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SSteve~Laure says October 26, 2014

Thank you for my angel card . . . <3

Olwyn Cullen says October 9, 2014

Thank you angels for my card, yes I do know I have the power to heal and counsel and help and serve others and I do it with and for love. I try to spread love to others and encourage and uplift them. Thank you for your guidance, I do give you permission to intervene whenever it is necessary.

Barbara says August 2, 2014

Thank you for the cards, I read them and they both seemed the same. I just hope I can understand them.

elizabeth bryant says July 15, 2014

thank you for my Angel card


emma says July 7, 2014


annette says June 23, 2014

Thank you for the readings very good and true x

Katrina Hurd says June 17, 2014

Wow the cards I lifted today all pointed in the same direction of the question I was thinking off at the time.Firstly New Beginnings,Secondly on how to direct myself back to joyous free spirit, Third was Forgiveness
which I know myself to install the calm in my life this is what I need to do.Thanking the angels and reading cards once again.

sharon says June 17, 2014

Your card was very accurate and greatly appreciated.

Jewlz says June 12, 2014

I <3 angels & I'm buying some cards,I wld like a few decks and I'm consciously aware of the need for rituals and how very important it is to clear,cleanse,purify,guard,ground and protect ourselves daily and I was told like a prayer to do it daily in the am before rising & in the evening before sleep. I am struggling with it but I am surrendering to this beautiful routine. I know I am being guided and I have sat back and allowed myself to be lead by the drama of life.
No more, as I realize now that it is okay for me to be weird and love these things and people and to have a different way. It is okay to be solemn and quiet it is not strange and that I need for nothing now as whatever it is I need, it will come to me and I know this is the way for me now as it is for others…. Namaste Melanie =)

Katrina Hurd says June 3, 2014

The card I drew was exactly as I see myself how critical I am of my own being,However I’m slowly learning to help myself to have better affirmations to praise my self to only think positively.

Lori says May 29, 2014

what messages do the angles wish to share with me today

Liz says April 28, 2014

your cards were spot on and i needed the affirmations… and twice my dads name came up , just after i had mentioned it in relation to another subject… coincidence? destiny? fate?…

amber says April 16, 2014


roxana says March 29, 2014


Huguette says March 17, 2014

very niece

Paddy Thompson says March 5, 2014

Very accurate and appropriate 🙂

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