Angelic Equinox Activations -

Angelic Equinox Activations

Hey … I'm Melanie! 🙂 Angelic channel and ascension way shower… 

There's something here for you if you desire to raise your vibration and make the most of the incredible Equinox gateway of light … Happening now.

This time period kicking off with the September 19th New Moon, heightening during the Equinox (September 22nd) and lasting until about September 25th is an incredible time to uncover the full light of your Divine being …

Now is the time to access latent spiritual abilities, uncover hidden truths, and to usher in the highest potential of the new paradigm into your life.

This is due to a unique energetic opening, and a powerfully positioned jump-off point in the ascension process.

We as individuals, and collectively as humanity have a doorway open to us now where we can unlock new codes of awakening, and realign with a higher level of authenticity.

But to make the most of this powerful time, we have to lift up in vibration to access the higher levels of support available to us now…

Let's clarify this:

There is an incredible new level of support from the higher realms, but we have to show up with open hearts at a higher vibrational level to tune into it.

Then, and only then can our angelic team support us, boost us, and help us to lift even higher…

To tap into the full light and power available to you now, fully unwrapping your spiritual gifts…

You have to get yourself to the jump off point…

And then the angels can support you in lifting higher.

So you can finally align with your alignment with our true Divine nature and stand as an embodied light being in physical form.

Well… Take a deep breath, relax, and get ready to leap into an entirely new level of high vibrational light!

Because I’ve just channeled an incredible series of Angelic Activations…

That guide you through the process of vibrationally lifting, and showing up at the threshold….

So you can connect with the highest level of support from your team to vibrationally lift you further…

To realign you with your Divine Blueprint and your vibrant Truth as an Angelic Creator Being in physical form.

Restoring your Harmonic Resonance with Source and the Divine blueprint for your highest potential.

Introducing The Angelic Equinox Activations!

Equinox Angelic Activations

The only angelic activation series specifically designed to help you make the most of this Equinox Gateway of light so you can step into alignment with your highest Divine light and authenticity.

These 7 angelic activations guide you through a powerful energetic cleanse, so you can almost effortlessly shift your consciousness from a state of limitation, into alignment with your authentic soul truth, and your highest level of Divine abundance.

These Angelic Activations Are Only Available For A Limited Time, During The Equinox Gateway Opening (September 19th- September 25th)

While recorded for the Equinox Gateway, and only available for a very limited time… These are powerful sessions to listen to anytime! You'll naturally find yourself wanting to return to them often because of the incredible energy, the blissful listening experience, and the powerful realignment they trigger for bringing you into sync with your highest authenticity…

And your soul's path for joy, love and abundance in your life!

The 7 Equinox Angelic Activations Are No Longer Available 

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Here's exactly what's included:

1. Your Golden Crystalline Light Shield (7:45 Min with Archangel Michael) – $11 Value

Experience a powerful (and fast) release of the lower levels of emotion, fear and negativity through connecting with incredible golden crystalline light frequencies to cleanse and protect your energy.

Archangel Michael helps you connect with your golden crystalline light shield in this session which is a spiritual tool that will serve you time and time again after listening.

2. The Turquoise Light of Emotional Tranquility (17 Min with Archangel Muriel) – $17 Value

In the second session, Archangel Muriel connects to soothe your emotional body and reset your “emotional atmosphere” into a higher vibrational state.

Relax on a deep level and realign you with unconditional love in its highest vibration.

Receive the highest level of light and vibration available to you now by aligning with your Divine Blueprint for Mastery right here and now.

You’re going to love, and be amazed at the shift you experience by connecting with Muriel and “The Turquoise Light of Emotional Tranquility”.

Council of Light 3. Clearing and Activating Your Divine Connection (22:37 Min with The Council of Light) -$17 Value

In the third session, the Council of Light guides you through a profound process of clearing your energetic roots to the Earth, the collective consciousness, and all of your past experiences.

You will expand your heart light at the center of your multidimensional being, activate your innate Divine light and trigger a profound surge of Divine life force energy through the very foundation for your life experience.

After listening to this session you will be absolutely glowing and tingling with Divine life force and light.

Inner Divine Being4. Awakening your Inner Divine Being (29:06 Min with The Council of Light) -$17 Value

In the fourth session, the Council of Light takes you even deeper by guiding you to resonate with highest frequency and light of your highest authenticity.

Bask in the crystalline plasma light as your ascension column is fully awakened…

Each of your guides and angels stepping forward to support you in a brilliant Golden circle of oneness…

Highest Authenticity5. Embodying Your Highest Authenticity (31:51 with The Council of Light) -$37 Value 

Align with the absolutely magical process for restoring your Harmonic Resonance with Source and the Divine blueprint for your highest potential.

