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“Hi All 🙂 I want a confirmation that I'm in the right track. Its been 3 years since I've sincerely started to follow my heart and taking all the decisions that would take me to my life purpose. Since then my life is upside down, chaotic and extremely difficult, but I still feel in my heart its in the right direction. I need reassurance…or correction. Thank you”
~ Patty, Massachusetts

Dearest Patty. Ariel is the Archangel coming forward to assist you.  She calls you ‘dear heart' and she says that at times is it unthinkable that our soul had all of ‘this' stored up for us but please take heart that you are never given more  than you can deal with and by the lessons and experiences that you have chosen from your higher self's seat in spirit you are an old soul who has taught and learnt many lessons.

You are doing so well she says The reason that you are experiencing is chaos is that you are on the final leg of your journey and that in terms of growth there is much to gain from this period at soul level.  Courage she says is the faith to believe in a bigger picture even if we cant see this at this time and you have this in spades.

Please also know there is an angelic being called the Success Guardian who over sees what we wish to achieve and gives us ‘reasons' to bail out so the fact that you are gaining closer to your goal and obstacles are coming up is actually because you are being asked ‘how much do you want this?'  you are  nearly there an Ariel says if you can just persevere over the next few months you will find what you so desire is within touching distance.  I'm also  being told that you are a teacher and as such we do have extra lessons to learn so that we may impart our wisdom. Please know that for now you are doing brilliantly and she says your success will start revealing itself sooner than you know.  it is time to see how far you have come and to reassure your self that help is on hand if you ask please ask she says.

live chatAs a angel of courage she says that sometimes this is the courage to simply put one foot in front of another until the path becomes clear and you are so nearly there she assures you.  I am shown some limiting beliefs are hampering your way and it would be really helpful to have a clearing or to ask Archangel Michael to cleanse your time line of beliefs about struggle to get reward and also to do with your worthiness. Your path does not have to be fraught as it has been but it is time for you to genuinely accept responsibility and that means cleansing what we don't realize is still with us.  Release expectations about life being difficult or try one of our Magical clearings and see the energy begin to shift an shine.
~Blessings to you always x. Sheelagh

I want to be rid of my x husband suing me it is 8 x in 7 years enough is enough I just want financial freedom love in my life abundance and freedom.

Dear Susan,
Please take heart this situation as long as it feels it has gone on for is only temporary in the scheme of things.  The angel assisting you here is Ariel and she says it is important as hard as it sounds not to let his bitterness dominate your life. It is time for you to grab the bull by the horns and ask your self what is truly important.  I am being shown that what is ‘right' is also hanging this out for longer than it needs to to dry.  I am being shown that although you have a case and you are understandably fed up of this and how you feel you have been persecuted you have in energetic terms joined him in this fight.  it is time to ask how much longer will it go on for until freedom is worth more than gain of what is ‘rightfully yours' there is ground that can be given and yet if being ‘right' is a priority I am being shown this will continue to drag.  Make a stand a stand for your life and a stand for your freedom emotionally it is time to cut your losses and see that some fights just aren't worth it.

If you want freedom you need to look for the freedoms you have.  If you want abundance you need to look for your needs being met now if you want to be rid of your husband it is time to let him go and everything that you may ‘gain' from this par lay that is not assisting your emotional and spiritual growth.  Is there a magic end in site yes if you create one.  It may mean ‘giving in' but we would say to you this is letting go.  The choice is partially yours and this will recover much in terms of time and agreement.  he is tired too but like you doesn't see why he should give in.  Let go and live.
~Blessings Sheelagh Maria

What is the next step in my evolution?
Yvonne, Toronto Canada

Dearest Yvonne Michael is the angel stepping forward to assist you today.  You came here to grow and to learn and to soften and to expand in all areas it is not just a forward march progress it is about stopping for a while and enjoying the view.  It is time for you to remember who you are for you to most fully connect with your soul whilst in your physical body and doing so requires stillness and inner peace . It is time for you to behold your true beauty and to see that you have gifts in this very moment that you can use to gain more clarity about your souls purpose.  You are shown as a strong woman yet a slightly discontented one at this moment the angels wish to remind you that your birthright is joy and your divine nature is euphoric in its entirety and they wish you to express this more child like side of your self.  It is time for you now to open up to living in this moment as if there were no other and to make up your mind that you wish to connect with your soul on a conscious level and also to connect with your guide who is waiting to get to know you a lot better.  Good luck make the decision they are standing by just waiting to be acknowledged.
~Blessings, Sheelagh

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I keep praying to the Guardian angels for help , for my son when will he find a good job .It’s been too long .please help him , thanks .

jyotsna Sehtya says June 15, 2014

Dear angels please help my husband to get a good job

Linda says June 15, 2014

Hello Shalagh, will my boyfriend of many, I mean many years, get back with me, he’s going through mid-life crisis, I never expected this and I am devastated?

Peggy Farrell says June 15, 2014

Help I’ve been trying to win many sweepstakes so before I die I can help my can help my children, friends and kids and seniors that need help. WHY CAN’T I WIN

Erika says June 15, 2014

Hello !!!

I wish to know about my job , i have 2 , one about energy healing other about marketing coordinator in a company. I wish develop me in the first job , i wanna know about it. And finally about love. I ‘m single.

Thank you , i follow you. Light and love !

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