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Hey there, Melanie here <img draggable= <img draggable= <img draggable=

You may not know me yet, but I’m an angel intuitive.

As an intuitive, I work with a team of angels and high-level guides to help people attract more of what they want out of life—whether that’s an amazing soulmate, a bigger bank account, a new career, greater spiritual wisdom, or deep personal growth.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about something I created with the angels that’s going to make it even easier for you to attract your desires.

Melanie Beckler

I’ll tell you about it in a minute but before I do, let me quickly explain how the attraction process works.

You need 2 things to “magically” attract your desires.

The first is a high vibration.

When you vibrate at a high frequency, you attract people, places, and experiences that match your vibration … making it easy to obtain what you want.

To picture this, think of your body like a magnet.

When you’re sad, angry, or stressed out, your vibrational frequency is low, so the magnet’s pull is weak.

But, when you’re feeling love, joy, or appreciation, your magnet is super-strong—rapidly attracting more things into your life that make you happy!

That’s why the first thing you need to manifest your desires is a high vibration.

The second thing you need is focus.

While that probably sounds pretty easy, it’s actually trickier than you might think.

For instance, maybe you think you’ve been asking the universe for more money, but your dominant vibe is actually, “I don’t have enough money.” [LACK]

Or perhaps you think you’ve been asking for a better body, but what you’re really broadcasting to the universe is, “I’m sick of carrying this extra weight around.” [FRUSTRATION]

In either case, you’re not attracting what you want into your life, because your focus is predominantly on what you don’t want.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about my special full moon meditations that’ll improve your vibration and focus, amping up your ability to attract your desires.

Introducing the “Manifesting with the Moon” Meditations

The “Manifesting with the Moon” Meditations are designed to help you achieve the best possible results from the intention you set at the full moon.

I created it with the angels, so you’d have a super-effective way to raise your vibration while turning a laser-like focus toward your desire … making you powerfully magnetic to what you want.

Best of all, the “Manifesting with the Moon” Meditations are not only ridiculously easy to use, but they’re also unbelievably powerful.

Full Moon Manifesting

So, let me tell you more about how they work.

“Manifesting with the Moon” consists of​ 2 audio meditations—a Full Moon Meditation (19 mins)​ and a Diamond Light Cleanse Meditation (36 mins)​.

The reason these meditations are so effective at helping you manifest what you want is  because the Full Moon Meditation intensifies your focus, while the Diamond Light Cleanse Meditation floods your body with light, raising your vibration.

And, as you recall, focus and good vibes are essential for attracting what you want!

Then... the Manifesting Your True Desires Meditation guides you to profoundly realign with the highest possibilities for your life! 

So, here’s what you can expect from “Manifesting with the Moon” …

<img draggable= During the Full Moon Meditation, you’ll begin by basking in the warm radiance of a beautiful golden column of light. Then, you’ll turn your focus toward your intention, locking it there, while calling forth feelings of joy. This meditation offers a powerful way to combine laser-like focus with a high vibration, causing your attraction power to skyrocket!

<img draggable=With the Diamond Light Cleanse Meditation, you’ll imagine a brilliant waterfall of crystalline light glowing within you, helping you release what no longer serves you. You’ll also receive powerful, vibration-lifting ascension codes in this channeled meditation with the Archangels. As you align with this higher level of light, you’ll raise your vibration to a new, radiant level … making you irresistibly magnetic to all that you desire!

How to Use the "Manifesting with the Moon" Meditations to Attract What You Want

There’s no right or wrong way to use these meditations … however you feel guided to use them is the perfect way for you.

But, if you’re looking for a recommendation, I suggest that for maximum magnetic (attraction!) powers, you use the meditations like this:

  • The Full Moon Meditation (1x/month)
  • ​Each month around the full moon, focus on your intention – whatever it is that you most want to attract into your life, using the moon’s energy.
  • ​Then, perform the full moon ritual I teach in the free eBook you requested. You’ll want to listen to this meditation during step 6 of that ritual. If you don’t want to do the full moon ritual, you can use this meditation all on its own, and it will still help you attract your desire.
  • ​By the way, don’t feel like you can only listen to this meditation on the day of a full moon. If you want, you can also use it 2-3 days before and after the full moon ... or whenever else you like!
  • The Diamond Cleanse Meditation (2-3x/week) In the same way showering keeps you squeaky clean,  the Diamond Cleanse Meditation keeps your aura diamond-bright. As a result, your vibration stays high while the universe goes to work on your behalf to deliver your full moon request.
  • ​That’s why I recommend doing this meditation a few times a week, if time permits. Listen to it in the morning to get your day off to a great start, after a particularly stressful day at work, or whenever you need a vibrational pick-me-up.
  • ​This meditation will help you maintain a higher vibration more of the time, so the universe can fulfill your requests faster.

