Ask the Angels Column

Ask the Angels Column

ask the angels This Weeks Answers from the Angels!

With our Angel Reader Sheelagh 

Question From: Dani
Is there anything that I need to know, that you need to tell me? I also ask for constant protection for daughter,myself and my family

Dearest Dani it is Archangel Michael coming forward to help you all, Michael says that you do not need to be so rigorous with your protection, in many ways the fact that you are so aware of ‘what if’s ‘ extends an invitation to the kind of energy you are trying to protect yourself from, he wants you to enjoy your family he wants you to enjoy your life and your reality and to realize that the best kind of protection is to be aware of who makes you feel good, what activities make you feel nourished and cherished and where a great use of your focus is placed.

He says Asking him to protect you all now and for all time and doing a gentle aura and chakra cleanse once a week for yourself is all that is needed. There is some past life energy here around your family as a group which is making you feel edgy enough to do something even though this is just a residue from another time. Your own fears are not helping you to see that you are projecting what does not serve you at this or any other time.

There will be us and downs and there will be situations that happen ( as there always is) that we chose for our development, these cannot be avoided it would be an opting out of life, however the effects of any can be minimised by simply living in the moment with gratitude and awareness of the light, the fact you are loved and always always safe. ‘ask me to be with you and ask me to do what needs to be done, then relax and enjoy your day’ is this wise Angels advice.

With blessings Sheelagh and Archangel Michael

Question From: Alice
Greetings. We are a family of 6 leaving together. Our house is pending a loan modification and while we are waiting it's also up for foreclosure. I firmly believe all will end well. My Angels show me signs that ALL is well when I draw Oracle cards. Sometimes deep inside fear crawls up. I pray that all at the end will work in our favor. I don't want my parents to be upset. Fear of what if… Do you have any messages from the Angels for me. PLEASE PLEASE…

Dearest Alice It is Michael himself who steps forward and he says there are some things that are a great learning curve that at soul level are blessings. I am not shown a homeless situation however i am shown some legalitys that your going to have to deal with.

The best advice Michael comes up with here is to ‘let go and allow god to work’ he shows me changes around you and he shows me a situation which has had much fear in it that needed to change, in many ways this has been overhanging your heads for a while and its been buried in the sand for some time, Michael says that there is help available and asking for some advice from your local authority is also advised, they can help you with the advice and support you need but the fear is not helping any kind of new energy coming in.

The despair that you feel is because you feel powerless, yet I’m shown gathering information and asking the right kind of questions will mean the what if’s do not get to that stage, whilst ignoring it invites it. I am shown that you are likely in time to be moving elsewhere however I am not shown there is an end of year situation to this so it feels next spring, a delay is the prediction i give and Michael says ‘it is time for all of you to move on and grow you are not being punished you are being helped to release this fear and move into a new cycle, sometimes chaos is the forebringer where peace will reside long term’.

Please do not put off the gathering of advice, it is in everyone's interest to know exactly what needs to be done, what is likely t obe done, the miracle i see is that you will work as a family rather than 6 frightened individuals, the home is only a place your sanctuary is in your hearts and knowing that kind of security does not need a roof. Im shown next year with regards to moving but Im shown preparation in this instance is key.

Blessings Archangel Michael and Sheelagh

Question From: Mary
In the next week I will be closing my business that I have had for 9 years. This change is due to a betrayal of a business associate. I have treated this person with generosity and respect. Will I be able to find a job ? Also, I have been single for 8 years and wonder if I will be alone forever ?

Dearest Mary it is archangel Gabriel the angel of communication who comes to help you here. I am shown what a lovely lady you are with a warm heart. I am told that there are those that did not bring you joy, and so you kept your walls high, and only let a few trusted people in. I am shown that this fear has literally affected the relationships and friendships that you have and people have sensed your fear and have I guess Fulfilled what you were trying so hard to prevent. I am shown that energy works at every level and even though you do feel betrayed and this is sad it is in the end simply a reflection of what needed to be healed. Gabriel asks you to be open enough to see you have the tools to change this, you can either feel that we have not given you the answer you want predicted or you can understand with a wider view that as we Do each create our reality with our thoughts and feelings and the Universe always at every level just replicates these, you now do not have to experience any of this again.

