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Uncover The Unusual SECRET To Develop Your Intuition & Receive Direct Angelic Guidance...
PLUS 3 FREE Intuition Activating Tips!

Angel Card Readings Course

Now, through a series of videos, guided energy exercises, a PDF workbook, and incredible channeled sessions with the angels...

You will: 

  • Learn a simple process to receive clear angelic answers to your questions.
  • Connect with your angels in a real and powerful way.
  • Receive direct energy healing and intuitive initiations from the angels... 
  • Accelerate your psychic and intuitive development. 
  • Connect more fully with your authentic truth and higher self...
  • Give accurate and meaningful Intuitive Angel Card Readings for yourself and others! 
  • Start reading Angel Cards like a true professional Angel Card Reader... 
  • Toss out your guidebook, and connect directly with the guidance from your Angels... 

How Does This Course Work? 

As you watch the videos lessons that make up this course, your Angels will guide you through the entire process. 

Your angels will cleanse your energy, heighten your psychic gifts and abilities, and to guide you to access your Angel Intuition. 

It all begins with a simple process of vibrationally linking you to the Angelic realm.

Because our society has had a way of suppressing intuition, of keeping you focused on the 3D material realm, on technology, on TV, on all kinds of physical things... 

So much so, that you've likely forgotten your full power and direct link with the Divine and with the realm of Angels.

If this has happened to you... It's not your fault...

Because it's so prevalent in society today.

But with help from the angels... You can change this! 

You can change your point of focus and work with the Angels to vibrationally tune in to the realms of spirit. 

You can learn to access guidance, healing, and inspiration direct from the Angels... 

And you can access Angelic healing and guidance, to improve and uplift your life.

You can even use this process to do readings for friends and family, or even do readings at the professional level that leave your clients feeling thankful, grateful and connected to that same sense of magic, wonder and gratitude I first experienced years ago. 

You will experience a rapid acceleration of your intuition
Through linking directly with
your Angels.

You can start tuning into the knowledge, healing, and insight from the Angelic Realm for yourself whenever you want, and as often as you would like through Intuitive Angel Card Readings. 

Do you see the benefit in this? Being able to directly receive angelic guidance is incredibly helpful!

And this course, and the processes, and tools you'll gain access to in it... Really work! ​

Because it's been co-created with the Angels...

So the angels guide you through every step of the process... So you can effortlessly experience cleansing your energy, connecting to the Angelic Realm, heightening your intuition, linking with your cards, and so much more.

Master reading Angel Cards in a way that doesn't involve the guidebook, or just reading expanded messages written on "beginner decks of angel cards".

In this Intuitive Angel Card Readings Course you have an accelerated path to heighten your intuition and learn to do Intuitive Angel Card Readings in a new, exciting, and empowering way... 

Even before you've finished going through the entire course, you'll start receiving so many benefits... 

After just the first couple of videos, you’re going to start feeling more connected to your Angels, clearer in your own energy and authentic vibration... 

And more closely aligned with the love of the Angelic realms and with your authentic light and truth.

This course is incredibly valuable.

Included are over 25 videos and audio sessions, plus you get the transcriptions of the sessions, a guidebook, and so much more.

Courses that are similar to this start at prices upwards of $600 

But I'm not going to charge you $600... I'm not even going to charge you $500 or $400 or $300.

In fact, I’m making this course available for only $295 because I want it to be accessible, so that you can connect with your Angels through Angel card readings in an even more empowering, high vibrational and intuitive way.

If all this course did was allow you to receive the messages your Angels have for you right now, would it be worth it?

Well... Listen closely. 

Because I know that you can tune into Angelic guidance in this way, and I want you to be able to make this connection with your angels...

Immediately dive into the course and finally overcome those walls, perceived blocks, and barriers that have felt like they’re blocking you off from experiencing the Angelic realm.

This course is so powerful that I guarantee you're going to love it.

In fact, if you go through the entire course and don't notice the shift in your energy and your ability to connect with the Angels and to tune in to direct Angel messages through your intuition through your Angel card readings, just let us know and we'll give you back 100% of your purchase guaranteed.

Because I know how powerful this course is, I’m willing to take on all of the risk, so that you're comfortable and confident diving into the course and getting started because this will have an immense benefit for you in your life.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get In The Course...

