Your Angels Have Messages For You, Are You Listening?

Angel Messages

Your Angels Have Messages For You! The key, is to take the time to connect!

The challenge is, that in today’s busy age of technology, media and non-stop social interaction, few people take the time to quiet their minds enough to hear the messages their angels have for them. If you have 15-30 minutes of quiet time and an .mp3 player, you can effortlessly cleanse your energetic fields, open your heart, balance your chakra centers and connect with your angels for loving energy and spiritual guidance.

You can learn to receive angel messages for yourself or you can simply tune in to the messages available here, channeled by internationally acclaimed author, Melanie Beckler.

As a clear channel of light, Melanie is able to connect with Angels and Spirit guides to bring through spoken messages of love, healing and empowerment. These messages are recorded and published after being mixed with the beautiful music by Thaddeus. There are many free messages and paid messages mixed throughout the more than 4 pages of angel messages found below! Simply click on the ‘Older Entries’ link at the bottom left of this page to access even more angel messages which all contain the loving message and frequency of the Angelic Realm.

Align With Your Life Purpose Spirit Guide

Meet Your Life Purpose Guide Archangel Michael, Haniel, Muriel, Uriel, Jesus. Mother Mary and Orion connect in this powerful new guided meditation which will assist you in relaxing to allow Divine love

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Empowering Your Spiritual Gifts

Uplift Your Vibration & Empower Your Spiritual Gifts In this high vibrational channeled Angel Course, you will experience connecting with the uplifting vibrations of the spiritual realms and directly

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Love Meditations

Angel Meditations of Love “Love tuned into blossoms through the outward expression of your soul in life. Let love grow, blossom, and bloom… For you are love!” ~Archangel Metatron  Access our most

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Downloading Divine Technologies

Channeled Meditation The Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters of Divine Love connect with this beautiful new meditation to assist you in Downloading the Divine Technologies which will most serve you on

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Cleansing and Connecting Meditation Pack

Angel Meditations to Help You Cleanse and Connect! Connect with the Angels in each of the following meditations to cleanse and clear your energy and to connect with the realms of angels and Divine love.  Each

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Earth, Sky and Moon Meditations

Connect with Earth, Moon, Stars and Sky… And the Power of Angels Connect with Archangels Michael, Jophiel, and Metatron who will guide you to tap into the power of the Earth, Sky, and Moon through

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Connect With Your Loved Ones In Heaven

Do you wish you could communicate with a deceased loved one or with your ancestral guide? You can! It's actually quite likely that you deceased loved ones and ancestral guides are already sending you

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Ascension Angel Course

Progress On Your Ascension Path Are you ready to make the conscious choice to embody an enlightened perspective and to experience an ascended state of being? This Angel Course will help you to progress

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Manifesting With Your Guardian Angels

Guided Meditation with Archangel Michael Archangel Michael connects in this new guided meditation to assist you in cleansing and lifting your vibration to connect with your Guardian Angels and Guides. As

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Learn Angel Energy Healing

How To Learn Angel Energy Healing  After completing hundreds of one-on-one angel readings, the angels began a process they described as ‘Angel Energy Healing' and those sessions are by far the most

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Oneness Meditation

Guided Oneness Meditation With Archangel Metatron This Oneness Meditation with Archangel Metatron broadcasts a powerful frequency of Divine light to assist in awakening you to the perspective and experience

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Full Moon Meditation

Full Moon Guided Meditation The Full Moon is the perfect time each month, to pause, and to take inventory of your progress within the present moment. The Full Moon heightens intuition, and brings energy

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