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Guided Journeys


You are able to tap into the unconditional love energy and guidance of the higher realms at this very moment. By listening to the below messages, you will be assisted in connecting with your angels, spirit guides, your higher self, and  even pure source energy!

By listening to these guided journeys, you will be walked through the process of connecting to these energies effortlessly, so that you are able to quickly feel connected and immediately begin receiving the benefits of this energetic connection. You will feel an increase in energy, and a sense of peace or calmness after listening.

Consciously connecting with the divine energies that lie within you is the next step on your path. The more you strengthen this connection, the more benefits you will receive. By clicking on a ‘Purchase Now!' button below you will gain instant access to the .mp3 download immediately after completing the checkout process. Also, you will be able to listen to these empowering audios again and again from your computer or your .mp3 player!

Each guided journey includes a channeled message and a beautiful meditative audio track by Thaddeus which helps you further connect to the energies and to reach new levels of self realization. I know you will love the angelic energy present in these guided meditations, and I am going to give you one for free!

Meditation For Mother Earth
Click to listen or right click and save as to download!

Your going to download my guided meditation and be listening to the audio within in 5 minutes. With in 5 more minutes, you will feel a deep sense of calm and understanding. Your energy will be cleansed and lifted. You will be connected with the divine energies that lie deep within you as you connect with your higher self, all from the comfort of your home.

P.S. If you want to know what other people have thought about working with me, you should check out my testimonials!

Channeled Journeys

Each Guided Journey contains all the energy present in a channeled session and is set to the  channeled music of Thaddeus!

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