What Are Spiritual Chills?… Are They A Psychic Sign?

spiritual chillsHow to Understand Spiritual Chills

Have you ever been having a conversation with someone, and suddenly experienced chills, or gotten goosebumps?

Or maybe you've been sitting meditating in the sunshine, or just thinking about something and feeling perfectly warm, but you've gotten the shivers?

If you have experienced either of these, you've likely experienced ‘Spiritual Chills'.

What Are Spiritual Chills?

Getting chills that aren't at all cold or illness related are a common sign of spiritual activity. When I'm talking about chills, it's not like you're shivering… But more like an energy flows in which causes a tingling, a slight shudder, and maybe even goosebumps.

Next time you get this sort of psychic chill… Pay attention! Your guides may have a message for you, or there may be something which was being discussed, or in your proximity which you need to understand or notice.

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Spiritual chills are often a direct sign from your guides or angels. Chills can act as a validation that you're right on track, or they can signify a yes answer, confirming an underlying truth.

Spiritual chills may also occur because your spirit guides or angelic friends are reaching out and touching you, and the surge of their pure spirit energy physically manifests through you as chills.

For me, Spirit often uses chills as a gentle, and yet un-ignorable sign to pay attention because this is important. A jolt of energy which causes the chills is also a method of quickly and clearly communicating a direct-hit, or yes answer. I get a similar, though less sudden, energetic surge or chill right when I connect with a high vibrational guide or angel to channel.

Spiritual chills and goosebumps are often one of the first psychic senses to open up for those on a spiritual path. You may feel chills down half of your body, on your arms, legs, the top of your head, or really anywhere.

What do these ‘psychic chills' mean?

signs your angels are nearThe biggest tip I can give you on how to decipher what your chills mean, is to pay attention!

For example, if you're having a conversation with someone, and you have the urge to say something, perhaps related to spirit, or really whatever, but then you doubt whether you should mention it… And then you get the chills. I would take this as a sign to speak up, the person you're speaking with may need to hear exactly what you were about to say, and your guides are nudging you to say it.

You may also receive a chill as a warning of sorts. If you're feeling a bit off about someone you meet, they look at you in a funny way, and you get the chills. It may simply be a validation of your initial feeling, and a reminder to call in love and light to protect your vibration so that you're able to stay in a state of love and joy.

On the other hand your chills may simply be the manifestation of a truth which has been spoken. They are a gentle way of getting your attention, so that you will really listen, and can then take action.

Pay Attention!

Next time you feel the chills, shift in the mode of the observer. Notice what was happening around you leading up to the spiritual chill, take a breath, and ask “What am I supposed to know or understand”.

Whether your psychic or spiritual chill was a direct result from an angelic encounter, a run in with your spirit guide, or simply a validation of truth, getting the spiritual chills is a good sign. Act on your inspiration when you feel the chill, or simply note the present truth, and then continue forward in awareness.

These chills may be a sign that you have the psychic ability of inner knowing, or claircognizance. To learn more about claircognizance, click here

With meditation and becoming more and more aware you can understand the spiritual chills you receive with increased clarity, and learn to hear and experience the expanded guidance of the angels often present alongside.

Do you have an experience with ‘spiritual chills'? Leave me a comment below, or on facebook!

With love and gratitude, 

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Alexandria Casteel says October 9, 2017

Hello Melanie,

I hope all is well! I often have the “spiritual chill” even while reading this. I have been able to feel this sensation for as long as i can remember, even as a child. As a child I was very sensitive to spirits- staying in old homes I could often see/feel what happened there and this scared me. While I no longer see strange things (at least not that i am aware) i’m still very in tune with how things “feel” even now as a 23 year old. I think I am beginning to tap into other gifts as well- recently i’ve become very attuned to frequencies, I can hear strange sounds (like a radio tuning) and often randomly/out of the blue or when I have just read/see/felt something compelling. I have also been feeling a lot of pressure or tingling at the top of my head – I have begun to reflect inward in hopes of learning more about these sensations. I work with crystals and meditate quite frequently. If you’ve anymore information or helpful suggestions please do let me know.

Alexandria C

Eddie says October 9, 2017

My older sister just passed away from a long illness.I was sleeping in my bed last night with the window open and this chill came in thru the window & sat on top of me & I couldnt get warm so i started to get sacred.I am wondering if it was my sister trying to tell me something? thx Ed

Jeff says October 2, 2017

I am a believe it when I see it. A doubting Thomas but more and more have somecevemts happened to me that i am wondering…am I hearing someone

Claudia says September 28, 2017

Yesterday I went to go visit my mother in law who had been ill for a couple weeks now. Thru out the whole time I was there I kept having chills on the left side of my body mainly on my head and arm. I’m not a very religious person but I do pray to my father to keep me and my family safe. I was praying to him while I was with my mother in law to help her go home and to stop suffering. Has this anything to do with physic or spiritual chills. Unfortunately my mother in law passed away today. Thank You

Cameo says September 23, 2017

I was in a wellness center today where they do reiki and massage and a number of other holistic things. . The owner came over to talk to me as I was browser crystals and deciding what to purchase. At first I thought it was the energy of the stone I was holding while talking to the owner that games in intense chills. I did a meditation session with someone else and after I came out, I happen to start speaking with the owner again and here come the chills again! SHe admitted she was feeling them too.. the stone at this point was not in proximity… I’m going back there tomorrow another session with my meditation teacher and hopefully she will be there but what do you think it means???

Jaclyn says September 23, 2017

I am 12 years old,and I have been experiencing these “Spiritul Chills” for about a year now and it kinda scares me! My friends in school said it means a spirit is taking over a body (a bad one) so I’m trying my best to believe it’s my Guardian Angel!!! Is it Really my Guardian Angel,am I still safe

    Melanie Beckler says September 23, 2017

    Hi Jaclyn,

    You are safe! However, I do recommend learning basic psychic protection- surrounding yourself and your energy with golden light!

    I share exactly how to do this here:

    Creating a Psychic Shield with Golden Light and Help from Archangel Michael:


    Mattie says October 3, 2017

    I know that feeling, I have, for so long, had this “ability” to feel or see things others couldn’t. Just trust your gut. If it does not feel right or it just feels bad, its a demon, and if you feel safe, it is an angel. ^^

Amy says September 14, 2017

I have been talking to a friend about my husband and I getting a divorce. He was murdered and he never filed his papers for the divorce. Every time we talk about it my friend gets chills and starts to cry. We are trying to figure out if he is telling us he did not want the divorce or not. When she says he did not want it that’s when she gets the chills.

llatziri says September 13, 2017

these past few nights i’ve been suddenly woken up by this sort of chill running through me and it’s not gentle like the way you’ve described and it only happens when im unable to sleep. last night was the worst one because i had woken up at 3 something in the morning and tried to sleep again but suddenly my eyes are wide open and it feels like an energy went through only the left side of my body. i had goosebumps and my hairs were standing and it just felt very scary and every time i’d try to sleep i felt the chill coming on but i’d stop it by thinking of something else and sort of pushing it away what could it be?

Marci says September 12, 2017

I had a dream last night, I was on my right side lying down on my bed. I saw this figure lay down beside me and hugged me from the back. I felt it’s weight on me and I started to shiver. The chills woke me up and it lasted for a few more mins. I didn’t feel scared or anything…just wondering if it was really just a dream.

Ray says September 7, 2017

I just lost a pet and when I try to communicate or talk to it I get cold chills up my back and spine what does this mean

Tammy says September 6, 2017

I have always experience chills when someone is talking about someone being prego or something very exciting happening to someone else. I myself have found this to b very weird yet i have never been able to explain it either..

Tasha says September 5, 2017

Not sure if this fit the category… But i was praying and as I prayed a strong chill came over me. Wonder what this means? Is it God telling me everything will be okay.

eylmeo says August 31, 2017

yes i meditate and think good thoughts and get showered by chills starts from head all over body into my feet more than once feels damn good brah, kinda weird tho but kinda obvious it means something cus i only get them when thinking good stuff in meditation

Nick RYAN says August 19, 2017

I had A strange experience today, I was driving home and speaking to a friend about my best mate taken from me in a motorcycle accident 47 years ago when we were 16. I felt his presence for 10 years or so like he was looking out for me, then one day I felt and realised he was gone.

Today I wonder if it was his spirit passing through me, I went slightly dizzy in my head and then got the chills after wards I wonder why?

Jackie says August 16, 2017

I received ridiculously strong chills while reading into astrology this evening on another site. Upon realizing a date that was in the reading was absolutely in sync with a past date that related to my life Goal and passion, my body had a huge rush of positive vibrating energy. The strongest I’ve ever had. It’s almost like a rollercoaster feeling without the sickness and with good good vibration instead. I have felt these many times in my life, I have always had vivid dreams and felt intuitive about things. I told a friend I noticed glows around people, but very subtle and she informed me about auras and I became interested. I don’t feel like I have any special abilities, but also sometimes just feel God is saying or giving me signs of things. I have had lights flicker in my room and big changes in my life recently. I had a palm reader suggest I should perhaps tap into this. It freaks me out due to anxiety, and not knowing if I’m crazy and just making myself believe it. But I really loved reading this for that reason. It’s soothing to hear that chills can be an indicator of the right direction. My passion. A sign of sorts. Thank you for writing this. Hopefully I can simply keep trying to pay attention and tap into my feelings and waves of energy.

Regine says August 9, 2017

I feel this chills several times till present. I’m really so curios about having this chills because i don’t know why i always feel something even the time that i am working still feel it.regine(philippines)

Anthony says August 4, 2017

I have experience chills on three distinct occasions, two while in prayer an once while reciting aloud my understanding of passages I read from the Nag Hammadi library. When the chills come they are profound, so much so that my most recent experience has caused me to investigate or ask the question what does these mean. This is how I found you.

Edwina says August 1, 2017

I have experienced these chills around the back of my neck and did not understand what they were. I live in Nevada where it is hot usually 107 degrees everyday, so to experience this was interesting.

Emmanuel says July 22, 2017

I was outside watching Youtube Like at 11Pm
With my little nephew And then he tells me “Your face is white” Then Just when he said that I get the goosebumps… Idk what it means but I was feeling so worried..

Kaytee says July 15, 2017

I couldn’t find much on this but tonight, me and my husband took an 11pm stroll in our neighbourhood (a good, tranquil one). It’s not unusual for us to stroll late we walk around the block and talk. We went a bit further and all of a sudden I felt the whole area in front of us and to the right feel dark and it was like someone had snuffed out a candle of energy. It gave me really bad shivers all over like someone was tickling me. I told my husband we can’t go there and the word “warlock” kept repeating in my head. I didn’t feel safe. Should I worry someone in my neighbourhood is playing a dangerous game? Those shivers were the most awful I’ve had!

Amber says July 11, 2017

I have the chills often. Recently I quit interacting with the spirit world on purpose but its impossible not to notice things at times. There are certain numbers I see every day. Like 7, 1111, 222, 444. Always. Meditation really inhanced my ability to see things. I find myself wishing I never did it at all. I quit meditation but it doesn’t matter. Once you see beings you never knew existed your mind is blown and you can’t take it back. It was so nice when I thought there was such a thing as actually being alone. Turns out you are never alone. Still not sure what the chills are exactly but it definitely has something to do with other beings. I have been touched and grabbed many times and that feels much different than the chills. I still don’t have answers

Dustin says July 4, 2017

I been feeling these chills when I prey, listen to music, etc. I also have seen triple digits, and on two rare occasions seen two bright white floating orbs.

I am humble to have this ability, which led me to writing a book, which incorporates my art with it.



Vanda Cummins says June 17, 2017

Last night I think I saw an Angel , there was different colours but purple is the colour that I remember most . I was given what I can describe as 3 surges of energy, it felt as if the wings were fluttering through my body . It was really weird and I felt a tiny bit uneasy. I didn’t feel like I was dreaming but maybe I was . I’m still feeling a little uneasy about it now as I’m not sure why this has happened. Maybe it’s a warning of some sort

Denny says June 11, 2017

What does it mean to feel chills/goosebumps/kundalini before/during/or after you go to the bathroom? This happens nearly every time I go to the bathroom. It is not the only time I felt kundalini energy go up my spine and out my head but the other times I understand why it happens. Is this normal? What could it mean?

    Micah Jaimes says July 12, 2017

    I have the same feeling as well. Ever since I saw bright orbs constantly I’ve been interested in the paranormal so it’s nice to see other people is witnessing the same experience I’ve been dealing with

Patti says June 1, 2017

I was given some old ww2 stuff and every time I touch it or get close to the stuff I get a coldness feeling and chills that don’t go away until I move from the stuff

Maria says May 25, 2017

I had to say goodbye to my feline friend of 17 years this week. It is a very traumatic loss – I’m really struggling. Last night I roused to a feeling of prolonged “chill” in my chest and core area. Not the chill that causes goose bumps for a moment and then subsides, but an ongoing sensation. When I read this article, I thought “energy” is another way to describe it. This also happened after mom my passed away. Can you help me?

Madison Harding says May 17, 2017

Quick question here, are the spiritual and angelic chills related to a ghost possibly being in the room? I had a friend tell me that when you get the chills it means that there is a ghost in the room, any truth in that?

JC Thom says May 15, 2017

I knew something was going on when I started getting chills just when I talk about my calling in the faith, this page validates my theory, thanks so much, now I dont feel so alone.

Julie says May 11, 2017

My name is Julie. I’m 44. And I have a few things I’d love to share.
I have had 3 major head injuries. First one I was passenger in car, as to this second, I have no idea what happened. I don’t remember a car, I was lucky to wake up nxt day,. Completely covered in bruises, baseball size one in middle of forehead, I didn’t tell family till 3days later Dr told me I’m lucky I woke up with the concussion I had..
6 yrs or so, I was playing chicken. 4 ppl, girls on shoulders, in pool.. And see who can push over other couple…. I hit my left temple, so hard it immediately swollen huge. For weeks.
Then I was on co-ed baseball team. Was plowed in face with ball from out field, hit my right side. Eye cheek, busted open,, and I had thought I caught tht ball, from the sound of smack.. I realized blood was every where. Friends rushed me to hospital.. 6 stitches in eyelid, and swollen face again for months . I’ve always had strong, gut feelings, I get felling phone is gonna ring, and it dies… Little things like tht. But realize I have had a dark shadowy, cloud like, hovering over me forever.. I’m learning more spiritual healing, I know I need to rid of black negative energy and negative thoughts.. I’m praying taliking to angels, God, and I’m covered in chills, and crying uncontrollably. Idk. Is this a good thing. I’m still emotional and feel lighter at same time. . I am asking guidance to rid, the adverse dark heavy energies from me and my loved ones.. Keep me on track angels, to keeping positive.. Amen.. Again chillls, tears. Thx for letting me express tht.. No one knowsc

Corey says May 9, 2017

I feel as if I am being touched by an energy when I get the cold shivers, sometimes when I experience a dejavu or when I try to meditate, sometimes I try to talk to this energy and I see green, mainly upper central to my forehead when eyes are closed, I even sometimes have a jerk action and become deeply emotional without control for a moment… I am in conflict, am I purely creating this through my own thoughts ? Am I engaging with an energy ?

Gladys says April 26, 2017

Yes. When my ex was cheating on me. Everyone would tell me, in my conscious I knew they were right but he would deny it. I would get does chills and her a voice telling me he was cheating to confront him to tell me the truth. Even when I was sleeping I would feel the chills and the same voices and I would even tell my children and friends that I believe that was the Angels telling me.

Savannah says April 25, 2017

I get chills when I believe something is wrong… And later I get… Punished for it. Maybe I’m just imagining it or it’s just super odd coincidence but…

Ilia says April 24, 2017

I get the feet chills when I wake up in the middle of the night, not sure what they mean

Victoria Smith says April 21, 2017

I can hug certain people and I get a cold chill right afterwards. I have dream like visions about people and situations that end up coming true. I’m be psychic?

