditation experiences available, anywhere.

These angel messages will help you to spiritually awaken to experiencing new levels of Divine Love and Light multiple times per month!

When you download your first angel messages and take the time for yourself to connect with the Divine Love and guidance found within, you will feel a sense of bliss and pleasure as you begin to increase your personal vibration and activate your spiritual power centers.

You will feel your energy body awaken and celebrate, as you experience the gems of goodness found within the Membership Program.

OK, I’m ready… Let me In! — I want full access to the Members Area, Now!

Sorry new enrollment to the membership is currently closed, if you would like to be the first to know when membership enrollment reopens Click Here!

When you complete this simple order form, you’ll only have to pay $37 today and your membership account will be immediately setup. You gain instant access to the Membership Site, including the massive Library, which is open 24/7 and consistently being updated with cutting edge, uplifting and inspiring angel messages guaranteed to activate the hidden spiritual light within you.

Each month you will be billed $37.00 for continued access to the meditations, messages and angel courses, plus you will receive every new message as I publish it, totaling more than 40 new messages published each year. Your membership will remain active until you cancel, which is as simple as sending me an email.

Wouldn’t you like to witness the blessings of the Divine and experience the feelings of fulfillment and love by connecting with your team of guides and angels through these angel messages?

For Just A Moment,
Imagine, It’s Two Months From Now…

Imagine you’re looking at your future self, and notice the many blessings which are in store for you when you increase your connection with the Divine. When you feel, and know how loved and supported you are in your life, by All That Is, life seems to take on a magical quality.

How does this make you feel?

How does it feel as the angelic connection and divine love you have within you begins to stir and awaken…

Imagine what your life would be like if your every moment, your every thought, action intention was infused with angelic and divine frequency?

This membership is much more than just Angel Messages.

Get ready to align with an entire spiritual way of living, where every aspect of your life will transform from 3D to 5D and beyond. You will notice consistent and measurable improvement and empowerment as you continue to increase your connection and work with your team of guides and angels.

You’ll gain certainty that your angels are here to help you co-create a beautiful life and you will begin to gain confidence in your ability to invoke your guides and angels help while at work, at home or anywhere where you would normally feel lost, helpless, or out of alignment.

With a strong connection to the Divine, through continued experiences with these Angel Messages, you’ll know your team of guides and angels are right there with you, ready to help in every way they can when you ask!

The healing, guidance, and frequency you’ll find in the Membership is that impacting.

At this point, I’m sure you’re wondering how much this is going to cost.

After all, the last time I was offering readings, I was charging $90 for a half hour, and I don’t even offer readings any more. For 2 new angel messages per month and 8 angel courses per year, you’d probably expect to pay around $97 per month, right?

What if I told you that your investment in the entire Membership area and Library is just $1.23 a day?

Would you be excited knowing it was well within your reach?

Would it inspire you to be a part of the most uplifting Angel Message Membership ever offered for just $1.23 per day.

Would you believe how simple staying on the cutting edge of the ascension energies, and in alignment with all the newest channeled angel messages and angel courses as soon as I publish them could be?

Are you ready to enjoy a spiritually enlightened lifestyle? Are you committed to embodying the light of your Higher Self, and increasing your connection to Spirit?

Become the empowered co-creator of the life you have always wanted with the help of your guides and angels…. And step into your purpose, of shining the full light that you are, vibrantly living, and REALLY making a difference.

When you place your order for unlimited access to the Member’s vault, a $37 payment today gets you instant access to 100+ of my best high-energy angel messages, meditations and angel courses, each one mixed to the beautiful meditative music by Thaddeus.

You will then be charged $37.00 each month for continued access to the meditations, messages and angel courses and to receive all of the new messages I publish each year, totaling over 40 messages to help you continue on your spiritual path.


Sorry new enrollment to the membership is currently closed, if you would like to be the first to know when membership enrollment reopens Click Here!

The time is now.

Take action now. This time, follow your heart instead of waiting until your ego mind chimes in with doubt and reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t. You have the innate ability to connect with the Divine, and to align with your spiritual gifts and abilities.

Are you ready to commit to that? Why haven’t you been more committed? Don’t slip into guilt, because all is well, you’re right here right now… Change happens in an instant.

Right now you hvae the chance to gain instant access to the entire Online Membership Library — A membership program dedicated to helping you explore the power of invoking angelic assistance in your life to enlighten your being and completely align yourself with the presence of the Divine.

