2022 Equinox Angelic Activations

Brand New Angel Activations For the March 2022 Equinox Gateway!

Hey … Melanie here! 🥰  With a very important message for you…

You see…

Right now, there is a window of opportunity open on and around the Equinox for you to align with profound personal transformation and immense soul growth.

It's because these Equinox energies are a powerful accelerator for your ascension process.

Where we as individuals, and collectively as humanity, have an open doorway to anchor a new paradigm of higher vibrational life into our present time and personal experience!

In other words… 

You can use the Equinox zero-point energy as a springboard into the vast field of infinite possibility…

So you can claim the highest and best specific possibilities for your life as an individual, as well as collectively for your family, your friends and for humanity.

This is huge!

But… To tap into the full light and power available now.

You have to get yourself into the field of infinite possibility…

From this point, the angels can support you in lifting higher and realigning with what's truly meant for you in your life. 

Your first step?

…Take a deep and relaxing breath, and tap into the knowing deep down that all is going to work out.

Because it will.

This moment is your chance to leap into a new level of living in alignment with your highest vibrational light!

And you have more support now than ever before.

In fact…

I'm excited to share a BRAND NEW Equinox Angelic Activation Series for the March 2022 Equinox Gateway!

This is a powerful time to reconnect with Truth…

And to recommit to living in alignment with your highest self and most vibrant life.

This new series of channeled Angel Activations is divinely designed for right now to guide you through the process of entering into the Divine zero-point field of pure potentiality to claim the opportunities this Equinox Gateway brings.

By simply pressing play and listening to these new sessions you will…

  • Realign with your Divine Blueprint for living in alignment with awakened Truth.
  • Reconnect with the Highest and Most Benevolent support available to support you further.
  • Cleanse and raise the vibration of your energy field.
  • Align with your highest Divine timeline.
  • Manifest the most beautiful and benevolent outcomes in your life.

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Introducing The 2022 Equinox Angelic Activations

This brand-new Angel activation series contains 3 never before released sessions totaling over one hour of channeled meditations and channeled angel messages!

These sessions are designed to help you make the most of the high vibrational energies that are streaming onto Earth at this present moment.

They will also help you cleanse your energy, clear your field, and release all of the negativity, toxicity and transmute the heavy energies rampant in the collective consciousness today.

This power of transmutation is available to you and can be achieved through this powerful new three-pack of sessions that are only available for a limited time.

Here's what's included:

Equinox Angelic Activations

Session #1 💫 Opening Your Sacred Gateway Of Love

First, you'll gain instant access to download or stream this powerful heart-opening light exercise with the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters, your team of guides, goddesses, and Divine Mothers here to serve humanity and help you to awaken Divine consciousness.

Through this session, you will open the gateway to your multidimensional self so you can experience the spiritual truth of your Divine soul calling.

When you listen to this session you'll feel the infinite love flowing all throughout your body as it cleanses and heals any and all negativity that's keeping you stuck.

You will feel every cell in your physical body lighting up as your energy is effortlessly re-calibrated to harmonize you to the infinite fields of divine love, divine creation, divine grace, and divine intelligence.

The powerful force of love and light energy circling through your field will dissolve blockages and distortions keeping you from living your best life, so you can rise up in Love and Light to experience more of the Divine Truth available to you now.

Listening to this session will raise your vibration, and create a strong foundation of love and light allowing you to then lift even higher, reaching new heights of spiritual awareness and ascension energy as you continue through the series…

Session #2 💫 Live in Love

In this session, you will open your sacred gateway to Spirit as Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael step forward to help you awaken and embody the Divine Truth of who you really are.

You will love the high vibrational feeling you effortlessly receive as the divine love expands through and beyond your physical body.

The archangels step forward just for you, fanning the flames of love and light within your open heart so you can fill every cell of your body with the light and revitalizing energy that is love.

As you listen and simply allow new levels of love to circulate through your body, mind, and spirit, you will raise your vibration empowering greater joy, love, peace, and improved manifestation powers.

