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Question: I have ventured out recently into making sweet meats at home for the festive season, my divine angels guide me and say move forward. I would like to know if it will be a success as I visualize? I am married and my family has been facing financial issues for the past 16 years. My attempts to have a secure job have been in vain. Also the money that my father in law has is stuck. Please guide me.

~Devanshi, Mumbai (India)

Dearest Devanshi. The angel coming to assist you is Ariel angel of abundance she says you are an incredibly loving and loyal person and you have been carrying your family's burdens for the longest time. It is really good that you are being so brave and trying new things she and your spiritual team applaud your bravery in this, however you have lots of energetic baggage picked up from your ancestral and karmic line to do with ‘struggle' and this combined with the hardship you have seen played out in front of your eyes has affected your self confidence and your own expectations about whether or not it is likely to be successful, hopeful you are – expectant and believing truly without fear that its going to be successful – not yet.

Ariel says try not to let the weight of what's ‘got' to be provided sink into your heart, she says when we start a business doing something we truly love, and the air around us ‘picks up' the fact that we truly love and are passionate about whatever our endeavor is, it HAS to return a solid and consistent amount of positive out comes, however when we are feeling thwarted or very blinkered about what may happen ‘if' it does not produce what is needed (notice the lackful vibration that's being heard here she says) then the air around us can only bring us evidence of That vibration. She says if you can move aside from the family examples and recognise your self as the true creator of your reality that you are, if you can put others troubles down to their own vibration and not simply by blood or family tie take on what they expected (and so received) there is every chance after a period of time that prosperity will start to flow. Although your father in laws money is not moving this is about HIS vibration beliefs and expectations that money is hard to come by, not yours.

psychic readingSo working on this principle focusing purely on making those tasty treats because you love them because its a fun thing to do because you love interacting with customers and it gives you a sense of pride and achievement which is not about the money but about the service and the process, THAT is what will bring you the evidence you so dearly long for, ask your Guardian Angels to help you refocus your energy into what you can love what you can see as beginnings and potential rather than on the failure that is being ordered for you by those that have given up believing in magic. Magic is real, it happens every day, and when you practice your own particular brand of gratitude inspiration and also compassion for those that are not there yet, things will start to flow in many ways.

With love and best wishes Sheelagh and Ariel

My fiance is in prison. We're waiting on judge to reduce his sentence or let him out. Is George's freedom near. How near ?

~  Beatrice, Home 

Dearest Beatrice, the angel stepping forward to assist you today is Archangel Uriel the angel of truth and justice. He says that you are very worried about your fiance but you are also worried about your future and what his ‘stretch' means for you and the future you have pinned your hopes upon. In truth I am shown a man like any other who has made mistakes and feels a little foolish for where he is now, I am also shown a lot of fear about what the upshot may be if things do not go the way you wish. I am shown he feels embarrassed to admit to you that he does not believe his sentence will be reduced, and it is this rather than anything else that is making a prediction like the one you hope for likely. It is entirely in his ability to create a different vibration which in turn would or could affect a different outcome, however his vibration is the issue here it is quite low due to lack of positive role models around him, lack of belief in himself (even though he is as precious and worthwhile as a king in the eyes of spirit) and lack of belief in a benevolent life and system.

This is why he strayed from his path and why he is in the situation he is. The best thing you can do for him rather than whiling away your life in hope that is full of sadness, is to actually show him how to be the change he wishes to see, yes even in prison there are opportunities to learn and grow and heal. He spends more time talking about how harsh his sentence is than actually creating something different, Uriel tells me you have the ability to help him to see it is up to him as it is for any of us. I'm shown that a early release is highly unlikely, and I'm shown a sullenness at the idea of you having your freedom and you are being urged to enjoy your freedom and show him that you believe in his ability to create something different, The issue here is that he wants someone to do it for him, and not even an Archangel let alone a judge can do that.

Be the inspiration to him show him how you are going to change your life, and see if he has the strength within him whatever his circumstances to follow your bold and beautiful example. Life is a gift and Uriel does not want you to waste yours. With love Sheelagh and Uriel

I am currently experiencing breast cancer. I have refused conventional treatment, as I want to heal naturally. I am feeling pain in the affected breast. Could you tell me if this is an exit I have chosen prior to my incarnation? If not, can you recommend a natural healing remedy or diet, etc. that will assist in healing me. A clinic in Germany was recommended to me and will cost £7K+. Should I try this, and will my angels and guides help me gather the monies together to get this treatment? Thank you for your wisdom in this matter.

~Jennifer, Nottingham, UK

Dearest Jennifer. My first instinct as this is to do with health and what I do must be considered as entertainment only was to skip this one, but Michael had different ideas. I am told that I may not in any way influence your decision or make any indication as to what the outcome maybe however Michael was very clear that healing happens from the inside and on many levels there is certainly old energy within your solar plexus and also heart chakras and also throat which needs clearing, and he recommends considering asking the angels to heal this for you as you sleep.

