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Guided Meditation

Discover A Precious Gift From Your Higher-Self

In Less Than 14 Minutes

The question is: Are you open to receive it?

Dear Friend,

Relax, and imagine the feeling of unconditional love. The state of being at one with your higher-self and all of creation. What are you feeling?

Is it peace? Is it warmth?

These are feelings we all have after meditating. It's always a grounding experience to calm your soul and enlighten your mind.

But then something happens…

You ask, What's Next?

If only there was a way. A way to TRULY know what your next step is. Who could you ask? Who is there to guide you?

At last, a practical meditation that humbly requests

a gift of guidance from your higher-self…

What does your higher-self need to tell you?

After all, your higher-self is talking, but are you listening?

Allow this 14 minute guided meditation to bestow a gift of love and abundance upon you.

Here is a basic overview of the channeled meditation

First: Imagine calming and relaxing music. Every muscle in your body sinks deeper and deeper into the earth. A soothing channeled message from Archangel Metatron helps you to focus.

Second: Full and expanding breathes fill your lungs with pure white-light energy. Worries are left far behind as your consciousness effortlessly ascends. You are lifted to a beautiful plane of existence within your own being.

Third: You are in a full state of relaxation. It is here your higher-self bestows a gift upon you. What will you receive? An image? A phrase? A vision? You, and only you can take this inward journey…

The one question you must ask yourself is…

How will I benefit from a conversation with my higher-self today?

Once you have this higher wisdom, rest assured your next step will effortlessly unfold before you.

With this gift, you are ready.

Ready to intelligently and lovingly face your day, challenges or decisions.

Access this meditation with Archangel Metatron here for free!


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