Angel Card Readings Course
  • Included in the course are 25 video sessions... 
  • You'll also have access to audio files of every session, as well as downloadable transcriptions...
  • You'll receive a PDF guidebook... 
  • Plus access to the secret Intuitive Angel Card Reader’s Facebook group,
  • Connect with me and other students in our private group to trade readings, share what you're learning, and share the Angelic guidance you’re starting to receive in a safe, supportive, and fun place.
  • Become Certified as an Intuitive Angel Card Reader! 
  • Complete the entire course and take me up on the challenge at the end and you'll have the option to receive the Intuitive Angel Card Reading’s certification
  • You'll receive a beautiful certificate that you can print out, and even frame and hang in your home or office as a reminder to you and your potential clients of your direct connection, and intuitive link with the Angels that is made possible and triggered through your Angel card readings.
  • Start reading Angel Cards like a true professional Angel Card Reader... 
  • Toss out your guidebook, and connect directly with your Angels... 

In addition, I’m throwing in several bonuses for you...
When you purchase today, you'll also receive: 

  • My popular "Angelic Halo" meditation...
  • To boost your psychic connection with the higher realms.
  • Full access to the powerful Psychic Protection Sessions...
  • Know at the deepest level, you’re safe, supported and protected by Angels.
  • Go further than you've ever gone in accessing Angelic guidance, frequency, messages, intuition and love.

The Intuitive Angel Card Reading’s complete video course, plus BONUSES is available for only $295.

This comprehensive course will guide you to clear your energy, access your intuition and psychic gifts, connect with your Angels, and empower you to do intuitive Angel card readings at an entirely new level.

Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned Angel card reader, there's something for everyone in this course because it was created hand-in-hand with the Angels and channeled.

The angelic energy in this course will  meet you where you are... 

So no matter what level you're at, this course will help heighten your intuition, help you go deeper, lift higher, and receive more accurate, meaningful, magical guidance from the Angels through your Intuitive Angel Card Readings 

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Curious What Others Are Saying About This Course? 

Melanie, your course is just beyond amazing. I've started session 1 and have never seen an Angel Course like yours and I have taken quite a few. I just wanted to thank you for all your months of effort into this. I want as many people as possible to benefit from your work. I particularly thought the channelled messages punctuated the sessions incredibly well. You really did an outstanding job. Thank you and Miles..."


Thank you so much, Melanie for creating this course. I am VERY grateful. I have been wanting to become an intuitive angel carder reader for some time now, but it has never been the right time to take any courses. I think it is the right time now. A very beautiful course this is and I’m really looking forward to learning all the tools to become an intuitive angel carder reader. Thank you, Melanie and all the angels!" 


Thank you Melanie.. The energy is so strong I'm already feeling the angels presence even more strongly..."


"I am loving this course! I have read the tarot for well over 25 years but this course has taken my abilities to the next level. I feel so much more in tune with my Team and the Angels, and am receiving guidance like never before. I am so confident and trusting of the whole process that I'm feeling brave enough to post my daily guidance on my Facebook page, which believe me is quite a feat!Thank you Angels and Melanie for developing this course." 

~ Beth

Thanks this is what i have been looking for. I think this is more creative then tarot cards and more of your self. Thank you for the course."


This is by far, the most comprehensive course I’ve created with the angels to date... 

It's so powerful because it empowers you to claim your ability to directly work with the Angels, for your benefit, and for the highest and greatest good of all.

And remember, yes, you can do Angel Card Readings by simply pulling a card and just reading the expanded description on the card or looking it up in the guidebook, and you'll get some benefit...

But if you’re ready to take your Angel Card Readings to the next level...

If you're ready to bridge the gap between Angel Card Readings and channeling and use your Angel Cards to get direct, pertinent, meaningful messages and healing frequency and love from the Angels...

Click the "Add to Cart" button above and I will see you on the inside. 

I can’t wait to take this journey together of empowering you as the intuitive Angel card reader that you can be and that you authentically are.

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler


Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Go through the course, and if you don't love it, just email us, and we'll refund 100% of your purchase.

But again, I know you're going to love it and I can't wait to connect with you inside of the course, on the Intuitive Angel Card Reader’s Facebook group...

And together moving forward in connecting with real messages from the Angels through powerful, accurate, and enjoyable Intuitive Angel Card Readings. 

Angel Card Readings Course