Working With Archangel Jophiel

Working With Archangel Jophiel

archangel jophielMeet Archangel Jophiel

Guest column by Sheelagh Maria

Archangel Jophiel is the angel of patience, inner beauty and inner knowing, she is a fabulous angel to work with if there are situations in your life that feel stuck or blocked and she helps you to acknowledge what they are showing you need to heal or release in order to get the new beginnings flowing in.

When Jophiel connects with me, I see her as having a sisterly loving energy, she to me has long dark hair, large blue eyes, and is depicted as full of sunshine, she emits a ray of pure love and support and wants to help YOU the lightworker reading this in shining your light even brighter.

She recommends this exercise for bringing forth change, ‘see’ the situation that feels blocked or stuck as a flower, any type, any colour, ‘see’ this flower’s stem running all the way into the earth, and ‘see’ and ‘intend’ the old energy of stagnation, fear, anger whatever it may be, draining away into the centre of the rich earth of gaia, and then see the sun shining down upon your flower, the petals opening and sunshine pouring into the stems, the filaments the stalk and energising the flowers roots and stem with golden light energy of healing, abundance, growth and motivation.

Do this with business issues, attracting clients, lovers, friends money almost anything can be cleared using this simple and pleasurable technique, what you are doing is ‘earthing’ the desired outcome in the energy of ‘now’ and clearing away what persists allowing the angels to bring new energy, potential and situations into the light in your life…..I have found this works well with business and also money issues.

Jophiel wants you to know when you visualize energy, think of someone or Focus on something it is How you focus that draws the situation forward, so if you have something in your life that worries you, it is best to focus on it being cleansed and healed rather than the persistence of the problem itself, like a dusty shelf, in the focusing upon – it can appear as if there is more.

Jophiel also helps you to look at the characters in your life right now, this may be challenging if you are in the middle of a situation where you do not feel honoured or validated by the other person's behaviour, however she asks you to know that the opportunity here is to ask the question ‘what is the gift’ when you look for the gift in the behaviour of the other person, and often this is what they are doing for themselves that alarms or upsets you, it is not about that person or their opinion or behaviour per se, but rather what their focus actually would serve you to adopt for yourself in a loving way.

Example: I received a letter from a relative, and this letter stated all manner of things, Initially I felt hurt, wounded even and turned it over to my angels, what they highlighted is that as disconnected as this individual was to my well being, he was very apt to be able to care for his own needs and ask for what he felt he should have, as a gift this meant that I needed to honestly and lovingly honour my own needs without compromising them for the ‘benefit’ of all, when we do this we are not giving of our true self, and are not growing and expanding as we are here to do.

Jophiel tells me when you feel hurt or distant from love or reconciliation it is only an illusion, the very air you breathe is Love, and you are loved so much, you are beyond capable of receiving abundance, happiness, love etc and yet we feel ourselves as ‘cut off’ from these outcomes.

If you experience a lower emotion, simply ask ‘Angels, who does this belong too? What do I need to honour for me?’ and you will find the emotion drains away within a few minutes, you will also have a knowing or sensing of what is the next step for you as a beautiful powerful and infinitely magical soul.

Jophiel tells you she is here to explain not to give up if it seems that certain outcomes, or developments are not on the horizon. If you are ready to expand, ask Jophiel to guide you towards the teachers, resources, healing and evolution of all your desire and require to bring happiness and ease joy and bliss to your life.

Above all else know that you are honoured, supported, assisted and encouraged at every step and if you ask, you will and shall always receive.

You are loved – thank you for being you!

Sheelagh and Archangel Jophiel

About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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KOBRA says August 13, 2016

I have never forgot a few days after delivered my three children in my bed room spread smell of flowers.

Many thanks, bless

christineh says April 11, 2015

I do not feel that I am moving towards my dreams. I feel as though I am moving slowly,although I visualize , affirm and and see them already as happening. I have some fear about them not materializing although I do not focus on that.

Peter says April 9, 2015

please I want you to help me. I always see this numbers 11:11. I have always desired to encounter my guidan Angel. I love to have good relationship with my Angel

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