Through this, you will receive the blessings of your highest authenticity…

And step into your role as a wayshower here to elevate the vibration of the collective consciousness of humanity and to align with new creative possibilities for co-creation, conscious enhancement, love and advancement as you blissfully radiate coherent heart light.

6. Embody Your Divine Blueprint (24:11 Min with Archangel Metatron) – $17 Value

You will receive a frequency transmission of light alongside this powerful message.

Now is the time to step into your power of manifestation, joy, and love in the new paradigm!

Embody the awakened template of your Highest Divine Light!

7. Awaken Your Angelic Self (44:44 Min with The Council of Light) – $47 Value

Release the lower levels and to leap into a higher dimensional experience.

Leap into the next level of alignment with your Divine Blueprint…

Where you actually “Awaken Your Angelic Self” and embody your full light as a Creative Divine Being.

Let these sessions help you fully step into your vibrant Truth as an Angelic Creator Being in physical form.

The frequency and processes you will experience in this series of sessions is incredible and unlike anything, I’ve channeled as of yet…

And all you have to do is press play and listen!  Your angels and the council of light do the rest!


These Angelic Activations Are Only Available For A Limited Time, During The Equinox Gateway Opening (September 19th- September 25th)

Because the energies of this Equinox Gateway are so aligned to support this vibrational shift now I’m only making these activations available for a limited time. You'll be able to benefit from listening to these sessions long after the Equinox… But you will get extra benefit by starting to go through them now!

You get all 7 of the incredible Angelic Equinox Activations!


Plus a BONUS!

You'll also receive the .MP3 of my popular 30 Min Alpha Waves Relaxation Meditation previously released only on YouTube… $11 Value.

You get all 7 sessions plus the Alpha Waves Relaxation Meditation, a $157 value for only $77…

Sorry, These Activations Are No Longer Available…

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What Others Are Saying About The Equinox Angelic Activations:

“I am so blessed to have been introduced to you, and experience these meditations you have changed my life giving me this unique opportunity! Thanks for all you do! My life is so different” ~Crystal

“I’m at a complete loss for words. I still have tears rolling down my face. This has to be the most powerful release I can remember experiencing through any meditation. This for me feels life changing. I am so immensely grateful Melanie to you, the Angels, AA Muriel and the incredible Divine Turquoise Light. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I truly feel so loved and at peace right now…I can’t even begin to explain. Love to you all✨” -Marie

“Have listened to all three now; the third just now. I’m at a loss for words to express my Gratitude and Love to you Melanie and the Angels for lifting me into this beautiful existence. To Be who I Am!! and to be able to choose to shift back when I feel the old lower vibrations creeping back in.
Simply incredible; Thank You, Thank You……..” -Lorraine

“Amazing, I have waited all of my life to hear this channeling. What a blessing of higher frequencies of love. Thank you, Love and Light ❤❤” -Toni

“Absolutely love these 3 sessions. I was showered in turquoise light and white orbs of light.” -Moojie

“Lovely, lovely, lovely what more can I say. Thanks Angels and Melanie.” -Patrick

“I listened to all 3 in a row. Amazing? I love it. Thank you Melanie for your fantastic lightwork” -Susanna

“So basically, this meditation takes me back and releases any negativity I’ve been carrying from birth. No words, but WOW.” -Dennis

“Beautiful and so Calming. Thank you” -Sharon

“WOW! Thats all I can say…is WOW! thank you” -Kathy

“Thank you, Melanie and Angels, for this incredibly powerful and supportive guided vision of who we really are. I feel more at peace with my mission. ” -Ana

“Wow those are so powerful. I'm walking around the house with big angel wings  ” -Michelle

“Thank you Melanie, this was exactly what I needed exactly when I needed it. Love and blessings to you.” -Debbi

You're Going to Love These Activations… Guaranteed!

The Equinox Activations are so incredibly uplifting and supportive now… But I don't just want you to take my word for it, or the words from the people above who have had amazing experiences…

Because the real power in this is YOUR unique experience of connecting with the higher levels of light.

And so, to take away all the risk for you, so you can confidently and excitedly jump in… I guarantee you will love these sessions, or we'll give you 100% of your money back.

With this guarantee, there's nothing to lose (other than the lower levels of emotion, fear, and negativity)… And an incredible new level of light to gain!

And gain instant access to these 7 incredibly uplifting Equinox Angelic Activations!

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Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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