An Extra Ask the Angels Column

An Extra Ask the Angels Column

Guardian AngelDo you have questions? Ask the Angels! 

We received so many questions for this weeks Ask the Angels Column, we decided to do a special BONUS column mid week! 


My Dad died in March and I fell out with my brother but he has turned everyone else against me and they wont listen to my side and I feel like they all hate me and I don't know why could the Angels tell me why they hate me so much.

From: Kathy, Liverpool England

Dearest Kathy its Jophiel the beautiful Archangel of Self love and the sunshine around you. She says that your in a time of great change and transition and so are they they are being asked to look at themselves and they are finding loving themselves or each other very hard, its a time of true releasement and in their case projection.

Your dads death opened up a can of worms energetically as you are a soul family that incarnated to help each other dispense with life times worth of mistreatment non validation and fearful energy – the fact they are sadly projecting it on to you is in those life times you were in servitude and you were below them in your role and also in your own estimations. In this life time the lesson you asked them to help you learn was to honour your self, please know at soul level they love you so much they are ready to undertake extra lifetimes to help you learn to love your self.

psychic readingAlthough it feels unfair and you feel lost, its actually part of your souls plan for you, to learn that when and only when you love your self enough to walk away from these people and their limited beliefs will they realise that they were wrong, and they are left with only their own issues to overcome – Jophiel says you are such a beloved soul she loves you and encourages you to feel compassion even pity for these people and turn your attention back to your self. You are advised to start loosening ties with them for their lower energy is not helping you to think and feel better of your self and in turn will attract other lower outcomes and interactions towards you.

This is a time of independence and although communication hiccups are highlighted in August your self esteem eventually will take a turn upwards, I'm seeing relationships around you eventually richening and I'm seeing that your brother will seek you out and will ask for your forgiveness, i am shown this is at least a year away if not more.

I'm shown you could do with these lower energies and expectations being cleared from your aura and chakras and also the past life bonds being healed so that you can be the healer and happy person that you came here to be. Ask Jophiel to hoover up any old energy cords and toxins from within your own energy and home, and go and sit in the sunshine, she loves you – I would recommend one of our healing sessions as these will actually uncreate the energy around you and assist you in moving along your path and creating a beautiful life for your self as you learn and accept self love. You can do it she urges and I wish you well.

~Archangel Jophiel and Sheelagh

What should I be doing for a “career”? I know the work I am doing now has to harsh an energy for me and I feel as though I am being drawn to do something special. Something that will bring me joy, the money I need to support my family, help me to fulfill my lifes purpose, and to help me to bring joy and love to others. I feel I must have a special gift but honestly I don't know what it is. Thank you so much!

From: Laura, Wisconsin

Dearest Laura you do indeed have a special gift and its Gabriel the angel who is stepping forward today. With her beautiful female energy she asks you to look at your current situation and reality in a different manner. She says remember the future is never here and what we are drawing towards us depends on the way that we are focusing ie thinking and feeling about our current set of circumstances.

She advises caution when looking at your work now in this way and asks you to look for the potential that remains in your work and in the bit of your job that you do well and with an air of ease – you may not like where you are but escaping into something that will truly reward you must come from creating the energy of it from where you are now, and its flowing into something else rather than as she said to me clearly escaping.

You have a gift you have a beautiful intuition this does not have to be Mediumistic and I'm shown that the angels are wanting you to develop this but they are wanting you to do this because you love it not because its going to earn you money at the beginning. I would advocate learning more about your gift and listening to you intuition that is clearly saying ‘yes you can create this but not too fast it takes time you need to earn the gift grow the gift nurture the gift and also take better care of your energy you need to raise your vibration in all areas of your life in order that your gift will open and blossom.

~Sheelagh and Gabriel

My ex boyfriend left me for another woman, without having issues in our relationship. I sense this woman is not kindly nor well-intentioned. Do you think he will come back to me?

From: Frederique, Brussels

Dearest Frederique I'm shown that the angel assisting you is Chamuel the angel of love and soul mate relationships. I'm shown that this lady has got her claws in him at a time when he is feeling low and unmotivated I am shown that in truth there has been a lack of communication between you for some time he thinks by trying something new things will get better, I'm shown the same feeling of un-motivation carrying him back to you – Chamuel asks if you really are wanting this man back at any costs?

I'm shown that yes he will return and yes he will want you back – however I'm shown that there needs to be inner work done for both of you regarding the old wounds that have not been healed to assist the relationship turning into a close intimate one that you would both value. I'm shown a previous relationship that left this man feeling abandoned and I'm shown that he hasn't cottoned on to the fact that he needs to love himself first and this is the guidance Chanuel offers to you.

Chamuel will stand behind you and draw the feelings of hurt and bewilderment out of your chakras and aura if you allow him too, feel that beautiful pink soothing energy of unconditional love flowing in to all parts of you and give him permission to heal and cleanse your fear of rejection.l However this turn out Im happy to tell you that with self love in time I see a happy relationship and a feeling of fulfillment echoing out into all areas of your life this lies ahead of you and he reminds you how worthwhile you truly are.

~Blessings Sheelagh and Chamuel


From: Jeanne, Ontario Canada

–Dearest Jeanne Ariel the angel of courage is coming forward to help you today. She brings good tidings fresh beginnings and prosperity. She says you have done much work you are very joyful grateful and wish only to serve your self and others to another helping of love and acceptance well done for this. The prosperity begins by feeling abundant now Im seeing by October you really feel in the flow of all thats good' she wants you to do the right stuff now to pre arm your self with blessings galore.

She also echoes a hint of the future happiness that awaits you in terms of intimate relationships she says you are paying your dues and need o realise how much they value your input. Ariel asks you to keep believing in your self worth to keep knowing what you do is see and valued and she says it is also the small things that count too. Keep up the good work and reap the benefits of the blessings you keep noticing. Enjoy – and employ more of this in every area and abundance will be heaped around you by the fall.

~Blessings Sheelagh and Ariel

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