Can you see the power in this?

When the Membership program was launched a couple of years ago, many visitors said this kind of consistent access to all of my paid messages was exactly what they had been wanting. Many of these original member’s are still a part of this program to this very day!

Unsolicited Member Testimonial

“Melanie, I don’t know how many years it’s been now since I started listening to you, but still totally (x1000) love the channels. Tons of work being done on MANY fronts and lots of progression.” -Gary

Right Now you are able to get an instant, direct access pass to the entire digital Library, with access to every message I’ve ever published…

The “ Library” includes over 100 angel messages, meditations and courses fill with consciousness expanding insights and divine light and love in a simple-to-use .MP3 format that allows you to enjoy the messages from your computer, phone, tablet, or .MP3 player, anywhere you are insipried to connect.

Let’s clear the energy blockages and limiting beliefs which are keeping you from linking totally with the Divine, embodying the light of your Higher Self, and manifesting an inspired, vibrant life filled with well-being.

As a member, you’re going to be amazed with what’s in store for you in the months to come.

I’m working on some incredible new spiritual growth courses and will be bringing through new messages and energies which will serve to uplift your life, aligning you with new levels of joy, love, abundance, and vibrant well-being like you’ve only imagined.

The veil of illusion is lifting, and there is truly an incredible opportunity here for you to ascend!

But Wait… There’s More!

Are you still a bit unsure? Maybe your mind had chimed in a bit louder than your heart and you’re starting to doubt whether this really is for you.

60 Day GuaranteeRight now, I’m offering a 60 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Too good to be true?

Guess again. I’m so certain you’re going to fall in love with the frequency and power within the love and light filled angel messages delivered each and every month, and the massive Library you get access to, I’ll refund your membership access price if you aren’t 100% satisfied in the first 60 days.

Seriously… I’m willing to prove to you beyond the shadow of any doubt that the membership program is by far, the best ongoing spiritual growth and development program abailable — GUARANTEED!

If you’re not absolutely happy with the light filled, spiritually charged Audio Angel Messages, uplifting and activating courses and meditations, just send me an email within 60 days and I’ll refund your first month’s fees and cancel your subscription, no questions asked.

With this guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

The only question left is what do you have to GAIN?

Right now you can get complete access to the Membership area and every product I’ve ever created.

No matter how big or small your goals are in life, working with your guides, angels and divine light energy is the fastest path to achievement, and you can get started right away!

The healing, love and frequency contained within these Angel Messages can give you the advantage you need to turn the page on the past and step into an empowered new beginning.

Is creating the vibrant life you want worth $1.23 per day ($37 a month) to you?

Are you ready to finally know how to connect with the energy and spiritual guidance you need to achieve your goals and dreams?

Just $37 is all you will pay today — to access EVERYTHING!

Each month, you will be billed $37 to stay a Member of our Member’s Community, which is just $1.23 a day.

You immediately get all the benefits of connecting with your angels, guides and incorporating divine light energy into your life with the 100+ messages available to members instantly, and you will stay on the leading edge of your personal spiritual development with the 40+ new messages that are added for members, each year!


Sorry new enrollment to the membership is currently closed, if you would like to be the first to know when membership enrollment reopens Click Here!

The Ask-Angels Monthly Membership Program Includes:

8 New Angel Courses Every Year
One New Angel Meditation On Every Full Moon
One New Angel Meditation On Every New Moon
Bonus Messages On High Energy Dates & Eclipses


You will have an extremely rare opportunity to gain an All-Access Pass to the massive “Library” containing over 100 of my greatest channeled angel messages, meditations and angel courses I’ve ever published.

A $1750+ Value! And, at least 2 new meditations per month and 8 new Angel Courses per year!

How about a quick peek into the “Library”

Member’s Home Page

Membership Home Page

Available Angel Courses:

Member Angel Courses

Available Angel Meditations:

Angel Meditations

Get instant access to over $1750 worth of information for $37.

…and that’s only the first few dozen! The Membership Program and the Library of Angel Messages, Meditations, and Courses grows each month.

The Ask-Angels Monthly Membership Program Includes:

8 New Angel Courses Every Year
One New Angel Meditation On Every New Moon
One New Angel Meditation On Every Full Moon
Bonus Messages On High Energy Dates & Eclipses

A $1750+ Value! + At least 2 new meditations per month and 8 new Angel Courses per year!

