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​Do you ever struggle to meditate?

Do you feel like you can't "turn off" ​your mental chatter and truly relax?

​Are you ready to learn the trick to wash away the stresses of your day at the push of a button so you can relax and enjoy ​life more fully?

You see, ​meditation used to be a huge struggle for me​!

I spent years trying to learn to quiet my mind so I could r​elax.

I had heard all about the positive results ​​from meditating, ​but as hard as I tried, or as long as I sat there ​I could never get my mind to turn off!?!

It was frustrating!!!

I would sit down to meditate, and try to let go of thoughts, but my mind just seemed to get louder and my internal 'self talk' became more negative​...

​Not the re​laxing experience I ​had heard about.

Instead of bliss, peace and relaxation, my ​meditation attempts turned into ​overwhelm​ ​from my mounting to-do lists, current challenges and thoughts about my past struggles.

I felt like sitting there 'trying to meditate' was just a waste of time.

Each time I unsuccessfully tried to meditate, I felt like more of a failure.

But then, unexpectedly, something shifted for me. 

​One day, I had an experience with a totally different type of meditation​​.

And the results were amazing!

Here's the story:

One day, reading a local wellness magazine, I ​stumbled upon an advertisement for a local 'Angel Meditation Group' and I figured it was worth a try.

I called the number in the ad and learned about the time and place, and went the following week.

​The host's name was Catherine and the first thing I noticed​ about her was her bright, radiant energy. 

Just being around her felt amazing!

Before starting, she explained that she channels angel messages...

​Through a sacred process she had learned, she increases her vibration to establish a connection with the angels and then is able to bring through a message directly from the angels.

​While bringing through this message, she w​ould also ​play​ a specific type of channeled music in the background​... ​

​The result was a​ 100% unique and powerful guided angel meditation experience.

I had never heard of channeling or guided angel meditations before that... 

But my life was so stressful at the time with financial challenges and relationship issues, that I was ​was open to it and ​excited to try.

​When she began channeling the first angel message, I felt a wave of light wash over my mind, body and spirit​... It was pure bliss!

It ​felt unlike anything I've ever felt before!  

Like a blanket of light and love wrapped around me...

It was like an energetic shower of light washed away all the frustrations, doubt and worry from ​my life in an instant!

I was blown away by the experience...

It felt like I floated home!

​And when I got home that night, I slept better than I had in years!

It was​ like magic... 

​In that moment listening to ​her guided angel meditation, something inside me 'shifted' ​

...​Like I was initiated into a higher connection with the angelic realm​s. 

I ​knew instantly that I had to get these powerful messages out to the world... 

It was my soul's purpose to help others experience this 'shift' and the initiation into the realms of their guides and angels!

All of my struggles and challenges finally made sense...

I had to experience them so I could help others who were going through difficult times, too!

​I am here to help you experience the blissful energetic cleansing​... The Divine light and love that is waiting to be illuminated within you!

After ​attending these meditations for a couple weeks, I had to know how she learned how to bring through such powerful messages.

She told me that her teacher lived in our same town... And she had a new class starting in a few days.

​This was in 2008 and shortly after, I studied this exact process of channeling angel messages through a series of 4 professional channeling classes under her teacher, Betsy Morgan Coffman.

I was inspired to share these messages but not just in small group settings, like Catherine...

​I knew I had to find a way to record these guided angel messages and share them with the world so YOU could ​connect with these powerful energies at any time, day or night.

Since then, I have perfected a unique process to record these powerful guided angel meditations...

I have created hundreds ​upon hundreds of ​channeled angel messages and have reached millions of people through my website and social media.

​Every day, people like you get to connect with ​your angels through the power of channeled angel messages in the form of guided .mp3 angel meditations.

And the feedback is amazing... 

Peoples' lives are being changed by simply listening to these .mp3 guided angel meditations on their phones!

What Others Are Saying...

“Thank you Melanie, love all the benefits that these meditations are giving me, My life is so stressful at the moment and these really do help me let go, and find peace And much more able to cope the next day. Much love and light.” - Anne

“Melanie, hi, I want to thank you so much for helping me connect with so many Angels. I have always loved angels, but found it difficult to develop a relationship, now because of your meditations, I happily connect. Many Blessings” -Maeve

“Thank you for the meditations that you have been sending me. I feel the freedom of so many pent up bad energies leave as I listen to them. I feel the presence of the Angels and the words do most definitely assist me in freeing my self of any and all burdens. I truly thank you for sharing” -May

“Beautiful and refreshing words of pure Angelic wisdom. Thank you, I needed this. May God Almighty bless you in abundance Melanie for such a relaxing expression of divine frequency. All the best.” -David

“I am blown away by how towards the middle of the meditation, I was in alignment with my concentration and the flood gates of creation opened up for me. I am so honored that you were able to share such authentic and pure love – raw love – unconditional. I thank you for bringing this enlightenment into my vortex and know that so it is…I AM a creator and it’s happening NOW. I AM ready to receive with the utmost gratitude! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! With Love and Light.” -Shannon

“I’m so grateful for these meditations that help me every day. These really do work in opening up your mind to help heal, release negative vibes, and manifest so I can achieve my souls life purpose. I’m still in shock, but am grateful for your and my teams love…bless you.” -Michelle

All You Have To Do Is Relax, Press Play and Listen... Its That Easy!!!

Here’s how it works: You simply get comfortable, whether sitting or lying down, or even on a walk in nature, press play, and listen..​.

That's it!

​The meditative music starts and you begin to hear the uplifting message recorded with the angels.

Y​ou will feel a wave of calm and tranquility wash over you as your vibration increases and your angels begin to connect.

​​Then you ​simply relax and enjoy the experience of Divine energy cleansing for your body, mind, and spirit.

If you’re like most people, right away you will feel the immense love and healing of your angels within minutes.

And the best part is that you can download the meditations or stream as many times as you'd like... Any time... Day or night!

You Experience Even More Benefits The More You Listen...

    • Experience increased clarity, creativity, and inspiration
    • Naturally feel happier and more positive
    • Magnetize increased love, success, and abundance
    • Uncover the truth of your life purpose
    • Finally feel like you’re in control and able to consciously improve your life
    • Feel more balanced, centered, and at ease around others
    • And Many More ...

My ultimate goal is to help you to experience the benefits ​of your angels for yourself, so you can ​enjoy the positive shifts in your life as you receive divine assistance in all areas!

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Personally, I've used a specific type of meditation that has no words, just natural sounds that is specifically designed to help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep through the night!

This additional mediation is 90 minutes long and will help you relax, unwind and drift off to sleep when you simply play it near your bedside at night!

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Many Blessings,

Melanie Beckler

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