Ryan says April 14, 2017

I’ve been getting these goosbumps chills for a long time but lately I’ve been getting them more after a severe hand injury I got back in April 2014, I’ve been dealing with more than a lot with not just my injury but a second time drink drive ban I am hurting and totally sorry for, a torn ACL I got after being attacked in my local pub whilst I was in bandages, my car had £1000 worth of tools stolen from in the boot just before I left for this outworking job abroad where I sustained injury, my house has since been burgled again having two previous occurences before injury. This just haven’t gone great for me in my life and they continue to get worse in some areas, my company has terminated my contract while I’m still off awaiting for my final operations, a builder took my money and ran without completing work I needed doing for when I get out of hospital, then recently one of my wheelie bins been stolen which is laughable and a few weaks later the lead was stolen from my porch roof.
I’ve celebrated my 32nd birthday just with my family, I’ve lost almost all of my social life and my house is not yet a home and I have no income yet and won’t be able to work for atleast 12months as is the recovery period after I have my final ops. There is only one thing that is keeping me alive right now and somehow the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t exist for me I don’t think it ever has existed, but I’m dreaming of travelling the world which I have always thought about but only recently found a new spark from certain videos on Youtube where I spend most of my time laid up with anxiety stress and very depressed more than I even care to tell people because it’s just part of life, I’m lucky I have a great family even though we argue a lot but we all know we love each other and care.
Prior to all this I broke my foot in 2011 and was off work then when I was made redundant and the engineering firm was closed, it was my best job and the lads were great I miss those days. While I was off then my head was down and life has been hard since then but there were things that happened and life picked up but then went down Iike mountain after mountain after mountain, during this time I by chance had a meeting online with a psychic or medium and she passed me info but not telling me all, she indicated my life would take a huge turn and I would recieve a great fortune but Im sure she also said it wouldn’t be pleasant for me or easy, well thats were I am today knowing compensation has been offered to me of great value but by barrister and solicitor have told me not to accept their offer even more so that they have terminated my contract of employment unfairly while I cannot work in my current situation. Moving on to my chills, I’ve had then at rare stages throughout my life but I’ve also believed I am chosen if that makes sense but I don’t know what for, I post a lot online about removing evil without becoming evil or using evil we have to be clever so pure souls stay pure because they operate heaven or are heavens true angles if you wish. My chills are coming or have been more frequent and I feel as though I can control them by making them happen with the thoughts I think, I’ve several as I lay here writing this. I probably am strange definitely weird but Im a normal guy just in a rough place and I could spend a lifetime trying to explain all so that its read or heard in a way that makes sense because I feel Im slow a tad struggling to find words to connect my sentance yet my brain has shot off lightyears ahead of me gather more info but its blocking my outlet by filling the inket to overflow. Anyways hope you enjoyed a little bit from me, my brain is a little tired as I’ve been awake all night amd only had one beer at midnight ish on my birthday alone, pretty sad that but ill hopefully make up for it by going out this afternoon so long as I get the confidence to.

Sorry if any is missing bits and not quite understandable.

Nelly says April 5, 2017

Hi Melanie, I get these chills all the time especially when I am at a state of rest and after reading Gods word and prayer. I use to ignore til I realized it was more than feeling cold and the sensation has healing properties, so I have been embracing it more and more..I am very blessed and am very thankful to the Lord!! Hope to hear from you soon

Phill says April 2, 2017

I walked over the spot where my father died around 20 hours after his death,and felt a chill go up my spine that went from side to side as it went up, this happened to me twice, got in my car and the radio went all funny, do you think that it was my father’s spirit ?

melody says April 2, 2017

Hi thanks for your explanation. …It was a strange experience I was talking to a man I used to date 17yrs ago Last week. While we were talking after 40 minutes I suddenly got really cold. I could feel myself shivering and shuddering. I felt the need to hide it I did not mention it to him while we were speaking. Then I was talking about him to my massage therapist while having a massage. I was telling her the whole story and it happened again very powerfully. I feel it was a warning as this person has bad feelings and intentions towards me. Since then he started ignoring my text messages and generally being very rude. He did this when we were together too. I am frustrated because I know I was sent to contact him for a good reason. I am an earth angel and he is in need of assistance but I think he may be a demon so my hands are tied so to speak. I have felt powerful energy surges before but nothing like this cold one….very strange it never happened when we were together. But then I was not so in touch with my spiritual gifts!

Paulien says March 29, 2017

I’m new to the spiritual/diseased/ghost world. Ive seen energy/colors and help people with their energetic bodies for a couple of years now. But since 2 weeks my eyes are open for spirits. Im scared and i haven’t figured out what to do and how. Today i talked about it with a woman and she got all cold shivers from me while before she got very hot from another woman. Now i read this article i see that maybe it was a sign for her and not a bad thing. At least i hope its not. A couple months ago a guy came up to me after meditation to tell me he got the word : devil, from me. I still think it’s his own belief that makes him scared of the things he senses i can do. But on the other hand I’m worried if the upper spirit world is too scary for me.
Any advice?
Much love

    Amber says July 11, 2017

    Yes it’s too scary indeed. I went through the same emotions and had the same question. I found it’s too much, too dark. No questions will be answered after exploring. In fact you will be left with more questions, and will have great guilt for meddling if you are a believer in the Bible. Which tells us it’s no good to fool with. Trust me it’s not worth it. I had to watch the people close to me start to see things and get messed with and that’s a horrible feeling.

Marcia says March 29, 2017

Last night in bed, I felt goosebumps. I could feel my heart pounding just like that. And I could have sworn someone got into bed with me when I sleep alone. I was afraid to turn around, but when I did there was no one there and the feeling subsided. Is this spiritual chills?

Maureen Shaw says March 26, 2017

I get chills when spirit is around but I also have been awakened by them during a spiritual dream. Before sleeping I asked for relationship help was with my deceased mom and we were talking about me getting a divorce. I kept getting woke up with extreme chills (I recognise them …stronger than normal). This happened about 3 x.
I wonder if my guides were waking me up for dream recall. I find this so fascinating. I don’t want a divorce just some clarity. I’ll keep working at it !!

Deana Kuntz says March 23, 2017

Lately every time I lay down weather or not if it’s for a nap or going to bed for the night I have been experiencing chills from the top of my back (neck area) all the way down to my toes. My mom passed away going on 10yrs this may. Could it be her? And what is she trying to tell me?

Renee says March 13, 2017

Hi Melanie, I read your article about spiritual chills from a Google search engine. I get them pretty often when Im focusing in my car and listening to talk radio usually about God. I have not always listen to this type of radio and not really religious although I do believe in God. I don’t know if it’s because of what I’m focusing on that I get these chills if I producing them myself because of what I’m focusing on in the words that I hear on the radio. But this is also not the only time I get these chills. I have lived with my baby’s father for about 5 years now and the last two years there is nearly a everyday occurrence sometimes even a couple times out of the day I’m near him or in his presence I get a shocking chills. These are very sudden and random. Different from my God radio chills which last longer. When Im near him they are sudden and quick shocking. Before I was with him I was in a relationship believe myself to be very intuitive about last person. Which totally wrecked my emotions and had me a extreme mess. When I got with my baby’s father I thought I was bringing some of those emotions and intuitiveness about him and my relationship so I completely shut off my emotions and force myself not to think or investigate especially because of the type of relationship I am in now. Forced myself not to listen to myself if that makes sense. I don’t know I probably already know the answer maybe just want to hear from somebody else. Sign Confused

Holly says March 12, 2017

Omg thank you guys so much, I now understand why I get these and it seems that these chills are highly common. I was so worried that I have something wrong with me or something.

Lucas says March 11, 2017

I’ve been following star seed stuff for almost a year now though i’ve been fairly skeptical. Sometimes it feels like wishful thinking, or my narcissism playing up and making me put myself on some sort of pedestal.
I feel like deep down it’s what I /want/ the truth to be, but I simply don’t know.
On the other hand, any time I read starseed stuff I get crazy shivers through my whole body, like something inside me is being pulled through the top of my head, it’s really weird.
It makes me wonder if my brain tricks my body into sending a rush of chemicals through me, but I just don’t get why my brain would do that when I read certain things.
I don’t get shivers for music, or for seeing beautiful things. Mostly starseed stuff.

Sophia says March 11, 2017

I’ve had so many spiritual signs… I encounter them daily (not even joking) . I always get these chills . everyday

Sophia says March 11, 2017

Hello Melanie! So ! I have a bit to say, but i really would love to talk to you! I am very Claircognizant. I always have been since I was a kid. My name is sophia (wisdom as you know) Also, since I was a kid I’ve always have these spiritual chills. Theres just so much to ask and say. Its a very spiritual stostory i hope to share to someone! hope you reply.

Kimberley says March 8, 2017

I prayed two small law of attraction type prayers earlier one about money and employment and the other regarding my twin flame and do now for the past 10 minutes shivers down my spine…intense ones.. they feel good and like my prayers have been heard and shall become reality

Catherine Leanne Hruska says March 7, 2017

Hi Melanie.
I am curious as to what you know and think about friends sharing “Spiritual Chills”?
My best friend and I “constantly” get these “Chills” together and at exactly the same time when we are in one of our deep and meaningful conversations, especially about Life and Death, Heaven and Hell, God, Jesus, The Virgin Mary, the Angels and Saints, near death experiences that we read or have read about, souls and auras, Dreams, the earth, the Universe and everything in it. Even just looking at the clouds and sunsets gives us “Goosebumps”.
We both get what we refer to as “good goosebumps” and “bad goosebumps”.
The above mentioned are obviously related to the “good goosebumps” that we feel (apart from when we are talking about Hell) that is a completely different kind all together!
Wondering weather Hell really exists or not or talking about the Devil, or Bad Souls and Lost Souls, bad things happening or bad things that have happened to people that we know or have known or read about, stories we’ve heard about or watched on tv, movies and or documentarys.
We’ve even had these “Spiritual Chills” about loved ones who we have worried about and who we feel could be in danger for whatever situation they were in at the time.
The best way I can describe these “Bad Goosebumps” is simply “Creepy”.
The “Good Goosebumps” I can only describe as “Amazingly Beautiful”. They can start on any part of the body and they travel either in an upwards or downwards motion, usually starting in one area of the body like the arm but will then travel across the the back and to the other arm, right down through the legs and back up again through the whole body and through the head.
I have experienced goosebumps through my life like most people have at some point, usually when listening to music that I love or hearing horror stories but only during the past year since becoming close to my friend have I ever experienced a kind such as the ones I have now.
These kind only ever occur when My friend and I are together. If we don’t talk or see each other for a few days or weeks they “never” happen to either of us.
Both of us we have found, have always had a strong belief and intrigement of the spiritual world but have never met anyone with who share our same wonderment. We literally speak for hours on the subject/s.
My Dad passed away a few years ago and my Mum passed away on my birthday last year. Which was around the time my friend and I met and became close friends.
Do you think it could be fate that we met at the most sad and traumatic time in my life? I have never had such deep conversations about the afterlife and spiritual world with anyone else ever in my life as I do with my friend.
Could we have crossed paths as a plan by a higher power, being, Angel/s, passed Loved Ones or even God himself to help me cope with my Mums death by having my dear friend to talk to?
Is there something Spiritual that I’m missing with these “Spiritual Chills”?
I’d greatly appriciate your thoughts or any information you can give me.
Thank you so much for your time.
Catherine Hruska.

    Ryan says April 14, 2017

    I got chills through my whole body ready your first line, I am most definitely not normal. Hope you are well, Peace.

Anavi Martina says March 6, 2017

You helped me a lot with understanding this chills…I was thinking about a guy I’ve meet and was he my soulmate actualy a soul partner and every time i think thati get chills all over my back an legs and they are gentel but tickleish and I am so happy ! So i thanked y angels and guides and another big chill all over my bodey this was fenomenal! So thank you very much 🙂

PHINDILE says March 6, 2017

I had a dream last night that my husband was chatting with his ex girlfriend each and every night . In real life I always suspected that because we don’t sleep in the same room because of our newborn baby, I always checked his last seen on whatsup and always is at past 22:00. It always brothers me why always his last seen always ends at 22:00. Then the dream came up after 5 minutes my whole body was shivering, but I wasn’t feeling any cold. Couldn’t understand why. But this blog helped me that I must pay attention this could be something going on for real

Renee says March 6, 2017

well i dont know what any of this means but from time to time i get a really cold chill and it always happens when I’m asleep like just an hour ago I was in a deep sleep and it felt like someone was walking towards me in high heels and as it was coming closer i had the biggest chill like i couldnt breathe and I could hear goin around the corner to my hall way and I just scared after that like i literally shed a tear for a minute and the only thing I did was pray and the last time this happen i heard my name being called in a whisper voice like someone said my name and I had a cold chill at the time so I really don’t know what all this means like i need someone who’s what I’m talking about to explain why this happens to me

Gopi says March 4, 2017

While i’m doing meditation (time is nearly 5:00 am to 5:30 pm Indian standard time), i feel the chillness in the back of my body say my spinal column and too exactly opposite to the heart. Some times chillness or some thing is spread on my head after finished my meditation. Some times heart beat sound hearing in t he ear while doing meditation only and not in ordinary time.

Can you please explain me why it happening like that.

Shannon says March 2, 2017

I have had a life altering experience which has Reopened, as I said Reopened my connection to a greater power or a sense of spiritual enlightenment. As I have become more open and felt a very strong urge to engage myself with others in discussion, I came to understand why I always knew things but could not explain why. My spirit guide or angel directed me to my answer: Claircognizance. I too experience chills or goosebumps all the time and by reading this a light bulb went off. When I am in a conversation and completely intuned with my “others” I will stop in mid sentence and say out loud “wow that just gave me chills”, the connection makes sense and feels right. I thank you for writting this and bringing to my attention that I need to pay closer attention to what “They” are trying to tell me. I know I am back on my path and the hurdles or short cuts that had led up to my awakening were necessary for my growth. However the mistakes or shortcutsthat I took have left a mess that I am now facing. As hard or scary everyday is for me, I have a sense of peace. I can’t explain it but I just know that everything will work out, and since I have trusted in this sense of “knowing” I always have exactly what I need when its needed. It is truly the most powerful sense of awareness when I finally understood the meaning of “Let go, and let God”.

David says March 1, 2017

I started to feel these chills and i looked it up and this was the first to pop up. As i read i felt more and more and it explained everything. I hope i understood what it meant but thank you for putting this information on here

Guy 2.0 says February 27, 2017

You may not be far off, however, are you sure each time they happen that it is them sending a sign? I learned how to control and manually activate head chills to fall down through my body causing goosebumps, and have been finding it a bit strange that I can immediate activate this “goosebump chill” response. What does it mean, and why can my new breathing technique activate it, and what is the tingle sensation for?

ninu says February 27, 2017

yes i do have this sort of chill, whenever i read bible, or hear the word of god, or talk to my friends about gods word

    Catherine says March 7, 2017

    ME TOO!!!
    Whenever I talk about God and the Bible with my friend who shares my interests and amazement with the spiritual world these chills happen to the both of us at exactly the same time!
    Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling?!

Kayley says February 17, 2017

Thank you for sharing your experience. I lost my little brother jan 2016 I always got goosebumps but now I feel them often and I am happy inside to feel that connection and grateful that someone shares that experience 🙂

christine says February 15, 2017

There have been a few odd things to happen. One night my husband was in his hobby room when he could not sleep. He said he was working at his table when something poked him in the back, like a finger jab. Another time, my sister lost an earring in my house. We looked high and low for that earring and could not find it. Then one day my husband came home and found the earring lying in the middle of the floor as if it were just placed there. Finally last night I was in the kitchen talking with my husband and I felt a sudden shudder. I turned my head to the right and saw a sort of rippling effect. I am not sure what to think!!