You will love the feeling of being immersed in love from the Archangelic realms.

This is the sacred gateway to Spirit that will set you free from the constraints of illusion and free you from the blockages of the limited ego-mind.

This session will accelerate the unfoldment of your awakening as you receive a blessing from your guardian angel that opens your heart center even further so love can flow out far beyond you.

Plus as you raise your vibration to a new height, you will be able to overflow the blessings of Divine Love to bless and uplift your life and the lives of those you care about most helping bring greater harmony to your life, to your family, to your community, and to our world.

By completing this session you will be ready to align with the higher truth of your soul's purpose which will beautifully unfold for you in session three…

Session #3 💫 Entering the Heart Light Zero Point

This third session in the series will leave you feeling refreshed, uplifted, and open to receiving the blessings available for you from the Divine.

In this session, your Angels step forward to nurture you on every level, creating for you a sacred space and opening within which you can effortlessly bring your divine light and frequency down from the higher dimensions, into the physical realm.

This will effortlessly align you with the higher truth of your soul's purpose so you can embody more of your higher purpose here on Earth.

Additionally, you will also experience a breathing exercise that pulls the divine light force directly into your body, your space and into all areas of your life for you.

Further helping you reach higher levels of vibration as your crystalline body continues to ascend.

You'll feel your energy ground and center as your field is infused with higher levels of light and life force energy than you've ever been able to hold before.

This harmonizes your physical being with the divine light of your soul so you can feel your soul essence rise up through your open heart to align with your soul mission here on earth.

This creates the energetic foundation for the new beginning you've been waiting for.

All of your past challenges and struggles will wash away as you are guided by the divine light of spirit that welcomes you to the next stage of your Divine mission.

This is your moment to elevate your consciousness through your open heart, to cross through the gateway of light to your consciousness can lift on the wings of angels into the field of pure potentiality.

You will love the blissful feelings of light and divine source energy showering down upon you as wave after wave of Ascension energies allow you to relax deeper into greater divine states of higher consciousness.

If you've been ready for a shift…

If you're ready to raise your vibration…

This powerful three-part series delivers the profound energetic shift and activations that will finally release the negativity, blockages and distortions keeping you from experiencing Divine Truth, joy, and fulfillment in your life.

Plus, Order Now & Gain Instant Access To 3 Powerful Bonuses, Too!

When you purchase the Angelic Equinox Activations today I will also be including for you instant access to 3 bonus sessions to help you raise your vibration even higher.

Each of these sessions are living transmissions designed to support you and uplift you during these times, right now.

Equinox Stargate Activations First… You will receive a Profound Solar Light Transmission.

When you play this session, you'll experience a powerful release of the lower levels of fear, tension, distortion and negativity…

By simply listening to this mp3 session, you'll be connected with incredible Solar Source light frequencies that will cleanse, uplift, and positively transform your energy.

With your energy clear and shining bright you'll be able to effortlessly reconnect with your Divine I Am Core… Activating within every cell the infinite blessings of Solar Christ Light empowering you to expand your consciousness and embody True Awakened Love.

The incredible Source Light Frequency transmitted throughout this session will continue to serve and support you as you listen time, and time again…

Each time going deeper, so you can expand further, shine brighter, and re-align with more of your Truth and light.

In the next session, you're greeted by Archangel Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, and Raphael…

Who guide you to effortlessly enter into the Zero-Point Field of the Divine within which Infinite Possibility resides.

You’ll experience a powerful release that opens you to the stream of infinite blessings

To cleanse and replenish your energy… Unlocking expanded levels of your conscious realization…

And illuminating the highest Divine possibilities for your life now.

Finally, in your third bonus session…

Archangel Uriel steps forward to guide you in cleansing your energy and tuning into an incredible influx of light.

Reconnect with the Innate Truth of Your Divine Being, and with the highest possibilities available to you to in your life.

