Your Angels Have Messages For You, Are You Listening?

Angel Messages

Your Angels Have Messages For You! The key, is to take the time to connect!

The challenge is, that in today’s busy age of technology, media and non-stop social interaction, few people take the time to quiet their minds enough to hear the messages their angels have for them. If you have 15-30 minutes of quiet time and an .mp3 player, you can effortlessly cleanse your energetic fields, open your heart, balance your chakra centers and connect with your angels for loving energy and spiritual guidance.

You can learn to receive angel messages for yourself or you can simply tune in to the messages available here, channeled by internationally acclaimed author, Melanie Beckler.

As a clear channel of light, Melanie is able to connect with Angels and Spirit guides to bring through spoken messages of love, healing and empowerment. These messages are recorded and published after being mixed with the beautiful music by Thaddeus. There are many free messages and paid messages mixed throughout the more than 4 pages of angel messages found below! Simply click on the ‘Older Entries’ link at the bottom left of this page to access even more angel messages which all contain the loving message and frequency of the Angelic Realm.

Preparing for 12-21-12 With Archangel Metatron

Today marks the final full moon before the spiritually powerful dates of 12-12-2012 and 12-21-2012…. And, the full moon energies are magnified because there is also a full moon eclipse, tonight,

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Aura Cleanse With Archangel Uriel

Your Aura is the field of energy flowing around you. Your aura is unique to you, however your thoughts, emotions, and interactions with other people, all have an influence the present state of your aura. In

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Light Body Activation, with Archangel Gabriel

Are you ready to take a Quantum Leap in your Personal Spiritual Evolution? Awaken your Light Body! Your light body is essentially a light pathway to your soul, Higher Self, and Source. By building and

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New Moon Solar Eclipse Angel Message

Another new moon is upon us, and this time, it is amplified by a solar eclipse. Energetically, eclipses are said to trigger necessary changes in your life journey.  These changes can sometimes seem harsh,

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Cleansing Your Subconscious Mind

Imagine gazing into the waters of your subconscious mind… Are they clear and calm? Or… Is your subconscious mind clouded with emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, and self destructive patterns? The

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Your Healing Orb of Light Angel Message

Angelic Activation with Archangel Uriel Take a deep breath and get ready to experience the wonder of the angelic realm and the Divine energy of All That Is… Your guides and angels are here with you

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Ascension Activation With Archangel Uriel

I am happy to share with you an ascension activation .MP3 Angel Message from Archangel Uriel. Archangel Uriel connects with a powerful angel message on ascension, and will guide you through the process

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Archangel Metatron : Angel Message for Cleansing and Connecting

Archangel Metatron is here to help you make the most of this now moment with a new angel message. The cycles of your world and universe have a profound effect on you and humanity, alike. You can tune

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New Angelic Activation, Aligning Your Heart and Your Third Eye!

Connecting Your Head and Heart with Archangel Metatron There is a great deal of support and light available to you now.  The stage is set for you to discover and express your authentic self. You are a

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Uniting Your Inner and Outer World

Bridge the Inner and Outer Worlds – Archangel Metatron This angel message serves to bring your inner world into alignment with your outer physical experience. Through this Angelic Activation with

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December 2011 Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

The December Full Moon Eclipse energy is here and it offers you a powerful opportunity to take a leap forward in your personal evolutionary journey. These energies offer a profound turning point.  Divine

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New Moon Solar Eclipse | Angel Meditation

Release, Cleanse, and Connect With Your Authentic Power  The New Moon occurring in Gemini June 1, 2011 21:02 UT is doubled with a partial Solar Eclipse and actually is one of three Eclipses this Month!

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