Matthew says February 15, 2017

Last year January 20th my wife and I had our first baby!( Boy) Mason! He unfortunately died an hour after birth! Very bad year to say the least! But good news I have gotten chills off and on when I talk about my son! Or just out of the blue. I know this sounds crazy but one day I heard my son say HI Daddy while at work! Does this happen in your experience?

Chris says February 10, 2017

This has been happening to me more often the past week. It may have been happening even before but I didn’t really start noticing until recently. Last week my mom and I went to her friend’s place where she was having a medium over. I have always been fascinated by this stuff so I was quite excited. I didn’t reveal anything other than my first name when I met her. But during the session, she seemed to come back to me quite often and she revealed that I did have abilities. From the time I was a child I always felt there was something different about me. I knew I sensed things and experienced a variety of activity. I have always been looking for something just to confirm because I had never been sure (I suffer from Anxiety and ADD so I didn’t know if it was just that). But the fact that I only felt it on half my body (back of head to lower back like someone had run their hand down my body). I wasn’t quite sure, then I came across this article and when I read it I felt my hand hit the desk as my surprise hit me.

Harper Woods says February 8, 2017

Wooow!!! I’m at a lost for words. Glad to know there’s a positive explanation for this feeling….

Tosha says February 5, 2017

I have shivers that happen. I’ll be sitting or standing, anything really and sometimes I end up getting these cold shivers. Not cold shivers but I had a few experiences with goosebumps and ear ringing. I am a strong believer in Jesus and spirituality. I can sense certain energy a and sometimes I see auras. Ive been working on walking more into Gods path for me. I don’t believ I’m a full physic but have very little in me. The shivers though. I have those sometimes out of the blue and this article has helped me out a bit 🙂

Me says February 2, 2017

I have felt these before every time I pray and under various circumstances.. but recently I started more meditation (throat and head humming) and brainwave entrainment practices, and now I can activate the “chills” and consciously make them fall from my forehead down through my shoulders, arms, legs, groin, etc. Using a specific type of inhalation, and expelling it with a form of head humming.. really confused as to how I can make them happen any time I want to now. help?

Beth Hanley-Adams says January 31, 2017

I get chills alot usually on my right side on the outer part of my thigh and calf…or i get the tingling like that on the side and back of my head. What would it mean being on the leg like that?

Stuart says January 31, 2017

For me I only have to say a word. Like healing faith IAM stuff like that and I get the chills. But if I say egg and chips there’s no chills. Sending out healing is really powerful feel that right through my body ?

Hope says January 29, 2017

Hi, I’ve always wondered why I get chills when something beautiful and happy has happened to people I know. For instance something special in their lives like a baby being born or a proposal from a partner. I also get chills when someone speaks or is upset about a loved one passing away, it almost feels like the person that has passed is near. I know this sounds strange but could it be posssible? When a family member passed a few years ago I was having a steaming hot shower and the chills went through my body as I was thinking about my family member that had passed on only days earlier.

Fred Jenkins says January 23, 2017

Spiritual chills? I am experiencing that sensation almost daily now. I never really bothered about it in the past but now. Im laying down reflecting on things, think of a past moment, associate it with a song and the characters change, then all of a sudden I’m mentally off somewhere leaving me wondering what’s going on. No disrespect but I don’t believe in spiritual angelic going on, s

BRetta says January 18, 2017

Hi I have been practicing Buddhism for 26 years and used this successfully to tap my inner wisdom. With time my timing and wisdom have become more distinct. I was introduced to forms of magic – by my husband 10 years ago. Recently I have become quite intuitive and psychic even. Tonight I got my tarot cards out and pulled one to meditate on it was the death card. While meditating I had the chills up my spine and saw your article. Thank you so much and interestingly I have been getting number sequences and other symbols to suggest my angel guides are with me. Now I’m very spiritual but never thought much about angels. I think there is some kind of message coming through I am not sure if yet except that I am not alone. Thanks again!

Denise Roth says January 15, 2017

I am getting cold chills more and more often with my thoughts and I do feel it’s spiritual confirmation.
It’s beautiful comforting & reassuring. Happens when I least expect it ..wish I could be reassured at times when I look for reassurance ..but I am soooo very thankful when the angels reach out at the times they do ..they must believe those times are most important xo

Lenny S says January 11, 2017

Yes, fantastic, thank you for this!

I’ve been an eccentric all my life, very isolated (but not lonely). I remember these buzzes originated with me through epic scenes in films with dramatic musical melodies. The theme tended to be love/justice prevails…

I was always obsessed with God stuff. At 16/17 I got into eastern mysticism after parting with Christianity but then at 26 returned to Christ and became ardent in prayer and purification behaviors (attempting to diminish bad behaviors)…

I look at Christ as the Light, the Creator embodied, but I see Him as having known the eastern ways and even some of the religious Native Americans. It’s a strange view but I think His version of “Father” was more of the Infinite Spirit rather than the Judaic Jehova. (God help me if I’m wrong lol)

Anyways, as I’ve put my prayers into a true virtue focus, I’ve constantly had nonstop tears flowing from my face when I pray to the Divine Mother. Her presence is beyond anything this world has to offer. Once I knew the Lord, which was a bit distinct. The “breath of God”, Holy Ghost, commonly hits me when I feel my sorrow for not being able to be righteous and I plea that God can give me the ability to serve all others… the more humility the greater the response seems to be.

I was recently thrown in a situation where all I could do was sit in a room with absolutely nothing for hours. Prayer was it. I wonder if I’ll ever have that blessing again. I basically became overwhelmed by how real these sensations you’re referring to became, the entirety of Heaven seemed to be tuned in with me.

Sadly we live in a severely mundane world. I’m also plagued by an overly rational mind and hypochondriasm/anxiety, so I can’t quite trust in the Spirit, to my despair.

Puntajali (150 B.C Indian mystic) described several processes that awaken psychic powers:
1) Birth
2) Prayer
3) Creative Insight (Wisdom)
4) Concentration/Meditation
5) Purification acts (abstinence/renunciation)
6) Drugs (not advised)

Now Jesus hit on something else.. “Blessed are the meek… blessed are the pure at heart… blessed are those who thirst after righteousness (wish they were good but don’t pretend to be)… blessed are the poor (the contrite, the humble)…”

My impression is that half of the work being done is the Holy Spirit (God’s Spirit) purifying the inner being of the person. This is particular powerful and beneficial if intense tears accompany such moments of Grace. A person should try to empty their minds of what they think is true and what is needed for the world and just allow the Divine to reveal it to you. These tears will make you ten years younger.


Laura says January 6, 2017

I just read your blog on spiritual chills. I’m hoping you might answer this for me. Last night I hugged my grandson 19, love of my life. As I did so I felt a strong chill which brings me to the question of why? Concerned, puzzled and curious.

Peta says January 5, 2017

Hi, I use to get these shivers years ago when ever Gary was around me. Not only that but I could feel his energy. I was drawn to him. He made my hands shake sometimes. And seeing him was always like seeing him for the first time.even though I had known him for most of my adult life.
Now he has passed away I’ve been getting these shivers again. Goose bumps on my thighs too. And sometimes my hands will shake. The way they use to when he was around. I never did understand it?

Brianna says December 30, 2016

Please help me I don’t know what is going on with my body and how I feel I need to know what it means or how to understand it to grow on it!

    Robb says January 3, 2017

    I have experienced the same experience in the past year of my life and now have some more reasonable understanding towards what it is to be an empath. And discovered that I can heal people as well. It’s pretty fucking cool. Focus on seeking truths but wait until they find you. Let me know if you want to know more

Natalie F says December 29, 2016

I get this intense chills or vibrating feeling when I think of people who’ve passed and/or are hurting. My mother calls me an empath. Anywhere I go people open their hearts and their stories to me. I try to help and I’ve had 2 friends commit suicide. I hold so much guilt about not being able to help enough. They both believed they loved me at one time, but I did not love them that way. I feel like in people’s sadness they reach for love and companionship and convince themselves it’s real. I thought of my friend today and I got chills over my whole body in surging waves and I believe it means he was here with me but I’m not sure about such things. My mother is more attune with things like this and I just brushed it off until now. It was uncontrollable waves of energy that I cannot attribute to anything other than the spirit of my friend.

K,C says December 26, 2016

So two nights ago , I was sitting in my car outside of a restaurant with my high school sweetheart that I haven’t seen in over 5 years because the went away to school and joined the army . So we in the car talking and all of a sudden a chill hit me hard out of nowhere . He looked at me and thought something was wrong . I have experienced this before but never paying attention to it. The second time I felt it he said he got one at the same time . Still didn’t pay no attention to it . But it crossed my mind not too long ago to google and see what it meant . I wish I knew what we were talking about in particular so I can see if that was some type of conformation .

I.O says December 22, 2016

I’ve been experiencing chills for about 6month thru my body . it happened only in one of my kids room .My dauther ,my father or my son.they all saying same things they see a woman in the room. Now when they moved out of the house I was thinking what is this?I personally didn’t see her.

jessie says December 20, 2016

i recently lost someone who loved me and i loved very much. an ex biyfriend.. i get the hills when i call out his name, cry for him or talk to him… could it be him or am i imagining things?

Annastasia says December 15, 2016

I have been having a Patch of “chills” on my left thigh only, my chills” began yesterday off and on. Today I noticed the “chills” a little more frequently but, still only on the top of my left thigh! the area of the chills is about the size of my hand. I have payed attention to what may be causing this to happen, I am at a loss though. It’s not when I’m thinking of someone or something, it’s when I’m busy at work Or sitting on the couch watching T.V., sitting in the bathroom even!!!!
Nothing like this has happened in the past, I did look up if something more medical could be causing these goosebump chills too. I am just hoping you can help me eliminate one or the other.
Thank you for your time & help

Teresa says December 14, 2016

I started getting chills to my lower legs and strong chills to the top of my head right after my son passed away. I get very strong chills during meditation to the top of my head.

rachelle thomas says December 14, 2016

I’ve been experiencing chills for the last 2 days thru my body . it comes very often like every 5-10mins . what does that mean and is that a good thing or bad thing

Walter says December 13, 2016

I get chills in random spots in my body when I feel empathy or understanding about something I see or here. I often have dejavu and while it occurs, I have a strong urge to change what I recall doing or saying in the sudden memory, I feel joy from this oddly. I also hear a faint ringing sometimes that completely pulls me away from my focus, and I can sense witch direction it comes from. I don’t necessarily see things but sometimes I catch the world glitching. I know these are random but I just want to know if anybody else has experienced anything similar. This

Chris says December 12, 2016

Yeah been getting this since I was a small child 42 now and get it most of the time now, I think anyone can do it you just have to tune in, much love peeps.

Bob says December 9, 2016

Hello, I have been seeing spirits and angels on other dimensions for years. Also had ET experiences. I always denied it but over time I have learned about it some. But my big journey started on November 11 when I came across the term starseed on the internet. I read lots of characteristics and I have so many it sounds exactly like me. I think my mom may be one too but she is a stubborn catholic ,(not saying Catholics are stubborn) , and claims she’s open minded but I can tell she is not, about this subject at least. Especially the incarnation.

But I get these chills all the time. Literally every hour, probably multiple times. And I realized it was when I have very deep profound and spiritual thoughts which is often. I thought It may be my spirit guides, angels, or inner truth or all of the above. But I am glad to confirm other people have the same views as me on this subject. I am only 19 and in college and this is a huge change in direction of my life but I am loving it. Trying to take it slow but the spirit of a bat visited me while trying to sleep. I heard it’s wings around me flapping and felt something small land on me. I grabbed it while half asleep and heard a high pitches squeak and felt it move in my hand so I let go. It startled me so I opened my eyes and saw a distorted blur, like from another dimension, move across my bed.

I took that as a sign my life is going to drastically change in ways I can not fully understand right now, nor expect.

    Amy says December 24, 2016

    For the commenter, Bob,

    I got chills again reading your post. Another synchronicity for me as you mentioned Star Seed. I had my first real spiritual experience in a restaurant in Austin, TX called Star Seeds. My ego completely dissolved for about 20 minutes. I went on a massive spiritual search after. Did lots and lots of meditation for many years. I came across this article because I was looking for some explanation of these chills I keep getting that seem to coincide with ideas and images that make me feel like I am “on track” as if the spiritual realm has opened up. Not sure what it all means. But it is fascinating.

James says December 4, 2016

Thank you, I felt like googling “goosebumps during meditation ” and this article contained exactly what I experienced during a conversation with God, specifically a big “chill” surge of warmth flowing through my body as a sign that I’m right about something or being on track with what I want to do, I felt it just reading parts of it now

Denise Renay Conard says December 4, 2016

I was just sitting around got a big cold chill all down my back it will last for a while to start then stop start and stop just out of nowhere and then my eyes will start watering like I’m about to cry out of the blue and I didn’t feel like crying at the time and had no reason to cry so I figured it was my baby son my grandma my grandpa my dad and my best friend

Tammy says November 21, 2016

One of the last movies my fiance and I watched before he passed away unexpectedly was De-Lovely. One year into my grief, I came across the movie on cable. As the song “So in Love” came on, I was overwhelmed with goosebumps and the feeling of electricity running through my body. I’ve never had goosebumps last this long, and they were with me through the entire song. I wasn’t very familiar with the song, so I had to look up the lyrics, which perfectly reflect the devotion my fiance and I had to one another. I guess either I’m nuts or it was a sign from the other side that I’m still loved.

Virginia M says November 20, 2016

I feel chills running up and down my body when I’m having conversations about loved ones that have passed. It’s a very strong feeling that I have to mention it to the person I’m speaking to becuz it gets intense and stronger as we speak. Will occur again with any has to do with that person. It’s a very strong energy that I can not explain. I find myself A lot of times just sitting there and feeling a enormous joy within my self. Feeling reminded and blessed❤
Thank you for letting me share…
I have wanted to express this feeling for a long time.

Marlene H says November 18, 2016

I get chills quit often. If I really think about when it happens it’s when I am really happy for someone a lot of the time. I also have a lot of happy tears for people. I feel blessed. I hear not all people have even experienced happy tears. My chills come often and pretty regularly.

Marianne says November 14, 2016

Yesterday I thanked my angels and guides before asking them to protect me from a family member’s negative behavior toward me. I abruptly woke this AM with the sensation of vibrations or intense tingling in both my arms that I put my hand out to see if I was in fact shaking which I wasn’t. It felt as if something or someone was trying to touch my spiritually body. Any thoughts to share?

Selina says November 11, 2016

I asked the angels to guide a particular person to contact me as a sign. I got three chills/shivers and goosebumps… i then google and found your page

Jay says November 10, 2016

I was watching a prayer video about god , felt the chills immedietly looked this up read it and got more chills… HES REAL

Jason says November 5, 2016

I get chills sometimes, but in one instance I get it when I talk to a friend who I want to cut off and annoys me when we talk on phone about sports, what could that mean?

Brunilda Amaro says October 24, 2016


I was listening to your meditation the High Vibrational Healing one and I felt this chills/thingling sensation on my left side of my body. The next day I felt this pain on that same side of my body, I woke up in middle of the night and did the mediation again and I started slowly feeling less pain. This never happen to me before so I was questioning whether this a sign to pay more attention to my health? Bruni

Shaine says October 22, 2016

How do you know if the chills were your angels/guides…..or a departed loved one???

