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  1. Thank you angels for my card, yes I do know I have the power to heal and counsel and help and serve others and I do it with and for love. I try to spread love to others and encourage and uplift them. Thank you for your guidance, I do give you permission to intervene whenever it is necessary.

  2. Wow the cards I lifted today all pointed in the same direction of the question I was thinking off at the time.Firstly New Beginnings,Secondly on how to direct myself back to joyous free spirit, Third was Forgiveness
    which I know myself to install the calm in my life this is what I need to do.Thanking the angels and reading cards once again.

  3. I <3 angels & I'm buying some cards,I wld like a few decks and I'm consciously aware of the need for rituals and how very important it is to clear,cleanse,purify,guard,ground and protect ourselves daily and I was told like a prayer to do it daily in the am before rising & in the evening before sleep. I am struggling with it but I am surrendering to this beautiful routine. I know I am being guided and I have sat back and allowed myself to be lead by the drama of life.
    No more, as I realize now that it is okay for me to be weird and love these things and people and to have a different way. It is okay to be solemn and quiet it is not strange and that I need for nothing now as whatever it is I need, it will come to me and I know this is the way for me now as it is for others…. Namaste Melanie =)

  4. The card I drew was exactly as I see myself how critical I am of my own being,However I’m slowly learning to help myself to have better affirmations to praise my self to only think positively.

  5. your cards were spot on and i needed the affirmations… and twice my dads name came up , just after i had mentioned it in relation to another subject… coincidence? destiny? fate?…

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