Get instant access to over $1750 worth of Angel Courses, Meditations and Angel Messages for $37.

You will then be charged $37.00/month for continued access to the meditations, messages and angel courses plus you will have instant access to all of the new messages I will publish each year, which is over 40 additional messages each year.


Sorry new enrollment to the membership is currently closed, if you would like to be the first to know when membership enrollment reopens Click Here!


“Melanie is an amazing channel. From the minute you start these meditations, you are surrounded and enfolded with love. The presence of Angels and Archangels is very powerful and I have received wonderful clarity and guidance around life’s issues and challenges. I feel blessed to be receiving these messages which are so pertinent to these changing times and wish that everyone could experience these gifts. Thank you Melanie!” -Linda

“Melanie, hi, I want to thank you so much for helping me connect with so many Angels. I have always loved angels, but found it difficult to develop a relationship, now because of your meditations, I happily connect. -Many Blessings” ~Maeve

“Wow – this is powerful stuff, Melanie. Thank you so much indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be healing for weeks and months to come. 🙂 You’re a wonderful channel, soul, counselor. I am so glad for you. Bless you! Om namaha shivay” ~E.C.

“Hi Melanie, I want to thank you so much for your June 20th angel courses and messages from Michael and Metatron I felt as if I was receiving a personal message from Metatron to help me in dealing with some recent changes going on with my work. It was as if I was given a personal gift to help me go forward with Grace and EASE (breathe :). Thank you Metatron and Michael! Thank you Melanie for channeling these life supporting messages. Many, many blessings to you all. I love the membership program… knowing the next message is coming right when I am asking for assistance from the Angels. Happiness abounds 🙂 – Debbie”

“I am noticing a change in my energy and life. I call angels sometimes and they always come and help me. In a few minutes I feel much better. My life is easier now than it was few months ago. Some positive changes happened and I have more faith now then before. I am progressing. I am so grateful for this! And I am so grateful to you as well 🙂 Thank you for helping me, I enjoy listening to the angels messages! With love” ~Danijela

“Melanie is one of the clearest channels on the planet… No preaching, no altering, just PURE SOURCE LOVE. Amazing uplifting messages to sooth the heart and spirit.. To benefit over & over. Thank you Melanie for sharing your gifts!!!” -Richard

“Melanie’s channeled messages are delivered with love and truth from the angelic realm. They remind all of us of the spark that lives inside of ourselves. Very inspirational and uplifting messages…” -Rosanna

Just click the button below and fill out the order form to get full access to the Membership site and my entire Product Vault!


Sorry new enrollment to the membership is currently closed, if you would like to be the first to know when membership enrollment reopens Click Here!
For $37 today you get instant access to the entire member’s vault with over 100 high energy messages ready for instant download. Then for $37 per month, you will receive continued access to the Ask-Angels Monthly Membership Program which includes:

8 New Angel Courses Every Year
One New Angel Meditation On Every New Moon
One New Angel Meditation On Every Full Moon
Bonus Messages On High Energy Dates & Eclipses


You will have an extremely rare opportunity to gain an All-Access Backstage Pass to the massive “Vault” containing over 100 of my greatest channeled angel messages, meditations and angel courses I’ve ever published.

A $1750+ Value! And, at least 2 new meditations per month and 8 new Angel Courses per year!

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee:

If after you gain access to the membership program, or anytime thereafter, you want to cancel your membership, simply send me an email to support @ and I will STOP charging your credit card immediately. No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings.

You must be completely satisfied. If not, I want you to cancel your membership. burst_r50_c5

If you are unsatisfied for any reason and decide to cancel your membership within the first 60 days, I’ll even refund your entire first month’s payment! This is a risk-free opportunity to gain access to the best angel messages, angel courses and meditations I’ve created in the past few years and I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve you by publishing more amazing courses, meditations and messages for you in the months to come!

Melanie's Signature





P.S… As this letter comes to a close, imagine how every aspect of your life can dramatically and instantly improve, just by knowing how to live, divinely inspired with the help of your team of guides and angels!

Imagine the increases in love and light you will enjoy in all areas of your life after you gain access to the huge product vault through the membership program. Tune in to your increased power of manifestation and the increased levels of love you will experience in your life by consistently connecting with new Angel Messages, Meditations and Angel Courses.

Now is the time for you to follow your intuition to increased levels of love, light and abundance!

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