Joshua says October 16, 2016

Let me start by saying this happened at a time when I was very spiritually centered and close to God, free from unrighteousness. At least in comparison to my past. I had, and still have, lived with the TV and distractions off, trying to limit the evil and distracting messages coming into my heart and mind.
I was at church and there is a woman there who was, and still is, in very bad health. Almost on the brink of death, at least according to the medical community. She was and is still suffering from kidney problems and possibly cancer. I am not very close to her at all, merely acquaintances.
I was fellowshipping with the people there and she was sitting at a table with approximately 6 other women. I followed the nudge of the Holy Spirit and hugged 5 of them and all was normal. I got to her and she did not turn to receive a hug, as she was sitting, but I still reached around her and side hugged her from the back. Immediately upon touching her my insides broke down weeping. It was all I could do not to break down on the spot sobbing. I immediately broke the physical contact and got away, mainly to keep from sobbing in front of these ladies.
I have remained very confused about the meaning of this. I told her about this a week after it happened. I told her I didn’t know the meaning but that I felt like I was supposed to tell her.
Since then she has had to undergo a very very serious surgery that she almost died from, and is still on the brink. Far from being free and clear of the normal worry about death and dying experienced by most “healthy” people.
Now I can only look back on this and wonder if it was a type of foresight into the drastic turn her already poor health was going to take, for the worse. At the time I thought it was more about the condition of her heart and soul, wondering if she was in that much pain and agony inside.

This situation is perplexing to me, although some clarity is starting to manifest. I’m definitely open to insight.

Patti says October 13, 2016

I stayed in the home of a Reiki Master, Herbalist, and clairvoyant for a weekend. The entire weekend I could not get warm. My feet were freezing, I wore my outdoor poncho inside the house wrapped in a blanket the entire weekend. My intuition is telling me that I should have left immediately. What is your take?

    Dianne says October 31, 2016

    Patti, I am writing a book about my spiritual realization and growth with my spiritual mentor. Every time I sit and write, I get so cold and cannot seem to get warm. I put on two or three pairs of socks and sweatshirts with flannel shirt over that and still need to put a lap warmer on me. Even in warm weather I am chilled. It is my understanding that the spiritual connection can do that. Re: your weekend…I think I would have told the Reiki Master what you were experiencing and get his/her take on your chilling experience.


Heather says October 9, 2016

Last night while I was in bed I saw a white light at my right side between my bedroom wall and myself. I reached out to touch it and my whole upper body from my head to my waist line got this intense tingling feeling. I became scared and closed my eyes until the tingling stopped, which was about 10-20 seconds later. When I opened my eyes the light was gone, I said a prayer and went to sleep. The top of my head has had an itchy/tingling feeling ever since waking up today. I keep wondering if maybe I was dreaming and didn’t realize it? Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Does anyone know what this could have been? I’ve never believed in this kind of stuff before, I’m very confused right now.

    Tamara says October 16, 2016

    Why be afraid? Only angelic beings can touch, or affect us through the upper chakras! You are connecting with your spirit guide, and its time to become aware and open up to your higher consciousness. You are now beginning a spiritual journey, learn everything you can, its very important now.

      Heather says November 2, 2016

      Thank you Tamara. I will do some research on how to open up to my higher consciousness and connect with my spirit guide. Do you have any suggestions on where I can start?

    Benny says November 18, 2016

    Extraterrestrial? ?

Emerald says October 1, 2016

question…so my moms hubby ran into an old frind of his from school who is now married to a a women who does chakra and my mom is all into it she has been asking me to do it n I say I’m good not into that stuff and ive been going to church n reading my bible so don’t want to mess up what I got…but she keeps insisting and I was looking through my moms fb friends looking for a fam member I seen the womens page n clicked on her pic and immediately got the chills on the back of my right thigh. don’t believe in her works just been wondering if I’m the one that’s wrong but that chill was crazy n thought id look it up to see what it meant

Bevin Wolfsong says August 30, 2016

Yesterday I got my first chill, and it was such a rush. I was walking outside, nowhere near a source of cool air, and the wind wasn’t blowing. Suddenly I got goosebumps on my head, down my spine, and on my legs. I tried asking questions to find out if it was my thoughts or the place I was in, but I didn’t really get an answer. The goosebumps stayed with me until I got back to my front door. I’m really excited about this, because my psychic abilities have really been growing and evolving a lot lately.

    Edward says September 3, 2016

    My youngest brother is on his death bed, in the hosiptal. His three kids are with him, along with his second wife. All three kids experience a chill from the top of their heads to their toes, at the same time. What could this mean?

    chris says September 16, 2016

    I get the chills so bad at times it stops me in my tracks and it can go on and off all day long

Ilona Bergen says August 1, 2016

Great article. My experience shocked me at first. A deceased loved one, deceased 19 years, came to me in a dream recently. Now I never remember that I dream so when I saw him and his smile it woke me. I was in shock. Yes I thought of him from time to time but this was different. He ws in the room. I felt for days a heavy presence. I started research thing and adking him questions. The next day was his birthday but not teally sugnificant. Then I asked” am I not to go on my cruise in 6 days”. No you can go was the answer. Should I not fly I asked, no go fly was the response. Then I even asked if he was hereto take me and he said no. Now the answers were in my head but Iknew coming from him. He was with me the whole cruise, would lihten up then heavier. Sitting on the deck on day I realized why he had come. I had been praying for guidance and a sense of direction. My oldest son put it this way. ” Mom you’ve been praying for help. You probably weren’t listening so GOD sent someone to you thst you would listen to”. Makes sence to me. This man I have know all my life. He was 27 years older than I and from as far back as I can remember he and I had this strong connection. My mom use to say” you 2 have always hard this thing”. When I last spoke to him, I was 45, he was helping me with a move back home and guiding me with formulating my resume and helping me with finding a plce. He lived in California, I in Missouti. Cali is my home. We were both dingle, when I came to town we would get together usually twice during that week. We would speak twice a week on the phone if not more. We had a platonic relationship, nothing sexual had ever happened.He was making plans for after I was moved. Ex: a BBQ with kids in the pool and us just hanging out. Two days after this conversation he had a massive coronsry and was gone. I was so broken, devastated but I had still 3 kids at home. I believe I put all the emotions about him in a box and locked it away in my head. After battling cancer in 14 and a massive blood clot in my lung this January it changes you. Now with an empty nest I was searching for a purpose. Thats why the prayers which GOD answered with this man who I can honestly ssy I loved from age 4 on.
My youngest son tells me this location where I get this chill is through the heart chakra. Its usually quick. I feel is start and like it passes through me. I don’t feel it anywhere else. It comforts me, sometimes brings me to tears. Then I hear ,don’t cry.

People wouldthink I am crazy. None of my family nor friends know all this.

    Jaylin says August 20, 2016

    yes, its funny because ive been catching chills lately , probably because im connecting to god more , i mean but when i was in a zone going all in , nothing happen , i mean like , all in the bible , listeing to church songs whatever but then i caught myself sinning (pornography ) and started slowly disconnecting from god, which led me to repenting everyday, iguess thats what i needed because i had an urge to stop, and i opened this book and it told me the reason i find myself sinning is because i wasnt close to god, but instead close to religion , once i started having a relationship with god, now im starting to get chills, it didnt happen over night but surely annuff, (week or 2) i started getting them, 🙂

Ray says July 31, 2016

I finished watching a romantic movie with my girl friend and as she got up and went to our bedroom she saw a dark shadow standing at the end of our bed corner, the side I sleep on. She saw this with the corner of her eye and then when she look over it was gone. She come out of the room and told me what happened. I immediately went into the room and she told me where she saw the shadow. And right when I entered the room my body started to feel chills and goose bumps. The closers I got to the spot the stronger the chills and goose bumps. When I was in that spot standing looking around and talking to my GF the chills were very strong and vibrating all through my body and up out of my bald head. I also found my speech to be slurping.

I wasn’t scared just curious.

What just happened to me?

    Tamara says October 16, 2016

    Ray you are sensitive to earthbound spirits. Learn about the violet flame, or white light the entire room, give unconditional love energy to this being and help it move on. Like moth to a flame, and you are the flame, is why it came to you. Nice ability, you are a light worker!

Steven says July 30, 2016

I get these chills and goose bumps seriously like all of the time absolutely loads and loads. even as I started to write this I’m getting them!!!

Kathy says July 25, 2016

My mother was dying from myasthenia gravis in 2015. She was on life support in June, and the family had to make the decision to ‘pull the plug’, as was what she had wanted when she was well. She was unable to communicate in the later phase. Surgery was strongly suggested by the doctors to prolong her life and bring her into a better state, but there was no guarantee, and it would not bring her back to 100%. While in her room, I felt that she did NOT want to be ‘unplugged’. I did not tell the family, because they don’t listen to me, and I didn’t want to rock the boat. I’m the blacksheep. Well, this past weekend, we had a mass in memoriam of her passing. The night before the service, I awoke twice with very powerful chills. This was weird because it was a very warm night. I was staying in the house where she lived a lot of her life. I feel terrible about not sticking up for her when I thought she wanted to live. Could these chills be from her saying it’s okay? I did not like the chills.

    Karen says September 19, 2016

    Mom made till she was 91.an I’m always thinking of her day an night I miss her so bad .ive been getting chills ere an there ,on moms day we arranged horses an carriage I wanted only th best for me mom as she was an is my queen .after all wen my dad passed in 1972 mom brought three of us up never bothered with ne1 else, new au on moms day we wer all broken hearted an she all wanted cremation so we filled the hurst an horses up to the church it was a grey day little chilly on the way out of the church I had me head on my sons shoulder crying as it was finel an I felt a very was sensation go though my feet all the way up an out my body lasted bout 3sec an gone my son said he watched the sun came though an gone never happened since I really miss her so much I keep askin for another sign … I never felt nothing like that in my life .the thought keeps me warm thow

      Karen says September 19, 2016

      I ment followed hurst an horses up too the church

Alex says July 1, 2016

U mentioned a lot of valuable information rehearing angels and spirit guides. But what u didn’t mention is what If these chills are from a evil entity? I’ve had an experience in which a very cold flow of air brushed over me and my girlfriend in a house where I have detected this same negative entity on numerous occasions in the past but never did it flow over me as it did that day. What would that mean? If I had to say what my explanation was, was that it was aroused by my girlfriend as it flowed over her head and over my legs as I was resting on the couch with my gf with my legs towards her head and her legs towards my head. We both had definitely felt it in summer time temperatures with all windows and doors in the room closed.

    Melanie Beckler says July 1, 2016

    I recommend invoking Archangel Michael… Ask him to surround you with his royal blue light of protection… Also, call in Mother Mary, Michael and Jesus to release any and all negative entities or earthbound spirits into the light.

Candance says June 25, 2016

So yes I definitely would consider myself a newbie in this path to consciousness. However, I wanted to get an answer to a question so I centered myself grabbed my karma cards and proceeded to use them. As I I shuffled each deck, while the cards was in my hand I would feel this shiver/chill come through my whole body. However, when I put the cards down the sensation was completely gone. On which how I came about to this page. Any suggestions besides staying aware because I KNOW this a “something” that I definitely have a gift for and need some getting use to

Trayvonte says June 24, 2016

I give send and receive and i get them and give them especially what i meditate I come to people that need me every day befor they know it im i can since things i never belived this was possible when i was little now im liveing a new life and been tryin to seek how iv been doin and knowing these things it is so amazing now im developing and under standing more

Sumit mandmandlik says May 12, 2016

This thing what your saying spiritual chills I experience daily more than 6 to 7 time I just feel like a bolt of current pass through my body starting from my head to toe….and now I can control the flow of that current to…..if u know something plzz help me

Stacy says May 6, 2016

I’m really not sure if this was spiritual or not but when i got done talking to someone that i know personally online i got this weird ice cold sensation fill my upper body and a faint “i love you feeling” following that what does it mean? please reply.

Dawn says April 26, 2016

A few weeks ago, I went out to the wilderness to see if I could psychically connect with a friend of mine. We think we have known each other in past lives. So I set up my tent in the middle of nowhere. And I meditated. I also asked I guess source energy for my senses to be stregthened. And something happened. It’s been nearly two weeks of these chills. I love it, I feel almost high. Very good feeling.
I know I made contact with my friend and I know he has something to do with the chills. All I have to do is say his name and its immediate. So weird. And so cool.

Cg says April 16, 2016

duuuude im totally getting the chills right now, and also while i read the article. a sign i am on the right track perhaps!

LaMontize says April 16, 2016

after reading this article I have come to realize that I have experienced chills just as everyone else who has posted has. I have been experiencing chills since I was four years of age it has started a long time ago and it happens randomly I wish I knew what my angels are telling me every time I had them after reading this article it gives me more clarity on what it may be that is giving me the chills. However I would like to know more about how I can control these chills and how I can see more than two what my angels are trying to tell me. Please give me any recommendation that you think that would be helpful to me

Edwin Caldas says April 13, 2016


I am a dedicated philosopher with a passion for lucid dreaming, looking for other experience I started my path in creating my understanding of spiritual enlightenment.there was a time in my life where I experienced a life or death moment, which for the first time caused chills to shoot from the bottom of my spine to the top of my head. Since then I’ve trained myself to intensify my chills, I can consciously channel my chills to my head but can’t seem to recreate the starting chill from the bottom of my spine to the top of my head… When its convenient I’d appreciate your opinion..

Mark says March 13, 2016

I have experienced a lot during my life. I have been visited by spirits.
I lived my life not knowing what I was born.
A few years ago I experienced what research tells me was a twin soul meeting.
This made what I had, stronger and more frequent. I was being told my future, a lot of it trivial, I think to get my attention and they did.
Once I realized I was experiencing mediumship, I started to go to classes.
I stopped going as I could never do anything on request.
I received an email from a medium who had given me a reading to go to a workshop.
At this workshop I was called to the front and asked to connect to my guides.
I was told I had 4 with me, I thought I was about to fail in front of a room full of people. not so 🙂
After about one minute of me asking my guides to come closer, my third eye started pushing an electrical charge out of my eye brow.
I found it hard to breathe and my throat became sore, then IT happened.
My blood went cold from my legs up my body and I began to shiver.
The room of people saw me shaking.
I was freezing.
This is far from what I see others saying. In all my classes I have never seen anyone do anything like what I did.
Has anyone ever seen this?
I’m confused about what I am able to do, I feel different, even from other mediums. I watch famous mediums on line and cringe. my connection, when it happens is very clear sentences. no guess work required.

Jennifer says March 3, 2016

I just experienced a spiritual chill sitting outside, I asked my angels and source for a sign to clarify how someone feels about me. Immediately a hummingbird appeared and then a powerful jolt feeling like it was coming from my chest and goosebumps down my arm! Truly a beautiful experience! I’ve been trying to learn what this message is while still savoring this whole awareness!

April says March 2, 2016

I recently started reading cards “Talking to Heaven” I started experiencing these chills, from the top of head right down to my feet, my whole body!! Now I’m having them constantly, not just during readings. Infact when I started reading this article, which I searched for looking for answers to this sensation, I again got the chills! A couple weeks ago, I was with a woman who was in need of a reading, before we began we were talking about some issues in her life, I was offering support by suggesting some possible solutions for her to consider, one suggestion in particular ” when I said it out loud, I knew without a doubt her mother who had passed a while back was giving a clear and concise nudge to tell her to take my advice, the explosion of chills I felt was overwhelming for me, I could feel her as though she was as solid as I am. Since then I have said things to perfect strangers, because there is no other choice. Do you have any advice of what my next step should be?

sonya sant says February 29, 2016

im an assistant in an indigenous aged care facility and the second time I went into this old ladies room I felt the chills all over even through my head, now everytime I go past the room I get chills not as bad but I get them, ive been wearing oils an crystals to what should I Do ? please

Kimberly says February 26, 2016

I have known for a long time that certain things come to me in my dreams..I will actually know I am in a dream and tell loved ones certain things. I see 7 11 everywhere..both my children were 7 11 yet one was a boy one a girl and I gained way more with my son..but yet same weight right to the ounce. I see this number everyday..what does this mean?