And that’s it! This is literally one of the quickest, easiest ways I know to make you more magnetic to whatever it is you desire.

But that’s not all you’ll get from these meditations ...

"Manifesting With the Moon" Will Also Help You:

<img draggable= Feel happier, so you’re a magnet to more of the people, places, and things that make you joyful.

<img draggable= Deepen your divine connection, as you receive profound love, energy, and blessings from the archangels.

<img draggable= Blissfully relax, as your stress and frustrations melt away.

<img draggable= Raise your vibrational frequency, attracting more of what you desire into your life … effortlessly.

<img draggable= Experience spiritual growth,  as you “download” higher levels of light, increasing your spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing.

<img draggable= Own more of your magnificence, as you become increasingly confident of your ability to attract what you want into your life.

So, by now, you’re probably wondering how you can get started …

Manifesting with the Moon Meditations

How to Get the "Manifesting with the Moon" Meditations

Although these meditations are valued at $51, I’m offering you a special deal today that you won’t find anywhere else.

Because you expressed interest in my Full Moon Ritual eBook, I’m making the “Manifesting with the Moon” Meditations available to you for a special price of just $​27 which is ​47% off its regular price.

That’s an incredible value when you think of how many full moons you have ahead of you to manifest cool stuff with them :)

But, that’s not all!

Because I really want you to become super-successful at manifesting, I’m also throwing in ​2 extra meditations that’ll make it even easier for you to attract your desires.

​2 FREE BONUSES! Manifesting With Your Guardian Angels Meditation & Manifesting Your True Desires!

If you act today, you’ll also get my Manifesting with Your Guardian Angels ​Meditation ($17 Value) … absolutely FREE.

During this 20-minute guided meditation, Archangel Michael will help you raise your vibration, so you connect with your guardian angels.

Then, discover how to leverage their support, so you manifest whatever it is your heart desires. :)

FREE BONUS!  Manifesting with Your Guardian Angels Meditation

You'll also get the incredible 22 Minute Manifesting Your True Desires Meditation.

​During this profound meditation Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel and Archangel Raphael ​all step forward at once to bless your energy and directly guide you to tap into the infinite supply of divine power.

This is the perfect boost of love, light, and Archangelic energy to support you so you can finally ​manifest what you truly desire​!

To make ​these meditations especially powerful, ​they've both been set to music that uses certain sequences and combinations of tones that help you reach higher levels of consciousness … meaning, it’s designed to make you a better manifest​or!

But to get ​these special bonuses, you need to act now …

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There’s absolutely no risk because “Manifesting with the Moon” is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t find it easier to manifest using the meditations, just contact my support team at support@ask-angels.com within 60 days for a full refund … no questions asked.

​What People Have Said About My Meditations

<img draggable= “Thank you so much Melanie, that was the most amazing experience XXXXX” ~J.P.

<img draggable= “That was the most moving meditation I’ve ever experienced. Thank you Melanie and Archangel Michael. <img draggable=<img draggable=<img draggable=” ~L.M.

<img draggable= “Absoflippinglootely Divine God bless u!” ~B.M.

<img draggable= “Wow, amazing warmth & feelings of love & light. I feel energized & supported. Thank you <img draggable= ” ~D.H.

<img draggable= “Words cannot describe how incredibly beautiful this meditation is. Blessings and thank you Melanie for shining your light forward to take us on this incredible journey. <img draggable=<img draggable=<img draggable=” ~A.S.

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All I ask is that once you’ve used the meditations, you write and let me know about your full moon successes! I love hearing about the great results people get from my meditations—it’s one of the most rewarding things about what I do.

With love and bright blessings,

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