May Full Moon Angel Card Reading

May Full Moon Angel Card Reading

Angel Reading for the Full Moon Week of May 8-14

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With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler

4 thoughts on “May Full Moon Angel Card Reading”

  1. bless your heart dear lady i will include you and your husband in my prayers
    as a Nurse i can tell u if you want a good nite sleep leave the light on for your husband it seems to calm down Alzheimer patients

  2. I have never watched your video before. I am sure it was Angel Guidance that sent me to my computer and happen upon you 🙂 – I am in the need of Angel support, so, i give thanks to whichever Angel nudged me over here. Probably with all the Arch Angel Cards produced today, I can’t help but think he had a hand in it… And what you said resounded through me. I often feel like I am a Phoenix busting with light to help others, to give people a smile, to greet people I don’t even know. To give a senior a hug (i am a senior too, though I like to think I am a bit more spry than others.) My husband has Alzheimer’s and this I deal with daily, for the past 9 years with no support as we are in Canada, and our families are in England… Our son’s for one reason or another abandoned us 15 years ago… My husband has always, even before he was diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s I felt been a dark cloud smothering my bright light, my fire of the heart, so it’s always been a struggle for me… UNTIL TODAY… I believe that I do have a heavenly presence that looks out for me and wants me to shine and to spread love and happiness. I work in retail and we have a lot of babies and their mums come through the store and 9 out of 10 babies smile and laugh with me, it fills my heart and sometimes makes my eye’s leak, and I always say if babies and animals like you, you must have a pure heart. Babies and animals see through the mask we cover our feelings and essence with to fool adults… Thank you soooooo very much for touching my inner essence and helping my light shine. Please include my husband in your prayers his name is Gordon … God bless you, and Arch Angel Michael thank you so much for the nudge over here and all the angles and holy beings bless the world and take away all the negativity and anger and sadness and turn the hearts of the heartless, guilty warmongering individuals that revel in destruction, turn to light and happiness xo

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