Rebecca says February 21, 2016

WOW!! Thank you SO much for this article Melanie! After reading this I received the much needed confirmation I wasn’t just going nuts lol. It was about 2 1/2 years ago when I really tuned into these “spiritual chills”…… My brother received unfortunate news his best friend John had just passed. I followed him outside to the porch; it was a very hot & humid evening. And each time “John’s” name was mentioned I was getting these warn fuzzy goose-bumps on my right arm?? At first I’m thinking, “Why am I getting goose-bump chills on a hot & humid night”?? Whether I was right or wrong I said to my brother, “John is here with you right now talk to him”. Although I have kept this to myself (except for now lol), somehow I just KNEW there was more meaning to these Spiritual Chills!

stephen says February 12, 2016

hi. i get this chill all over my body and goosebumps when im so engrossed in a prayer. yesterday night, i was reading the bible when i stumbled on john 14:14 ^you may ask me for anything in my name and i will do it^ jesus’es words. . . i closed my eyes ryt there and ask Jesus for what i need and immediately i did that, the chil transported from my legs to my head, i felt peace, like an angel was with me taking my request up. great write up.

    Kathy says July 25, 2016

    I’m so glad to read that someone mentioned the name of Jesus. I’m a Christian, and I fight daily to keep my faith. I’ve also read that getting too ‘close’ to spirits in this world is truly from the devil. He can use trickery to win us over. How do I discern what is right and what is wrong? If the Bible is true, this should all be wrong, so it seems.

Astrid says February 8, 2016

I get chills or shivers, something bad happens for example someone punches me or something happens for example someone hugs me……

Clara says February 8, 2016

I get them when someone walks behind me or when someone touches my neck, shoulder, arm and hand. I believe it’s my aura. Thank you for writing this and everybody else’s comments, good to know someone else gets them. My family stare at me like I am weird, when I tell them about it. I sometimes believe there is someone watching me (ghosts).

Lorraine says February 3, 2016

I’ve been getting these since my third eye has been awakened, often as a sign (I think) that my Spirit Guide is with me as I sit quietly with my eyes closed. Sometimes there are several in a wave through my midsection, and sometimes followed by a feeling of warmth. It’s a pleasant sensation. I have not yet learned how to hear messages from them, but will persevere.

alex says January 28, 2016

i have these very often when i think about the future of mine or when i think about society and the world i always thought it was some sign of signal never knew it was something called spiritual chill very happy i found this .

raven says January 13, 2016

I read this because i was at a friends house and then i just started to get a whole bunch of these chills and when that happens something bad usually happens anyways around 10:30 i was rough housing with her and then we stopped but a minute later she punched me she doesnt even know why she did it when i get really bad chills bad luck is always coming my way.

Kimberly says January 9, 2016

I have been getting these chills or surges quite often since I got baptized and saved. It seems like I talk to god a lot now. My mother in law recently got put in ICU and they are not sure if she will make it the Chaplin from the hospital came in and we did a prayer circle and I really got a good one that time. It seems like when I am getting ready for work in the morning I think about her a lot and talk to god about her the chills I get go from my head to my toes. I was also on the phone with my niece today who is in the hospital because she is having a complicated pregnancy and I told her she needs to know it is in gods hands that also sent a chill through my whole body. That is when I got encouraged to find out why I was getting these feelings. I have been told that I have a high Karma and a lot of Angels but I still never really understood.

God Bless,


Donna says January 3, 2016

Felt last night. Woke up to turn off the television. Was startled when I felt the cover move by itself by my feet then an overwheming electric chill ran from my feet up and up my legs and no further than that and then it stopped all at once. Don’t know what it was but I feel really good today.

Natalie Scriven says December 26, 2015

Just recently I have been talking to someone and I have been more spiritual chills then I have before. Also about a week ago my third eye was awaken. I am now looking into course how to tune into my abilities xxx

Nikki says December 22, 2015

The other day I was at a bookstore. I was looking for some literature for a project I was working on. I asked my guides to point me in the right direction. When I picked up a specific book I actually felt a zap run through me. I knew that this was the book that I had been looking for. It feels as if this was a secret book for me and in it has everything I need to get this soul filling project started. I googled this sensation and came across this blog post. I just wanted to share this experience with someone. It feels so magical.

Tim says December 13, 2015

I noticed a chill that starts in my legs and works it’s way up my body when I pray for someone asking for prayers on FB, usually the one in REAL need of prayer. Now I notice that when I talk or pray to god for someone I also get that chill but it’s not cold, it’s more like and energy. After this happens I become exhausted.. nothing is really going on around me expect maybe the TV is on while I’m on my laptop. I also have constant high frequency sound in my head, most of the time I can ignore it however at times it’s extremely loud and makes it to were I cant sleep much.. I don’t understand any of this, I believe in god with all of my heart however I am not a church going person. And I actually don’t even
pray often..

Mel says December 10, 2015

Two days ago I was with some of my close friends to celebrate our Christmas Party. When I reached home I got to bed and prayed for Angel Michael and Angel Uriel for protection and safe sleep. Only after my prayer did I feel a gentle energy kind of cold flowing from my feet to my shoulder as though someone is hugging me or someone put a blanket over me. It did not happen just one it was happening like every time I move there is always this sensation like an energy blanket. I believe in my heart that it is a way for my Angels and guides to assure me that night.

Apryll says December 4, 2015

Not so much a chill but trying to figure out my experience. I was grieving a loss of a friend and fell asleep feeling very despondent. Middle of the night I felt like a bolt of energy zap my right side that woke me straight up that I bolted upright and felt a warm feeling go over my heart. First thing I saw was 2:22 on my clock. Any thoughts?

Alex says November 14, 2015

Ive been getting them since I was child
Here I am 41 yrs later
And I now finally kinda get it.

I was at a dr appt
I got the chills checking out of my visit
The nurse say what was that? I said chills I get them all the time.
Then she says ” maybe you have a 3rd eye”
I just smiled and said maybe but since then I figured out when I get them.
I can be in a crowed room and I see just one certain person it hits me

I’ve never noticed it before but now I’m seeing it because of what that you’re said to me and then I fall back on the nurse commenting me on having a 3rd

And I remember the day I was checking out I happend to look at a little old lady and it hit me.

It happens all the time what can I do is it to late to learn ???

lezlie barrientez says October 28, 2015

I experienced this as my husband shares with me while his on Facebook chills up my arms hours later i call my friends only son to tell him i learned of his mom death and i start to tell him what his mother meant to me how she loved him how i know god is in his presence and how his mama is too i start feeling this again except it is really really strong as if she is telling me yes yes i never had felt this in the pass wow am i blessed

Genesis says October 24, 2015

I get them all the time constantly. I know its weird but while I’m driving and there’s an animal that has been killed in the road I get them each time, even if I don’t see the road kill I’ll get the shock through my body and when I look around I know I’ll see a dead animal. Also when I’m home I get the the chill and it’s not a regular chill my whole body jerk and I feel like something is going through my body. It happens to me alot not just sometimes and I don’t quite understand I feel like there’s more to it but I cannot figure out what it’s this and so many other things. I know this is just a website but I would appreciate any advice on what I should do

april lindsey says October 21, 2015

looking at all of these amazing stories, gosh I thought was some type of freak. I only get the chills when im in the company of people that are dealing with demonic spirits within themselves. the negative energy is so heavy my hands begin to tremble. then I get this very uncomfortable feeling on the inside. that makes me want to faint. so I sit calmly and tried to get a good look in there eyes if I cant feel no type of cry out for help I leave that person right where he or she is at.

Jaclyn says September 22, 2015

I recently started coming aware of these overwhelming sintations of energy flowing through my body sending goosebumps and chills down my arms and body and knew they were no common chills of being cold or usual explanations. As each time I have experienced them, the first I was in this amazing spiritual bookstore surrounded by amazing books, stones, incinise and plenty more beautiful spiritual items, the second was a very clear message to me that these had to have a deeper meaning that I was overlooking, I decided to try a wish paper for the first time, I wrote my wish own on the wish paper, dropped some special spell candle wax in which was related to the wish I had written on my wish paper, and i even had my special buddha charm that I keep on a necklace that I wear constantly, lying on the wish paper platform, and as I lit my wish paper with the spell candle I drastically started feeling these deep overwhelming feelings of energy just flowing through my body and sending chills down my arms and and whole body and this great vibrational sensation through where my third eye is located sending tingles even through my head! I thought this was such a crazy phenomenal feeling. And knew it meant something but still hadn’t thought too deep about it, until later that same night I picked up my little sacred bag of stones that I had collected while on a trip in California ( which this was where I had my beautiful spiritual awaken and experienced the best time of my life as my eyes were finally open TO the beauty of life itself and I was finally able to find and truly know and love myself) but when I picked up that bag and just wrapped my hands around my precious stones that feeling once again totally took over my body and gave me these chills and feeling of that energy just flowing all through my body. That was then when I decided to look up what this had to mean! And I simply searched these symptoms and what do you know, the first thing that popped up in google was this site, and all I could notice were the words spiritual chills, and I instantly got them once again and this time with an overload of a nothing but a feeling of happiness and love. And after reading what this site had to share, I am so blessed to have came a crossed this page and learned this knowledge that was shared. So thank you so much for taking the time to share this beautiful information with us. It definitely brought a very happy moment into my life.

Robyn says September 17, 2015

Hi. I JUST had this intense sensation go through my body and had to look it up. I was not feeling well all day – too much sugar kind of feeling – so I had some food. After that I was feeling better. I was texting with a friend whom I’ve had feelings for for some time now and just had coffee with earlier today. While thinking about him, I had a sensation travel through my whole body, radiating out from my chest, followed by an after-tide of whole body shivers. I am fairly in tune with my body, and knew immediately this was good – very different from cold chills, not a “warning” type of feeling at all. But I needed to confirm it and I found your site first. I have known this man for years, there is a definite attraction between us (timing has always been an issue), and I have always felt a deeper connection from the start. I needed this confirmation. Thank you.

k says September 13, 2015

I recently had a painful breakup. The other night was I was trying to stop crying praying to god to take the pain away my whole body began to tingle. What could that mean?

Jalen says September 6, 2015

I know this may seem weird, but a couple of weeks ago I was sitting down looking at tv and all of a sudden I felt a hand on my left shoulder and then I felt like someone was trying to give me a hug. it was warm in my room before all of this had happened. But nobody was around me at that time, then I had chills in my spine afterwards, too. what would any of you do if you ever had this happen.

Tim says September 3, 2015

I do get these chills, and energy boosts, even now that i’m writing this, i kinda get angry at times, because if angels do communicate with us, why aren’t they be more clear? why just these chills? Geuss they don’t have email in heaven 😉 anyway, i do feel a very close bound with Arch Angel Michael, one night i felt a discomfort asif something was attacking me, and just as i woke up it was pulled away, still sleepy i automatically said “Michael” asif i automaticaly knew he had helped and protected me. But still i am skeptical about it all, because there are so many people, who claim they have truth on their side, in my opinion, nobody trully knows the truth, but i do like the idea of angels that protect and help people.

Debayour says August 6, 2015

I do have Spiritual Chills especially when I am praying. I ask from within and I received the answer that my prayer has enter the realm of manifestation; that i should be assured that that particul thing I am praying about will soon come to pass. I should just allow the law of growth to act on it

Samantha Lynn says July 27, 2015

As a natural physic medium and empath for 22 years, I have the gift to see, hear, feel, and talk angels and loved ones who’ve crossed over. There were many times when I would be talking to someone and get a chill; as if energy was going through me. I still experience them to this day.

James says July 6, 2015

Yes, I get spiritual chills from my guides and relatives everyday.

Christine says June 29, 2015

Lately I have been getting these chills whenever something bad is about to happen. I feel them mostly on my left or right leg and I just get this bad feeling almost like feeling my heart drop. I’ve never had these chills for something good and I dread thinking about what’s going to happen next after I get these chills because something bad news ALWAYS follows after. I also tend to have a lot of Deja’Vu with some bad feelings that I get after having them. I’m tired of living in fear but it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one that gets this without being cold.

Leila says June 24, 2015

I met this guy about 6 months ago and very often when I talk to him or talk to my Angels about him, I have chills everywhere. Just hope it means we can be together one day, I’m in love with him.

kim says June 8, 2015

i have chills going up and down my spine i know something is going to happend

Nicole says June 3, 2015

I have always had “the chills” I was always told that it was because I am anemic. One night when I was in college I was driving back home late at night and my car began to act weird and the next thing I heard was my grandmother repeating to me “if it happens 3 times stop what you are doing and turn around”. So I listened to her and thankfully made it to a safe location. The next time I heard/felt something that wasn’t there was when I had just given birth to my first daughter. I was sitting in a rocking chair in the hospital room with her and I felt and saw a light outline of a hand on my knee and heard a voice say “everything will be ok”. June and December of that year I lost both of my grandmothers. The next time I felt weird was after I gave birth to my premature 2 lbs 13 oz daughter I was on my way to see her in the hospital when I felt like I needed to call someone and tell them to be careful when they are driving. I called my then husband and everyone else that I had phone numbers to. The next morning we awake to find out that his cousins had been in a tragic car accident. I felt horrible because I didn’t have her number and couldn’t warn her. The last time I heard a voice was when I was being choked out I heard female voices yelling at me to “GET UP, GET UP, GET UP”. When I opened my eyes there was a man yelling at me to “GET UP”.

Cecilia Lawton says June 3, 2015

When you are ready to receive communication you will in abundance!
I have gotten chills for some time now, it almost feels like a protective film of energy. It makes me feel loved and safe, very happy feeling. I’m also receiving dimes with all the same year on them, 2007. Feathers have fallen from the sky in front of me, animals are acting our of character, like they do no fear me and let me walk up very close to them I even have birds landing on my fingers, butterflies landing in my hands etc. Number sequences like 1234, 911, 1111 have been showing up 1234 for about three years now. I am now starting to see partials above peoples heads and auras. At home I see colors and shadows in the corners of my eyes, lights flicker and my electronics are always messing up or breaking. Reading articles like this comforts me 🙂 Love & Light

Crystal says May 17, 2015

I lost a lot of family members the last few years. My mom 3+ years ago, my mother in law 2+ years ago and my nana this past July. Shortly after my nana I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl.

Now every time someone holds my daughter and just shows her love, I get these comforting chills down the back of my neck. It’s so calming… I wonder if these are spiritual chills?!

michelle palmer says May 16, 2015

Dear angels protect guide and teach me new lessons. Give me courage to plan my life and future.Heal me and release negative energy.

Matt says May 8, 2015

I am getting them now. All morning I have been getting them constantly. I have asked my guides “what are you trying to tell me?” I closed my eyes, went into a short meditative state and saw a woman in a pink dress walking towards me.

I have been waiting to hear from someone for a few months now and have an overwhelming feeling that is due to happen..

bhargava says April 28, 2015

What is the meaning that…whenever I am talking or near to one particular person….I am experiencing cooling of body….and shivering?

Please answer me through mail…

Amanda says April 20, 2015

I’ve just been meditating with Michael and have still got the chills around my right knee. I get them quite a bit. At least i now know what they mean ☺

Wendy says April 18, 2015

I started getting goosebumps, or chills, very soon after my mom died in 1985. I heard one of my mom’s favorite Beatle’s songs on the radio, and it was one that isn’t played that often (with the words “I’m so glad that she’s my little girl, I’m so glad I’m telling all the world…”) – all of a sudden I felt massive goosebumps run down my arms and behind my neck. It seemed so obvious that I was almost certain she was around somehow. It still happens to this day, and it’s almost always when one of her favorite songs comes on the radio. I usually turn the radio way up to let her know that I understand she’s there and so she can hear it loud and clear. It continues for the duration of the song and then stops when the song is over. I shared this because I’ve always wondered if it really was her, even though I know in my heart that it is – and if anyone else has had this happen.
Thanks –

Linda says April 2, 2015

I get these chills whenever I think of my grandma who passed almost two years ago…I believe it’s her letting me know she’s always near me…and whenever I call upon my angels for love and protection. I get them all over, and it makes me very emotional. I feel so overfilled with thankfulness and pure love. It’s like feathers are tickling me all over. The most comforting feeling I’ve ever felt. It’s amazing.

ali says March 27, 2015

thanks for the tips…
I get the chills going from the back of my head down into the right side of my body when I talk to my fairy. She just reacts to what i say sometimes that way, and i love it… she gives more chills, like bonus chills when i tell her “I love you”…

Ann Smith says March 19, 2015

This is crazy. I only read some of the info. and comments. It tripped me out, because, i could relate with some of the stuff i was reading.
My experience started when i became an adult and turned my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. When i am talking to someone and get a revelation, i get the chills in reference to a truth that just enlightened me. Or, i will get the chills when i walk past or hear something about certain evil movies or evil things i occasionally here about . Sometime when certain people walk near me, i get the chills which creeps me out. I also started seeing 11:11 and numbers that line up when i was about 15, and my mom told me that she would always see that when God was trying to encourage her about something that she was going through. God Bless you all.
I pray you find blessed answers to your spiritual experiences. :))))))

Stephanie says March 17, 2015

My boyfriend gets the chills when i walk by or touch him sometimes. He is very sensitive, but he tries to push his gift aside as it can be overwhelming for him at times. I ask him what he thinks this means, but he said he does not want to find out. Any advice, clues, what should i do? We have been together for 6 years. Things have not been easy, but we love each other very much. Thanks.