He mentions that you have a lot of fear (quite understandably) attached to getting conventional treatment, he also tells me straightly that it is this deep seated fear which has got you stepping away from this path which could be of massive benefit to you. he wants to be clear, healing comes in many forms and just because it comes from ‘spiritual sources' does not make it any more effective than conventional and highly effective methods. He says that Doctors and Consultants were once in spirit, and many Doctors and Consultants and even Oncologists are helping the advance of medicine for these dis-eases today from the other side of the veil, he says that these treatments are nothing short of miracles themselves and even if you personally do not wish to use them they hold huge value potentially for you to assist you in living without dis-ease.

I am shown concern that you are placing your faith entirely in other people and Michael would like you to accept your own power by focusing on what you can do to assist your self, and he says moving away from the fear that is preventing you from experiencing more information regarding these ‘conventional' treatments would assist you more than any healer can. I am also shown that fear actively prevents us from manifesting anything that we feel we ‘need' (a fearful vibration here just noted) no matter how deserving we are or feel we are the Universe simply gives us what we are in line with vibration-ally so if we are fearful or needing or feeling vulnerable – the universe has no option but to give us more. Michael is asking you strongly to think again he says alternative methods of treatment are wonderful viable and valuable however the conventional methods are also being highlighted again for you. The choice as always is yours.

He also asks you to consider doing what you can to move this fear, (yoga meditation tai chi are all wonderful ways as are talking therapies and finding more information about that which we fear getting different perspecitives) is going to help your recovery as much as anything else. We wish you well

~Sheelagh and Michael

I am going through a divorce. But I don't want it. I want my family. But I also want to be happy. And I want my kids with me. If the divorce happens I am also worried about my financial situation. Please help.!

~From: Elizabeth, Lordsvally Pa

Dearest Elizabeth ,Archangel Rapahel comes forward to help you now. He tells me that you feel that the momentum has happened without your permission and you feel swept along by a current that is getting more and more out of hand, its going to be okay in the end he says and this is actually all part of your souls journey. I'm shown that the other party really does want out and even though you don't energetically give permission this is their free will also – so it looks like despite your worry it is going to happen and you do need to be calm and centeredand understand sometimes the storm comes before the calm.

I'm shown that there are many changes needed in your life, least of all for you to realize that you are able to look after your self and that the Universe is behind you and will provide for all your needs – once you have got the fear under control and start to get even angry and realise that this is heralding a new start where you are in the driving seat not the unwilling passenger.

He says that you have lived in fear for too long and in this life time many people are having to face their fear those things that they just don't want to go through to see that they were strong enough to cope and cope well and even thrive after the dust has settled. Im shown that you are going to have some readjustments to make and that your anger will rise up and at times you may feel quite emotional however im also shown that this is all a period of transition and that in time you will feel more peaceful, more settled and less at the mercy of the decisions of those around you.

For now he says don't pre empt any problems try and trust that what is right for you in the end will flow in, try and connect with those that love you and support you and allow the angels to heal you as you walk this path. In the long run you will be peaceful and content and until then he says just take it one step at a time. All in the end will be well you have our word on that.

With love Sheelagh and the angels

Hi, I wonder if the angels can tell me 2 things. Is the child Welfare is going to stop bothering my family soon? Will they leave my family in peace, they are really not needed here, so says everyone who knows my family.

~ LUNA, Halden Norway

And 2: I have been together with my husband many years, but i wonder if we are going to still be together in the future, or if i will move out with my kids. Are my husband and I still meant for each other, or has our love come to an end?

Dearest Luna, I'm shown Arch,angel Gabriel around you asking you to keep calm and to focus on what your families needs are, I'm shown energetically there has been some erratic energy around your family that was picked up on by another person and they made a call or three.

I'm also shown that the knowing it was someone but not who has made you feel quite nervous. Let it go. I'm shown the more calm you are the quicker they will realize they have other bigger fish to fry you are a lovely lady and a good mum and you simply need to know this your self so that other people get the hint and you and your husband are going to be fine relax and all will be well.

With love Archangel Gabriel and Sheelagh

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My niece is currently in icu. She is in critical condition. The drs. are saying she is flat lined on brain activity. They will keep her on life support for another week. Really need understanding. She is only 37 and it’s heartbreaking. Any advice from the angels.

Kristine Malaki says August 17, 2014

Hi. Is it possible that some of the angel readings from your Ask the Angels column are meant for other people as well? I haven’t been luck enough yet to get my question featured in the column but there have been times when I specifically ask for answers from my angels that I am led to this site and saw an advice that could have been also applicable to me. Could the angels have somehow answered me through another person’s reading? Thank you very much.

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