You will effortlessly anchor tremendous Joy, Light, and Peace…

Letting the Light Shine through you to bless and bring all areas and aspects of your life into perfect Divine Coherence…

Relax and let these sessions help you fully step into your vibrant Truth as a Divine Light Being in physical form.

The frequency and processes you will experience in this series of sessions is really so incredible.

Get ready to lift into alignment with an entirely new level of your light!

And all you have to do is press play and listen…  Your team of guides and angels do the rest!

Relax and let these sessions help you fully step into your vibrant Truth as a Divine Light Being in physical form.

Order Today & You'll Get Instant Access to all 6 sessions!

Right now, get all 6 sessions for $111

Plus, you have zero risk with my 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Here's my promise to you…

Click the button above and try these powerful activations for yourself…

You will instantly feel an energetic shift as any negativity or distortion in your field is washed away effortlessly as you listen.

And, if you don't LOVE these sessions for any reason…

Even if you decide you just don't like the sound of my voice…

You can get 100% of your money back… Guaranteed!

Just email me at support @ ask-angels.com and request a full refund and we'll process that for you ASAP with no questions asked.

I'm confident that you will feel the life-changing energies in these powerful sessions…

I'll take on all the risks.

What Is the Potential of This Equinox Activation Series?

Let these sessions help you fully step into your vibrant Truth as a Divine Light Being embodied in physical form.

And all you have to do is press play and listen!  Your angels, guides, your soul and your support team in spirit do the rest!

Just remember,

The Angelic Equinox Activations Are Only Available For A Limited Time, During The Equinox Gateway Opening 

Because the energies of this Equinox Gateway are so aligned to support this vibrational shift now I’m only making these activations available for a limited time.

You'll be able to benefit from listening to these sessions long after the Equinox… But you will get extra benefit by starting to go through them now!

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Read What Others Are Saying About Melanie's Equinox Angelic Activation Series:

“I am so blessed to have been introduced to you, and experience these meditations you have changed my life giving me this unique opportunity! Thanks for all you do! My life is so different” ~Crystal

“I feel like a took a bath in love and it stuck to me. Wow!” ~Judith

“Have listened to all three now; the third just now. I’m at a loss for words to express my Gratitude and Love to you Melanie and the Angels for lifting me into this beautiful existence. To Be who I Am!! and to be able to choose to shift back when I feel the old lower vibrations creeping back in.
Simply incredible; Thank You, Thank You.” -Lorraine

“This was so phenomenal Melanie- thank you! My entire being is buzzing and tingling and it feels SO AMAZING. Full of love and highest vibrations. Thank you thank you thank you! 💞💓💖 ~Hannah

“Amazing, I have waited all of my life to hear this channeling. What a blessing of higher frequencies of love. Thank you, Love and Light ❤❤” -Toni

“Lovely, lovely, lovely what more can I say. Thanks Angels and Melanie.” -Patrick

“I listened to all 3 in a row. Amazing? I love it. Thank you Melanie for your fantastic lightwork” -Susanna

“So basically, this meditation takes me back and releases any negativity I’ve been carrying from birth. No words, but WOW.” -Dennis

“Beautiful meditations will be listening to these again and again . Thank you to the council of light and Melanie sending love light and blessings to one and all . 💗💛💞😇🙏🦋🦄🌼🌸💕💜💚💙 Pauline

“Oh so beautiful! I was able to release attachments. Blessings and love” ~Susana

“Beautiful and so Calming. Thank you” -Sharon

“WOW! Thats all I can say…is WOW! thank you” -Kathy

“Thank you, Melanie and Angels, for this incredibly powerful and supportive guided vision of who we really are. I feel more at peace with my mission. ” -Ana

“Wow those are so powerful. I'm walking around the house with big angel wings  ” -Michelle

“Thank you Melanie, this was exactly what I needed exactly when I needed it. Love and blessings to you.” -Debbi


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With love, light and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of www.Ask-Angels.com. Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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