Will says March 8, 2015

I’ve gotten these strongly since I was a kid. One side…or one side followed by the other side. Warm Chills is what I called them.

I got them when I daydreamed of love, when something emotionally charged happened, and when something eerie happened.

The thing is, it happened when something eerie happened without explanation, and almost just as easily when something eerie happened when I later found out a reasonable mundane explanation.

Be careful not to get psyched out.

victoria says March 6, 2015

I get the chills seems all the time. I have had the sense of being very sensitive to spirits at a young age but never put much thought into it until now after becoming closer with god. I almost lost my youngest son about a year and a half ago due to a random shooting. To this day i believe god and his angels saved my son. I get signs from him and them all the time through repeating numbers this is their way of saying hey hello were here. And i need to pay attention. It has made me figure out some things that i didn’t want to find out but if not for them i wouldn’t have and i thank them to my very core.

Linda Jay says March 2, 2015

Today I was thinking about the new partner I know I will soon meet. I was standing on the porch, looking at a camellia tree in bloom. Suddenly a hummingbird flew directly to the tree from the left. At the same time, I felt a distinct chill, just for a minute. I took that as a sign that I am on the right track.

Dana Farr says February 26, 2015

So I’ve gotten these chills several times. My most recent was about a week ago. My mother passed away 2 years ago.when I called her friend I got the chills uncontrollably I was on the phone with her friend talking about my mom and certain things pertaining to my family. It took almost 10 minutes for the chills to go away possibly longer. I now know why tho happens! I’ve been told I’m sensitive n tho further validates my sensitivity!!
-Dana Ohio

Meredith says February 25, 2015

Yes I have experienced spiritual chills before. The most recent was after a funeral when I experienced two separate chills at the reception.

Leah E. says February 22, 2015

I’m still feeling the chills still What does that mean?

Leah E. says February 22, 2015

I felt chills on one half of my body the top well I was sitting down listening to music in the basement and well I was really warm until I felt chills all around my top area It was cold well I said “What am I supposed to know or understand”. and they stopped touching me and then It started again and I heard voices in my mind saying Go to church tonight and talk to God tonight.

Sherry says February 3, 2015

I felt chills while driving back to work today. I have been looking for another job and was thinking about it at the time. I crossed an intersection and felt a chill. My attention was drawn to a school that is located behind a restaurant. I got the urge to go online to check the job listing. I found a job to apply for, but not what I usually apply for. I did apply. Now I am waiting for results.

Carol says February 3, 2015

I have been struggling with insomnia for a while – after a reiki session to help me relax I began a little sleep training program. One of my guides is a little girl and I would feel chills while trying to sleep as she stroked me, they usually came at just the right moment for me to switch off my brain and drift into sleep. Last night I was in a lucid dreaming state and I felt the chills again – I really thought it was her helping me to switch off and I drifted away.

Not 15 minutes later she woke me up really rudely with violent chills down the 1 side. I have no idea why, I wasn’t dreaming at the time and I had barely gone to bed. I spent the most of the night lying awake again….I really wish I could figure out why she’d want to wake me up so roughly

Kate says January 30, 2015

WOW! This info is right on time. I have experienced the ‘chills and goosebumps’ since I was a little girl. I felt is was some sort of message, just didn’t know what kind. I would notice them before something unpleasant would happen…I knew something was going to happen. And when I would get chills, I would pray as I knew somebody close to me was in trouble. Later when I was in my late 30’s, dating someone I truly loved, I would experience chill sensations and be more conscience of my stomach. I would call my boyfriend and sure enough, his stomach was bothering him. It happened a lot. He died from cancer. When he died in a hospital at 7:10a.m. in NY, me in ATL, at the very same time, I was in shear agony with feeling heavy weakness and horrible stomach pain. I feel into deep prayer crying out to God. It was like my BF’s spirit was being torn from my spirit, with feeling the same pain he was feeling. I knew before I received the call that he had transitioned. I feel things deep in my spirit all the time. In the last four months, after a breakup, I have had chills/goosebumps a lot. I love this man and hope to work things out with him. I have chill sensations everyday. Sometimes they occur often throughout the day. I thought it was negative messages. Now that I found this site and have read up on it, I know when they come it is good. Most of all, that its the angels enveloping me with love and goodness. That is so pleasing to know. I will enjoy each and every ‘chill/goosebump’ experience. Thank you, Melanie for sharing your gifts to enlighten me. People have often called me strange. Yes, I am strange in a most special way. :))))Blessings

peg hamilton says January 29, 2015

I have had these for about 4yrs. I call them body shudders. At first they accompanied any hurt another might express. then they came with violence on TV Then the merkaba came in and the shudders always accompany its activation.Soometimes voluntary and sometimes by higher self. They also occur with kundiline
activation. There is no doubt thier mesage is attention now. Its a great gift of higher vibration. thank you for sharing your story.

Sandra says January 29, 2015

What about feeling chills when receiving energy treatment/session?

Melaie says January 28, 2015

Thank you for this article. I have recently become aware of these chills, and get them all the time along with numbers all day long 🙂 the chills or more so goosebumps for me are amazing and I always get them when someone speaks of an experience to do with spirit or strange things happening around them. I feel it is telling me this is truth! Love your work so much, thank you for sharing.

Hannah says January 27, 2015

What does it mean when you are the reason the chills are occurring? When I feel love and warmth I have a natural reaction to lightly stroke the individuals back or arm just to show love. And most of the time the individual will experience the chills. Is it possible I have some sort of undiscovered blessing! Does this mean I can be a medium of some sort? Hope you can shed some light on this subject for me. It’s okay if you do not have an answer I will understand

Kanu says January 23, 2015

Yes, I used to have these chills/shivers from my childhood but now listening to certain soothing music, I get shivers/chills from starting from back of my head to entire body. Its an awesome experience which cannot be described in words, feel the love, spread the love n see the magic 🙂 <3 <3 <3

Luna says January 21, 2015

YES YES Oh my gosh! I have recently started noticing these chills in the past few months! Every time I read up on something very important eg, sacred geometry and Chrystal healing and about the Archangels!! I am so happy to have found this information, Thank you so much.

Maria says January 18, 2015

Dear Melanie, I have crush on my colleague, who is recently in a relationship. And I know that I’m not in a position to do anything to change it, and I don’t want to ruin someones love..but on some day, when I’m going to work, and I’ll meet him, or see him I get chills on my elbows before it’ll happen. These chills are pretty strong, but not uncomfortable. I found it out that these chills, are always somehow connected to him, every time we meet / just accidentally of course/ or we talk I get the chills like e.g.15 mins before, and I can not say I’m thinking about him at the time. We have some connection, I like him very much, and obviously he likes me too, but it’s not time to make moves and I do understand it. Today I prayed, and I asked God about him, and well honestly I made a wish about him a positive one, and suddenly I got very strong response with these chills, it was even stronger and very overwhelming, and I felt like crying after, but I did not feel anything negative, in contrary it made me smile.. but still I don’t understand it very well. What could this mean? because these chills are like, if someone is touching you with a very cold hands, or even hugging you, but as I said it’s not uncomfortable, and I have always positive thoughts after. Could please give me some advice what could it mean? Thank you for your response. God bless. Maria

Audrey says January 15, 2015


One of my best friend’s went on to be an angel a couple days ago after an 8 month battle with cancer. I am heartbroken that this happened to her and that she had to live through so much pain. She was so strong through it all, and kept on with her positive and just beautiful spirit. When I learned of her death, I got chills across the top of my arm, across my back and exiting on the other arm at the same spot. Since this time, it keeps happening every time I break down or think of how I need to live my life.

I do get feelings sometimes of things. I got a feeling before my Godfather died like something bad was about to happen. Before my aunt died in August, I dreamt that my uncle Pat was watching over her (he is in heaven since 2008). Last week, I dreamt that my friend died, and I saw my uncle George (also in heaven) and a bunch people walking away with her.

I don’t know what to do with these feelings, or how to understand or make them grow.

I just read another comment about 11:11 and I’ve seen those numbers everyday since I’m about 15, right after my grandma died. I am not almost 37.

nice to read this website.

thank you


Beth says January 14, 2015

I never get chills during the day. I feel them when I’m laying in bed trying to fall asleep. It hits my stomach like I’m on a roller coaster. The energy is so intense that it feels like it could be negative, although I don’t understand how. I pray for protection every night when this happens in case it is bad energy. I have captured many, many orbs in my apartment on video. They have been seen through out the entire place including where I sleep. They are always white in color. Not sure what is going on here. I’m moving soon so I feel that this could stop in my new place but more than likely not. Can you tell me your ideas about this? Thanks.

Lacy says January 9, 2015

I never used to get chills, at least not often until my grandfather died September of 2013. I started to get full body chills where I can feel it start at the top of my head and exit through my feet. I’m not sure what this means but I get it all the time but only when I’m doing certain things or speaking with certain people. The chills will last up to a couple of minutes.

Diana says December 30, 2014

I do get these chills quite often. Especially when I am relaxing and thinking about what I need to do and want for my future, also at times when speaking with someone. When I attended my Reiki Training, we were completing a healing on another student. Everyone in this small room, about 30 of us, were all hot. But before we were finishing up, I got these tingling chills over most of my body, and my hands were very cold. we talked about this and the student laying down said, that I channeled someone she was very close to, who had passed. The teacher said this rarely happens. Now this room was very hot, and through most of the sessions, I was sweating, until the last student, and I was the only one that got these chills.
Diana, Canada

Jason says December 27, 2014

I normally don’t get goosebumps or chills outside of being in a cold environment. However every time I reach a Theta state I always get both chills, and goosebumps throughout my whole body. I had never experienced anything like it before. It is a really good feeling to have.

Sonna says December 25, 2014

I dreampt i was dreaming in my dream. Bright light of what i think was God appeared with his palms pointed up- the number 400 resonated, the couch i was laying on in my dream had shook like an earthquake for what i would guess would be 1 minute in my dream. When i woke, i had chills throughout my entire body, and up through the back of my head. They were the most intense chills i had ever experienced ( i have experienced spiritual chills before, but never as strong as this) and i had goose bumps all over my body, and my hair follicles were standing up. I have been asking for the message? what was God trying to tell me?

Beth says December 23, 2014

I’m living in my second apartment with my husband. We have had spiritual encounters in both homes. Every time I go to bed, I feel at least 5 or 6 spiritual chills. I can feel it mostly in my stomach. I recorded my cat one night playing/being funny and noticed a significant amount of orbs flying around. I saw a few without the use of a camera. Has this happened to anyone else? Why is this happening?

Alexis says December 23, 2014

My little brother passed away a while back he was my best friend We were so close after he passed i would be sitting or walking then get chills down my back and make me shiver i never knew what it was……..Thought it was normal it would happen anywhere bedroom,Store,bathroom and never knew what it meant when i read this i started to cry before i was listening to a new song Christmas in heaven and started to cry then i felt the chills on my back i looked and didnt know what was happening till i saw this Now i know it was probaly Him 🙂 <3 Miss you little brother R.I.P

Lil says December 19, 2014

My mother recently passed away and I found myself looking at old photos of us and her thinking “how am I going to live differently?” I have been left shaken because she chose to take her own life and I am lost. Within a few seconds (genuinely not giving it any thought) I changed the channel mindlessly and one of my favorite songs ( boys of summer by the Ataris, mom heard me have it on repeat when it came out) is on exactly at the bit where he sings “a little voice inside my head said don’t look back. You can never look back”

I haven’t ever really believed in this until this moment. I got complete full body chills and I just felt she was here. Then I looked at my Christmas tree and one single gold bauble was gently swinging slightly. And I asked her in my head “is that you mom?” And more intense chills came.

She is here when I need her. Like she always was. And she always will be.

I feel she is telling me to look to the future, not let the past drag me down. She told me to reach for the stars. I will.

Sarah says December 18, 2014

I have started getting these chills within the last few months. Most of the time, they are around a certain person for whom I have strong feelings, both negative and positive.

Alexis says December 15, 2014

When I am at school I always seem to get these chills. I didn’t know why, but one day I just wanted to find out what it meant. So today I got on the computer at my school and I looked it up. I am so glad you have my results and I am so happy to know what it means. I need to know more about these spiritual chills and if it is dangerous or anything.

Amber says December 14, 2014

Yes I have had this but my body told me that our angels is ourselves. We don’t hAve angels Evan though it’s nice to think that there is 🙁

rigbear says December 12, 2014

spiritual chills/ goosebumps happen to me constantly, before reading this article i had already learnt for myself what they are and mean for me as validation in lots of areas. ironically after reading the first paragragh of the article, sure enough the chills came in quite strongly! please keep posting these informative articles, we can never learn enough, blessings 🙂

Earline says December 8, 2014

I recently lost my fiance’ who I had known since Jr. High. But had just become romatically involved a week after his last birthday 06/13/14. It was an instimatic connection. We were planning to have a Thanksgiving engagement dinner this year. He was killed in a freak motorcycle accident, on 10/10/14. We spent the weekend prior to his death in a romatic filled weekend. He sadly told me it was getting harder and harder to say goodbye to me. The very next week he died. He gave me a beautiful ring before we parted. Since his death, I have had these spiritual flutters, at the crown of my head, daily throught-out the day, all day. He was desperately looking forward to our life together as was I. I have had moments of thinking how I can end my life to be closer to him, and those chills or flutters would come, or I would smell his cigar, and he never smoked in the house. So glad to have found this site.

Maria says December 7, 2014

I found this site because I was searching for answers regarding the strangest thing that happened to me last night. I was alone – which is a rarity – and was just folding laundry. All of a sudden, I broke out in goose pimples all over my body and had the most intense chill run up my spine. Along with it came the overwhelming feeling that someone was THERE, like, watching me or just with me in the room. It passed after a minute or two, but I was really rattled. This happened to me once before – it woke me out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night. Is someone “visiting” me??

Jaquavion Oneal says December 4, 2014

YES.If get chills sometimes when people walk pass me. I don’t know what it is.

Amanda says December 3, 2014

Thank you for this information! I get a tingly sensation on my back and legs when I am thinking of someone deceased or am praying intently. Just this evening I was talking to someone who had recently passed away and instantly got the “shivers” (as I call them) on my back and bottom of my legs. They aren’t chills as so much a delicate tingle. I haven’t told anyone about them, but I have always secretly suspected it’s a connection with the spiritual side. Your information calmed me and helped me be ok with this connection (it can be a little scary, when you think about it). Thank you!

Julio says December 1, 2014

Hi Melanie,
I’ve been having chills for a long time. They come as a strong vibration and tingling on my 6th and 7th chakras -that’s my forehead and the top of my head- and mild warm shakes that go from the base of my head down through my spine, to the middle of my back. Actually, I’m having them at this moment, as I write this note. However, until now, I never paid attention in terms of angelic communication, which is kind of new for me since I recently signed up for your course of Angel Energy Healing. My thanks to you and my Angels and guides.