The generosity that you treated this person with was not wasted but there were lots of moments when you were not sure that they were really seeing how worthy you are, their auric field simply fed this information to their mental body and emotional body and it highlighted fears of security that they had, and between your energy and theirs this was the result it is a simple replication. So now it is time to decide if you are willing to let go of your feelings for it is you they hurt the most, true you have lots of reasons not too and it would be an incredibly brave thing to do, in fact it would ask you to open yourself to the possibility of being hurt (and betrayed) again – however if you wish to be loved and cared for, adored and respected, wanted and cherished you will have to open your heart to this, in the end it is a choice, you can be alone and safe or open and welcoming and in time loved and always always respected.

This person did you a favour in highlighting what you are holding yourself away from, you may have whatever reaction you wish but we would ask you to understand their is a bigger picture here, open your mind to the knowledge that everything outside of us is created and drawn to us from our own energy, release your fear, its happened, it won’t happen again in the same way, it needn’t ever happen again, but connection with community, friendships and welcoming people into the warmth of your presence not building defenses are the answer. You have my support says Gabriel just ask me to show you how.

Blessings Archangel Gabriel and Sheelagh

From: Maureen Question:
When will it be my turn to do things for me. I have looked after different family members for about 30 years but I have never looked after ME. I want to do some travelling by myself but everyone expect two much of me,also my finances are nil.

Dearest Maureen it is Archangel Jophiel the angel of patience and self belief come to help you, she tells you it has always been time for you it has always been time to understand your connection with god and all his angels. Regarding travel she says do not look too far forward. There is lots of healing here to be done but you can start to have that me time NOW. What you are looking for is a miracle that means you can now do all those things you so want to do but even then if you had it would you give yourself permission?

I am shown a desire to be loved and validated but it seems that others did not give you enough in return for what you gave them. Jophiel asks you to remember what we offer should be offered with absolute understanding people will take it, the way in which they take our energy depends on how we value our energy ourselves, and this is the fundamental issue here. Your money flows are simply a expression of energy of your energy in this case and your money has shown you where your healing needs to start. Regarding travel we do not see a lottery win, rather we see you need to start small and appreciate those small gifts to self, that afternoon spent walking in nature, that day taken to do what you wish to do not what you have to do, Jophiel says it is time for you also to connect to the magic of the world and nature for you have an elemental side of you that would really appreciate exposure to beauty in its purest form.

I am shown Fairies that wish to connect with you and they wish you to see the lighter side of life in order that you can gift this to yourself. Your money flows will increase as your value of self increases, your travel options will increase as you start to do more around your locality now, taking up a regular class such as yoga is going to allow some of this old energy to move and is going to allow the angels to flood your being with vitality and a desire to do more and be more for you, only when you give yourself permission can the ‘then’ become now.

But you have it we are simply responding to what you are sending out, send out a desire and gratitude for what you have the freedoms you have for you do have them, and watch these expand. There is love out there too along with everything else but you must love YOU as much as we love you she says with a soft smile.

Blessings Archangel Jophiel and Sheelagh.

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Gypsy says December 7, 2014

Ive been living in a transitional living facility (aka legally homeless) with my little girl for almost three years. I’ve been working on myself on many levels and have understood that this place was divine ordained. I’m seeing everyone go before me…..why am I still here when I have set intentions, removed blockages, and have done my best to be present in one of the most discomforting situations I could be in?

Much gratitude.

Jodi says December 6, 2014

Blessings and thank you! I feel my spirit band light have returned to me yet know I have much to learn and let go of. I have went through a spiritual awakening and continue on this path of awakening. With regard to financial matters, I feel I am on the mend. Is this true? Next, in matters of love of the heart, there is many signs that my true love is almost here, is this true? Thank you for your response. Love light and blessings, Jodi

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