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Weekly Angel Reading Column With Our Angel Reader Sheelagh 

Question From: Merinda, South Africa
I want to know what my purpose on earth in this lifetime is. seems to get harder and harder to survive while I take care of my 40yearold daughter and her 3 children, if this is my purpose, why doesn't it become easier?

Dearest Merinda, it is Archangel Michael angel of reassurance who comes to work with you today. He says you are not ‘here to care for others above your own needs not one person is meant to put their own needs below those of others, however this is a choice you are making with this focus’ he goes on to tell me that when we make a choice either consciously or feeling we have no choice, we send signals to the Universe that ‘this is our role’ and therefore we attract reasons and ‘evidence’ to prove this to us. So it becomes a ‘truth’. He reminds you that your theme may well be Healer however we cannot give to others what we do not have in ourself. He says true healers are those that put their own healing FIRST recognising that in order for others to value them and their gifts they must first value them personally. Your daughter feels she is entitled to this and it is unfortunately a result of what she has received in the way of energy from you that she has come to this conclusion, in essence it does not serve her or equip her and it does not equip you. Life is not ‘meant’ to be hard, it is ‘meant’ to be joyful however if harshness is all we ‘see and notice’ then as the Law of Attraction is universal it is simply what we get flowed back to us and this is not judgement it is simple quantum mechanics. Michael suggests with love carving time out for yourself along side the other choices you are making daily and they ARE choices he tells you with love, when you serve a boundary and ask the question ‘what do I want for ME right now?’ and follow this, the Universe and your daughter will start to react differently all be it a little annoyed that you are not fulfilling Her needs any more and that ultimately she may need to fulfill her own, he says this loop is not meant for you but you must create another to play alongside it.

Blessings Sheelagh and Archangel Michael
Question From: Pearl
I recently met a man on a business trip and we have a great connection with each other. The problem is we live far from one another. Where is this relationship leading to?

Dearest Pearl it is Archangel Jophiel who comes in to assist you today the beautiful archangel of happiness and patience. She says a yearning in both of you has been felt for some time and by default you attracted each other. I;m shown this is not necessarily going to be marriage and living together however there is much value in this connection. He is a soul mate and he has a lot to offer and also a lot to learn. I’m shown that friendship and also a romance is in the ‘offing’ however do not expect ‘too much’ from him and do be aware he isn’t able to ‘be’ all perhaps your tender heart would hope. I’m shown rather than being a future husband he is actually the Universe and the angels showing you love is possible and all experiences of love, friendship affection respect and consideration are gifts to the self. Accept this gift for as long as it lasts, and release expectations that may make it falter, simple ‘be’ in the moment and enjoy without letting past disappointments rise up. This is a exercise in choice and also communication with your own heart, he feels for you yes he does however there are also fear patterns going in his energy also, please enjoy enjoy and enjoy rather than fret, it may be for a season and this is beautiful enjoy this please and look no further.

Jophiel and Sheelagh

Question From Junaid
I desire for a soulmate relationship and i asked angels for it. This time a girl came into my life but i think there`s some negativity between us only due to me.Some old patterns still remain with me even thogouh i try to release them..these are like fear of rejection,jealousy,deception etc.Do these fears have origin in my past lives?Also, i`m feeling a lot of changes in my inner life..am i on the path towards ascension? THANK YOU MY ANGELS.

Dearest Junaid, You are correct you as all humans are on an ascension path. Yes there is some past life energy here but not so much from past Life times but past times in this life. Remember that were we not reminded of who we were we would not be able to become better at who we are so do not feel that to release all is the purpose the purpose is to love all and accept all and be happy with who you are and with what you have right now. These patterns are truly present in all of us and she has issues too this is okay – however do not judge what you have as having to be forever in order to be valid she presents you with a gift of love accept this acknowledge how good it helps you to feel being you and then decide what else you can do that will increase this feeling. Lightening up the energy here is what Archangel Jophiel suggests it does not have to be negative it’s the way that it is. I;m shown a tendency to run with her, so allow her to choose what she will, there are more options out there than just this, but work on loving where you are rather than releasing it. Embrace it and more will come. Love starts within.

Archangel Jophiel and Sheelagh

Question From: Liza, Candada
My friend that recently moved to the UK is facing a lot stress from the people around her… is there anything the angels would wish to pass on to her to help improve her situation? Thank you so much…

Dearest Liz, Uriel the angel of the earth as well as the heavens is with your friend. I am shown that your friend is in the middle of major life lessons and is not aware that this is the case. I am shown she is focusing on ‘figuring it out’ and worrying and this is confusing what need not be so – I am shown some connections which need to be released and a male is shown to be energetically there is some cord and some ‘hanging on’ I am shown she needs to focus on her own healing and things will smooth out sooner than she is aware. I’m shown she is trying very very hard to do what is ‘needed’ and yet what is needed is to go within and feel at peace and then her surroundings will begin to echo this. Their final message is one of trust and things working out in the end.

Archangel Uriel and Sheelagh.

Question From: Geri

Hi Sheelagh, Recently I started a new job. I have come to the appreciation in my life that no matter where I am, I am there because someone needs the extra love and understanding that I am here to ensure. Can you tell me if there are one or more people who need my encouragement at this job, and who they are specifically? Thank you.

Dearest Geri, It is archangel Gabriel who comes forward she says your instincts are correct she shares that it is not ‘who’ needs your energy but You who needs it, so don’t give it away too freely. I'm shown the very energy of where you work is quite erratic so please do not give more than you have this does not necessarily help those you are trying to heal, the whole point is we cannot give what we do not have in abundant supply your desire to heal is beautiful and a gift yet I am shown inner healing is required here and then what you share will be so much brighter. She says be clear we cannot ;heal’ anyone who does not choose this for them-self, we cannot ‘save’ people that have no desire inwardly to be saved we can however lead by example and allow them to ask ‘how do i…..’ I’m, shown you are a powerful lady and it is easy to flow this in the direction of others because it is often easier to help them than it is to acknowledge what we need to work on. I’m shown they want you to surrender the need to heal at work but ask the angels ‘show me what this is asking me to accept and love in me’ then ‘show me how best to serve others through healing me’ the answer she says will become clear. Your are a lightworker enjoy it make it …LIGHT.

All our love Sheelagh and archangel Gabriel

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Patricia says November 9, 2014

can the Angels keep my sick dad with us until early next year I’d like to have one more Xmas with him he’s in and out of hospital I pray for this I am sending him guiding light everyday please just a few months more

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My 36 year old son was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. He is married and has three daughters ages 3, 2 and 6 weeks. Is he going to be ok?

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