Shyann says November 30, 2014

I just wanted to say thank u very much for sharing this subject. U have verified for me
that I am right 🙂 It’s really refreshing to
have that validation and support ! I know I
am on the right path w/ my spirituality, what
a relief lol Namaste ~ Blessings

Jan Barba says November 30, 2014

I always get these spiritual chills when i hear of “home”. I am a starseed, my home is in a star. WHENEVER I hear something having to do with the “Mission”, Lightworkers, Angels and Extradimensional beings i get the chills, i literally FEEL The connection. Sometimes they are felt SO STRONGLY, That i feel i have to cry. It’s VERY Overwhelming. Is that also normal? Such a sudden rush, Such an enchanting feeling of “knowing” ?

Vargen says November 27, 2014

I got “my” chills while reading Melissa Jamison´s comment, above, just a few minutes ago. Thanks!

Maxine Gracie says November 24, 2014

Hi Melanie Beckler,

I have had many of these spiritual chills too.
Always behind my head above my neck and sometimes on the calf muscle in a patch.
I have wondered a lot about them as I have never felt such a feeling ever before and when I thought long and hard about this I realised this has only been happening to me after my love of my life passed away on the 15th of February this year.
It is such a beautiful feeling, unexplainable.
when it does happen I acknowledge it and I always talk to him.
Is this normal, what is this, Is he wanting to tell me something, does he want to communicate? I have been to one medium/physic March 28th, was a bit disappointed… what is your view and can you tell me any more about spiritual feelings and what to make of this.
I am so lost without him, and I just want to know he is ok…. we were together for 8 years and he is gone just like that.
Help me….

Eva says November 23, 2014

Yes, I am getting chills more and more often these days..and it is since I started to be more interested about angels and spiritual world. I always get it when I talk to the angels or about them or about any spirirual experience I experienced. I am glad it is actually something possitive. I have cold shivers as well..Thank you for your explanations and thank you people for all of your comments as well 🙂

Geri says November 15, 2014

I have learned to call my chills, my truth meter. When someone tells me a story , if I feel chills I know they are sincere. I also get chills when speaking to people about Spirits and Angels, and such. I think that is because of how close I am to the subject and how excited I get about sharing it with people. As far as getting chills otherwise, that does happen. I now know it is ok to ask for more information.
Thank you Melanie

Robert Enrikes says November 13, 2014

Greetings, before that I must apologize for my bad writing ……. I somehow felt the urge to say this, I lost my faith many years ago but i still speek and thank God for every breath that He allowed me to take i often experienced this chills in my shoulder or my back and everytime i ask Him “What is your will?” or “Please allow me to take a good decision” is like a relief but saddnes at the same time too ¿maybe …. Im already a fallen? well Im not sure but a do know that there is many things i need finish here it can’t be over just yet….. thanks and congrats for everyone.

Melissa Jamison says November 7, 2014

Recently my fiancee passed away in a tragic car crash. Although its been 4 months, there are times when I feel significant chills down my left side. The funny thing is, when these chills occur, I feel a since of comfort. In my heart I’m hoping that its him letting me know that he’s nearby. When I read your article was so moved and just wanted to tell you so.

Jennifer says November 3, 2014

Hello Melanie, Something weird happened to me. I was visiting Alcatraz prison with mom for tourism last Thursday 30th, and while walking inside the penitentiary I was crossing between jail sections, walking from jails of block B to C and all of a sudden I felt an energy on my right arm that make it has goosebumps. My other arm and the rest of my body did not react to it, it was only my right arm. I felt like I bumped into someone but corridor was completely clear. It creep me out a little but then forgot about it. Now, I was looking at all pics taken during these days and coincidentally I had two pictures inside the penitentiary with a green light reflection on my right side of the face and body. I can send you the pictures. Have you ever heard of something similar?

Gurpreet says October 27, 2014

I feel chills and Goosebumps whenever I think about Spirituality and the AfterLife. Thanks for this, I’m happy to know.

Nisha says October 24, 2014

Hi Melanie,

I get shivers all the time when i think of God, i have done from a very young age. I would like to find out more about this


Maria says October 9, 2014

Hello, I have just started to meditate a few days ago ant it was all fine. Two days ago I stared to feel chills when I meditate they come and go I would say every 15 seconds wile I am in meditation. They are making it hard for me to concentrate, and it makes my heart rate increase?

charity says October 6, 2014

Yesterday 10/5 i kept getting the chills throughout the day. I had never experienced it. My husband and i have been together for 19 yrs and were having marriage problems.

margaret says October 6, 2014

Thank you so much for verifying to me something I’ve been wondering about for sometime. I’ve had these chills ALL my life. My grandmother on my mother’s side told me I was special and would see and feel a lot of things that I wouldn’t understand but I was connected to God in a very special way. She also told me the angels were all over me. That is why I have always had the chills, and like one of the stories that was written, I thought I was getting sick and I would get chills. I have been in places that I feel the past and spirits play with me. I went into an old house several months back and I felt like something was trying to pull my legs through the floor. I asked the lady that owned the mystic store,what had been at that spot, she said that was where the family placed their dead back in the old days and the fronts of the house where the bay window was was where the casket got placed for the family to visit. I had to leave. I too am an impath and I have always known when someone was BSing. Like the other impath, I too can smell, hear,and see spirits. I too get a message from them when I’m suppose to say or not say something. Thank you for just reaffirming for me what I already new. It’s a pretty great feeling knowing the angels are all around and the Divine sent them. I too get chills during my sleep and then I wake up sweating and have to pull covers off. I am remembering my dreams here of late quite vividly, only their not dreams, their different realms. God bless you.

kay says October 6, 2014

I get the chills also when I meet different people…as iam talking to them…sometimes I get chills down my back, arms and legs…I can relate to this experience….I also asked the Angels for a hug and they hugged me! so awesome to feel this wonderful experiences!

Bernice says October 6, 2014


i remember one evening i was asked to visit a church.
we went around looking at the church the young ladies were telling me about all the activities that happens at the church. while we stood and looked at a painting the one young lady asked me about it.
i gave her my input and while doing this i could see movement on the side of my eye…i turned and looked but no one was there…that happened twice…so we went along and they continued to talk about the programs we stopped by the door and i was wanting to go into the chapel area and sit down.. however i felt that it would be inappropriate… so we stood and talked about the church and the upcoming events that would be happening all the while i kept feeling this chill i look around for an air conditioner and didn’t see one… i then told the ladies that i had something to tell them and it may seem weird to them… so i explained seeing the shadows and feeling the chill as if someone was watching me or observing me and wondered if that happened before…the older lady looked at me and said that was the holy spirit making himself known…i wasn’t afraid however i felt at peace within the wall of that church… didn’t to leave.
the chills happen quite a bit…another time i enter a building i was in before…i became very emotional i couldn’t get passed the desk… i had this very sad feeling and it was afraid which made me afraid…i left that place and later quit…i felt that was not the place for me… i have had so many spirits around me that i noticed and then there are the ones i feel… i sleep with my fan on at night because of the light humming it makes and the soft breeze i feel from it…without it i feel like something is there… would like to know more in regards to these feelings….so i pray quite a bit…:)

    td says August 12, 2016

    This is the Holy Ghost. Try this….pray with all you heart that the Holy Ghost come upon you and prove that he exists…..you will feel a chill on the left side of your body, sometimes just the chest, sometimes the left arm and hand, sometimes from your left ear down to your left foot. You can even give this sensation to others.

Kay says October 6, 2014

I call them Holy Bumps. I get them as a validation of truth and that the spirit is with me. I also get them when there people meant to harm: I become nauseous and the hair on the back of my neck stands up.

Linda Taylor says October 6, 2014

My experience with chills is the angels telling me they love me. Oh Boy do I ever feel their LOVE! 😀

Diane says October 6, 2014

This is exactly me. While reading this, I was having chills and goose bump. This has happened to me over the years, but it has only been in the more recent years that I have realized just why I am getting them. While writing this, I still have them. I love it. They are my way of knowing the truth and validating what is going on at the moment. I have always been spiritual and not religious. My faith is pure and 100%. My husband passed close to six years ago and it has been since that time that while on my journey of grief, I also have been traveling a more spiritual journey. Much of what I have been about through the years has now become more clear to me. I am now getting the answers as to why I am the way I am and feel as I do. I have always know I was different, but now I am learning to embrace it and not allow others to diminish it for me. Thank you so much for this post today. Have a great day.

Eva Guzmán says October 6, 2014

Hi Melanie I generally get chills Right before I get in bed and this happens every night why? it can be very hot but is always happening….

Hella Barcos says October 6, 2014

Dear Melanie. Thank you for your post. I get the chills all the time and have had the several years.In the beginning I felt the chills as a burden, they where very unpleasant because I really don’t like to freeze. I thought I was getting sick – because the chills very much feel like the chills you get with at cold/flue or when one is very tired. It took me a long time getting used to this special/different feeling. Over time I have learned to interprete the chills and use that sensation to guide me.
I get the chills when I speak the truth from my heart – the chills means a big and clear YES! But that took me a long time to figure out. I also get the chills when I work with angelcards and the chills mean that I am on the right track when I give someone a message. Sometimes the chills appear like waves rolling over my body – sometimes a few “rolls” back to back confiming whatever I tell someone or myself is true.In love and light

SharonHuxley says October 6, 2014

When my father passed away I received comfort from my angels many times a day resulting in ‘the chills’. I can ask my angels for a hug at any time now and I am rewarded with a wonderful angel hug (the chills). It is the most wonderful experience and all the proof I need✨

Annie says October 6, 2014

I get chills like this when I am giving or receiving an energy healing session, or when I am in a meditative state. I enjoy the feeling, and I’ve always felt that it was special.

Janice says October 6, 2014

I’ve been having spiritual chills since few weeks ago and for me they’re a confirmation, a yes answer to what I’m saying or reading. But sometimes it’s the way my spiritual guide, Archangel Haniel, lets me know of her wonderful presence, it’s like she wants to let me know “I’m right here with you my beloved one “. Thank you for this post Melanie, this site is so helpful, I always get answers to my questions here.. God bless you!

michelle lang says October 6, 2014

All of the time…I learned a few years ago that it was validation from the other side. So much I’d opening up for me lately. Ascension to a higher vibration is tough but beautiful!
Angel hugs,

Tiyani says October 6, 2014

Thank you!!!

Deborah says October 6, 2014

Thx to all that shared your stories and experiences~ My journey of understanding is fairly new but the lessons have been on going most of my life. The chills, the light tinkling of bells, flashes of light/orbs and saying things off topic, when talking to someone that only they understand and even a few life saving moments.
Only when my life has slowed with more quiet moments, have I begun to relate the signs with stories told by others that are relative to my experiences, that I understand what the signs have been telling me all along. My children (when they were little) and grandchildren are often heard talking to themselves. 3am and 6am are noted times of jabbering and laughter, and often I find myself waking up for no reason at these time. Now I know they all have relevance. Thx for the informative answers. Sending Luv <3

ann connolly says October 6, 2014

we have an expression In Ireland for that” someone just walked over my grave”..after reading that ,I will definitely be looking at it in a different light if it happens again.. love your page<3

Corey says October 5, 2014

if things around me are silent and calm I speak to Archangel Michael mainly at a time when I’m in trance talking to the angels that I call apon I get chills from the top of my head down to my back and I take that as a sign of love as I am wrapped in angelwings for comfort love warmth and saftey

gin r.mordeno says October 5, 2014

i always feel the chills during my prayer time & i just don’t know what they r trying to tell me.

Chana says October 4, 2014

I started experiencing the chills & tingling when my boyfriend of 3years passed away 6months ago on March 1st. Repeated numbers followed as well such as 11:24 his b-day, 111,11:11,222,333,444,555,777,999,666 ect…. The chills & tingling came almost instantly following his passing. I didn’t know what is was I was experiencing because I had never experienced anything like this after loosing someone close to me. It made me feel as if is was his way of letting me know he was with me. Thank you for this as I have been wondering exactly what it was I was experiencing.

Kit says September 28, 2014

Hi Melanie, just came across this post. Had a soul jolting experience a few weeks ago with an acquaintance that left its indelible mark on my psyche. I cannot shake the thought from my head. Even have chills thinking or talking about it. Said acquaintance and I were having a normal conversation, when suddenly she looked up with this strange look–like her mind had left the conversation and gone somewhere dark but just returning when I caught her eyes. It felt like I had peered through a door that was just about to close and I saw melancholic darkness, demented destruction and pure evil. It made my heart pound for ten minutes. I had chills and felt an overwhelming sense of fear, telling me to run far away! I’m afraid to come near her now and feel like I need to keep my distance but I feel like she is always in my head, even my dreams like her eyes are watching me. Sounds crazy as I am not superstitious and think that I have a strong self awareness and ability to question things logically but I am unable to place a finger on this one.
I’m wracked with guilt for feeling this way about someone, anyone. Been searching online to see if others have had the same experience but not many out there. It is the first and I hope the last I will ever have with someone.

Charlyce says September 18, 2014

Seven years ago I was laying in bed all of a sudden started to sweat and get cold chills throughout my body.I start to shiver and couldn’t stop. I felt something bad was going to happen, shortly after I had a phone call from my aunt tell me my grandmother had died.

cris rogers says September 12, 2014

One of my best friends passed away in April. Ever since then I’ve been getting chills, intense chills that surge through my body. It happens constantly and I cannot remember ever having them before , Matt, my close friend, passed away. I doubt at times on whether or not it’s really him but it happens so frequently and with such intensity I don’t see another explanation. Please help me understand what the hell is going on!

Carmen says September 12, 2014

I want to know more about you ? Light and Blessings Namaste Carmen

pia says September 2, 2014

… right now while I started reading this,) I got the chills … also every time when I see geometric shapes;)

Darlene says August 31, 2014

I don’t know if it’s Spiritual Chills I am feeling…..I do sometimes feel as though an electrical “surge” type felling flows through my entire body….and I don’t even realize it’s happening until it stops. It makes me feel all shaky inside, but I never shake outwardly. Most of the time, this happens when I first wake up in the morning…or maybe its what wakes me up? It’s a feeling that is very hard to describe…..however, I have never felt a presence during this, nor heard voices during this time and I am most commonly alone in my bedroom. Very strange feeling indeed…could it possibly be that I am having these spiritual chills?

Paul says August 30, 2014

Yes I had experienced spiritual chills with my best friend JImmy. We got goosebumps, feels freeze and feels very high. Also we feels virbraion too. This wonderful experienced we had. I never forget tha we had spiritual chills when Angels and spirit called “Boha” Also I dance wild like Indains dance around the fire. We got spiritual chills whole night at the camping also at the Sedona, Arizona too. This is wonderful that I cannot explained how wonderful spiritual chills. I still learning about spiritual chills and pay attention to it too. Thank you for the message that you wrote about the spiritual chills. Namaste Paul

Sylvana frithiof says August 30, 2014

sometime i start meditation and join people to pray,i made and accident and after three days feel separate with my body and start praying because I feel that i was dying and suddenly I feel a warm sensation start to enter my body starting from my feet up to my heard I feel very sad and start to cry,I fell in deep sleep and wake up the next morning ,every thing ws alright I reach home safe
after that I was safe again with the same energy during a prayer,I got a( fibrom )and have to do an intervention to remove it,seen this happen the fibrom disapered .it was not easy for me to believe and of course their was more sign ,for example ,when i pray there was a wonderful smell of incenses which tickle my nose,Inever know what it was,but for me it seems to be a presence near me???

DaenNg says August 29, 2014

Hello Melanie,
I get the chills all the time. They happen whenever I’m communicating with the angels. To me, it’s a validation that they are around me and listening to me. 🙂

Jon Harris says August 29, 2014

I get those cold chills all the time I just never understood what the meaning of it was but after reading this it makes a little more sense to me

Lisa says August 29, 2014

I knew somehow this must be a sign from my Angels, but I had no idea of how far in-depth the Chills meant. I do believe the Angels are adamant in getting my Attention lol. I have these all the time! Thank you for this Awesome Info….:-)

Lorraine says August 29, 2014

I got those sudden chills a lot for quite a while after my husband passed. Now I know to look for other signs he is still around. Thanks for your explanation.

Jane Bulmer says August 29, 2014

I have been getting the chills or as I say goosebumps for a long time. Everything you said about them, is confirmation of what I felt they were. I’ve not seen any other writing about them, so thank you. I couldn’t help notice while reading the above comment from Kaylene
Brown, she refers to seeing repeating numbers of 11:11 and 7:17. Same here. 11:11 is always
a good sign and feels high vibrational, pertinent to the thoughts, people or activities I’m engaged in at that moment. However 7:17 feels the opposite. I have noticed that almost every time 7:17 (July 17) rolls around on the calender, something bad happens in the national news.
Deaths of celebrities, missile strikes, some sort of tragedy. This year it was Flight 17, from I believe, Kuala Lumpur, shot down over the Ukraine, on 7/17. I’ve looked all over for info on 7:17 and found nothing really. Can you comment?

CrystalGoggins says August 29, 2014

I have been receiving the chills. More and more frquently. I just have the feeling its a reassurance that things are ok and I am manifesting financial needs in my life.

irvine crouch says August 29, 2014

i get chills all time our to hot

carol o connor says August 29, 2014

Hi Melanie,
I had one of those chills this morning & one yesterday, while wondering about our difficult year. Hoping I’m on the right path so I can provide for my family.
Love ,

Nalini says August 29, 2014

I get these chills even on the hottest day and swear I start looking for a blanket. However an inner voice tells me I have walked through another realm. Thanks for sharing this with us I will get more attentive to what is happening around me

didi says August 29, 2014

Hi there i get those chills And whe i say something it happends why een when i was a little girl thank you

Danny says August 24, 2014

I was really wondering about this. My first and only time I meditated, or attempted I should say, As soon as I relaxed and cleared my mind, With every breath I took (inhale) I had experienced chills, and this continued for 5 minutes until I decided to stop, I thought I had been doing something wrong or Incorrect.

Anitah says August 20, 2014

I have had spiritual chills since my childhood. I am now 35years old. I was told that it is a spiritual husband and that I will never get married. The chills normally come when am around crowds, or when am talking to a man, after bathing, after urinating and sometimes when am just amidst something. Am so scared.

Greenlee says August 12, 2014

i keep getting the same energy like chill on my left arm and its very hot ere in FL no breeze nothing. i have been using healing stones and lraying and trying to get into deep meditation in hopes to get in contact with my spirit guides and learn mediumship as well. any ideas ?

Andy says August 11, 2014

Hi Melanie!

I really enjoyed reading your post! And think most of all it has help me confirm a recent suspicion. I say “recent,” but in truth I’ve always receieved spiritual chills and never knew it. I just thought it was a weird thing about me that just happened all the time. But recently one of my friends has taken up reiki and has sorta piqued my curiosity.
Which leads me to my question for you. Every since I was a child I’ve had spiritual chills. Many, many times in a day. But they mostly come when I’m people watching. Example: at a coffee shop, and just watching a worker prepare certain ingredients for a drink. Right then and there, chills over come me…and a part of me thinks i get them cuz that person, is in their true self in sense. almost at peace in a sense. or i find them i peace or somthing. lol But in truth i have know idea why?!?!? It happens more frequently at a library where things are actually quite and peaceful.

Hoping you could help me with this one. I understand all the other chill signs you mentioned in your article but this example is one I can’t seem to find an answer to.


Anita says June 12, 2014

Hi Melanie,

I have been on my spiritual path now for two years. I knew from a very young child that I was different; I just didn’t know how or why…I simply felt it. After appearing before a messenger (a mortal) for Archangel Micheal, I was told that I am an Angel and that my life’s purpose is to help those that are lost by healing through my voice. I started mediating and completed several hynotherapy sessions to visit my past lives and to meet my Angels. It has been an enlightening experience thus far. I have learned that I can hear, feel and smell spirit…I just know things. I don’t know how I know. I just know. I am an empath as well. I have always had spiritual chills, even as a very young child. The chills occur daily, several times a day. They are generally on the left upper part of my body including my arm; often the chills will travel from the left, across my chest and to my right. They are extremely strong when I am speaking with someone who utilizes alternative healing methods, such as a certified hypnotherapist. At one point, I remember my Angels were giving me a message by poking me on my right side of my ribcage. This went on for 3 weeks. The message was finally received. I took Reiki 1 and 2, approximately one month apart. On both instances, the same insect was flying in the enclosed space. It was not present before I arrived on either instance; it simply appeared out of nowhere. That was an Angel. I connect with Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel. I also have a strong connection with my guardian angels and my spirit guides. I am taking this gift and working with it to do my life’s work as it was intended. In love and light. Anita

    Lily says May 20, 2016

    i am 11 and weirdly enough i have been experiencing the same thing and i feel different from everyone else. Once I had a dream about this woman she was very pretty and was holding the hand of a little boy and some how i knew that little boy was my friend, Shane. The next day i walking home with shane and some other friends and i started talking about the way my grandfather passed and then Shane told me his mother passed away when he was 5 (was about the age of the boy in my dream) and then i asked him if she had a special brown bead bracelet and he rolled down his sleeve and showed me the bracelet the woman was wearing in my dream. Do you have any idea what this means? and then this morning i woke up and some unfamiliar woman voice said “Shane knows i love him” and i was to afraid to open my eyes so i waited 30 minutes. I am really confused any advice?

      Melanie Beckler says May 21, 2016

      Lily, What you’re experiencing is completely normal, and actually quite special. You’re tuning into the realms of spirit, and while it may seem scary, as you develop it, it can actually be a beautiful and helpful gift. Know that if spirits are coming to you and you don’t want them there, you can always ask them to leave. Also, surrounding yourself with light and love will help you to feel safe, and keep you from taking on lower energies… Check out this article on psychic protection for more on that.


      Also, know that Archangel Metatron is wonderful Archangel to call upon for help understanding your gifts.

      And finally, here are some more ideas on supporting psychic children you may find helpful. It’s written for parents to help their children, but some of the advice you can use yourself. http://www.ask-angels.com/spiritual-guidance/psychic-children/

jeannette says June 10, 2014

Hi Melanie,

God bless. I get chills often,
sometimes when i’m at church
or just talking to someone
when i have my next chill, i
will pay more attention
thank you sooo much have a
blessful and wonderful day
namaste always jeannie <3

Angel says May 23, 2014

Thanks for this, Melanie! I feel these quite often and it’s always interesting to read anothers thoughts on the topic 🙂

Kyla Smith says May 20, 2014


I’m totally stumped and could use any help, advice or suggestions. I have had premonitions from a young age but really didn’t understand or pay attention i guess I just always chalked it up to being coincidence. When I was 12 my grandmother with whom I was very close with was losing her battle to cancer, but I had no experience with death nor did I grasp how my life would be forever changed. My mom and I went to visit my grandmother whom was still full of life and hope even though she knew she had no more options other then i guess to leave her beauty and fighter spirit for all to remember her by anyway on the car ride home I’m not even sure where it came from or why I said it but I looked at my mom and I told her my Nanny isn’t going going to make it through the night my mother looked at me and was like don’t say that but I just knew and felt something much more powerful then myself that made those words come out of my mouth, needless to say my nanny passed away later that night, she came to visit me in my dreams every night to comfort me for her loss was very hard on me. That was my first experience with tapping into thing’s and situations that I still couldn’t tell you who, what or where it comes from. I haven’t really tried to understand or question these blessings I get until recently I know one of my Angel’s are trying to get my attention to give me a message and I believe it’s either my daughter or my Cousin Ashley who has been Missing for 4 years, I know without a doubt there trying hard to get this much needed message for them and me but I really just don’t know. PLEASE HELP ♥

jacqui says May 18, 2014

I have had spiritual chills all my life and have just known they werea sign of spirit. I also encourage everyone else I know to except this wonderful gift we all have to listen to it. love and light.x

Junaid says May 17, 2014

I was really confused how do i know my angels are around me.THANKS for the post .Now i know about my clair perhaps it is clairsentience,From the last 8 months when i call my guardian angels during meditation,or when i`m reading any spiritual article,or working with oracle cards and many times during Day I get chills around my nech,back arms and face and also got chills while i was reading this post…felling very motivated for my spiritual work as now i`ve got the validation.Thanks for the post.

Simone says May 16, 2014

Thank you so much for this article! This has been happening to me a lot over the last few months. My mom made the transition last summer, and even a couple weeks before she passed I would have the sensation of my arm being stroked. Quite strong. I often feel the chills on my hair and neck. You’re right, its not like I get goose bumps, but more like a tingling sensation. Its like being splashed with a really beautiful energy. This helps because I have been a little confused about what I was feeling and why. Thank you! 🙂

Barbara says May 16, 2014

Oh My!!! when I saw the name of your article on FB, I got chills up my legs! and started to cry! Cuz I have been noticing these chills up my legs, the past month or so… and have been guessing they are some sort of sign from Spirit… but I usually say I’m not good at this spiritual stuff…but now, I think maybe, I AM learning:)
Thank you for helping me “get” this!! WOW!!!

Ann says May 16, 2014

get chills a lot and goosebumps <3

Kay Gutierrez says May 16, 2014

I get them frequently. It has always meant truth or the spirit is with me and I need to convey my thoughts to the person I am speaking with. I call them “Holy Bumps”.

    Mary Ann says August 2, 2016

    I was sitting alone thinking about things that have gone on since I left a toxic workplace after many years. I was thinking of where my path will lead me now and got a full body chill along with goosebumps. I guess now is the time for me to pay attention for my guardian angels to show me my path.

Arno says May 16, 2014

i get this all the time.my angels and grannie/grandpa always rap their arms around me..i feel so blessed and save knowing that i am so protected..

sharonross says May 16, 2014

my mom passed in nov 2013 in my arms, and my husband passed in march 2014 in our home, i feel him here with me, and friends come over and they dont know that i think he is still here with me and they turn and look at me and sayt they feel chills, when i go to my dads house i feel my mom with me there, i do beleave they are here with me, i have a new grand daugther and my husband loved her more then anything she lives with me and i know that she see her poppy all the time by the smile and the way she looks at his pic.

Cam says May 16, 2014

I get those all the time. A gentle chill in the back of my head which gives me the chill all the way down my back sometimes =) I’ve understood where it’s coming from, but never Why. I allways feel secure and loved while it hapens =)

Ximena says May 16, 2014

I feel the chills whenever I get a download of a belief that`s right for me and I feel it like a sign that it has been incorporated properly. ;). It’s definitely a YES.

Gerry says May 16, 2014

I get what I feel are validation chills when I tell someone about my spiritual encounters. I believe my Angel is pleased that I am spreading the word of their existence. My encounters which started 3 years ago involve a flash of white light or moving yellow dots followed by seconds to minutes o f vibrational energy flowing through different body parts. I don’t often know the purpose of the visits, but the intensity of the visits is increasing. Any guidance you can offer as to the purpose and h o w to take it to the n ext level would be appreciated. Bless you.

Hella Barcos says May 16, 2014

Hi. It is so funny, that you decided to explain what the chills meen! I just talked to a woman about my chills the other day and now you are confirming it all to me. Thank you very much.
I get the chills many times a day. At first I thought that the chills where really unpleasant because I don’t like to be cold and freeze.
I suddenly realized, that the chills came to me as I was speaking my own truth from my heart and to confirm that what I was telling to another person was spot on. I now see the chills as an exclamation mark in that sense.
When I am working with angel cards the chills are also present, especially when I make a reading for someone else. When I talk about angels I get the chills and then I smile! The chills are therefore definitely connected to the angels around me are now my companion, my guide, and signs of speaking the truth. I see them as help to me and and I am very happy to be one of the lucky ones to experience chills.
In love and light
Hella (Denmark)

Doreen says May 15, 2014

Hello Melanie, this is the first time I’ve posted on anything like this. I was browsing through my Facebook page only today. I came across a spiritual card about Chakras and white light. All of a sudden a large shudder went through my body and my hand reached towards the card. So I read the section on the card it was about a meditation to help bring white light from the core of the earth through your body to clear your chakras. So I tried what it said. It felt great. I could see indigo purple, green and blue colours which I haven’t seen before and it looked like something was trying to send me a message. I couldn’t bring myself to open my eyes for a while. But after I felt so carm. Can you help me to understand what this all means . So I can work on understanding my purpose. Thank you Doreen…….

Donna Paris says May 15, 2014

Once again, THANK YOU!! I experience these chills frequently and never thought to relate them to spiritual contact with my guides and angels! These chills are so deep, they seem to start from my feet and go straight up right through the top of my head! And my body have a very strong physical reaction. So now when the next one happens, I will take your suggestion and pay attention to what the discussion is about or what is happening around my environment!!

Thank you again and thank you for your service!

Vicki says May 15, 2014

I have experienced chills a lot. I was always told that a spirit just walked thru me. I dunno. Your explanation on this subject is fascinating Thank you

Anupreet Kular says May 15, 2014

Thank you so much for the sharing. Yes, I quite often experience these Spiritual Chills, and now you brought the clarity. This happens usually during Meditation and sometimes when I am in discussion with a friend or my Life Coach on topics related to Angels. Thank you again for the clarity. Love and light.

Terri says May 15, 2014

I have been getting these chills frequently since my Spiritual Journey has truly begun. I always felt that they were angels- guides and messengers. It’s great to read this for validation. Thank you. I do try to pay attention when it happens and will be even more aware now.

Stephan says May 15, 2014

Interesting, I have had these for a long time and always used to experience them when I was a child talking to my parent’s adult friends, a pleasant sensation. Only recently have I started to experience them again, but often it’s an alarm bell for me – people sending me energy designed to undermine and wrapping it in a pleasant package. I do t want to alarm anyone however, I believe I am a special case and people have reason to try and want to harm me, this is not the normal case.

crystalbratcher says May 15, 2014

whenever I talk to my bf I get chills.

DoreneDavis says May 15, 2014

I get something that feels like a rushing breeze. Could this be the same thing?

monika says May 15, 2014

:))) Hello :)))
Thank you for this written message. I do much appreciate it. Thank you so much.
I actually experience quite a lot this feeling… Everyday. When I start meditation. When I decide to focus on the third eye… Often see the Indigo/purple colour and it activates.. the Chilli the Goosebumps. I instinctively I pay attention yes. But somehow I always had the feeling I was receiving some kind of information. I have quite often the Buzz sound (high Pinch frequency in my ears) Now I just had the confirmation that somehow I was right, thank You. Soo Soo Much. I was sometimes thinking that there was a somehow a sign to pay attention.. did not know if positive. ;)) thank you once again… 🙂 ))) And I was thinking i could not connect with the spirit guides or angels… :)) funny… just need to know who they are now.. any technique?! 😀 thank You once again NAMASTÈ!! 😀

Rev. Joanne says May 15, 2014

I get a chill at the very top of my head accompanied by tingling or itching at the crown chakra when spirit is with me.

Kaylene Brown says May 15, 2014

Hi Melanie. I have experienced these spiritual chills for a very long time and have always wondered what it means. When I was growing up my mum used to say it was someone walking over your grave hmmm and recently I read it could also be when spirit moves through you. Thank you for clarifying this for me. I am very certain someone is trying to get my attention as I Aldo see repeating numbers all the time either 11:11 or 7:17. I am aware of these things just wish I knew exactly what they are trying to tell me. I bit of a clue would be good . Cheers Ksylene 🙂

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