1111 Gateway

11:11 Gateway Activation Series with the Council of Light

11:11 Gateway Activations!

1111 Gateway Activations

Once a year a special activation gateway opens that is is a Divinely orchestrated access point to the higher ascended realms of Spirit.

… This is the 11:11 Gateway that is happening now!

11:11 represents easy access to the higher divine realms to support your ascension, expanding your consciousness, and self-healing.

It’s not only on November 11th that the 11:11 Gateway is open, however!

Twice a day when the clock strikes 11:11, this sacred ascension code signifies the new levels of light, codes of awakening, and the divinely orchestrated support guiding your ascension process that is available.

1111 Activation

The 11:11 Gateway Activations directly connect you with the power and infinite possibility 11:11 represents.

Are you ready to step into a new level of Divine embodiment?

To call forth your conscious expansion?

To tap into powerful healing?

And to access to the higher dimensions of Spirit?

In this exceptional new 11:11 Gateway Activation series, you will be lovingly and powerfully guided to step through the 11:11 Gateway into sync with the highest expression of your soul light!

Channeled with The Council of Light, this brand new channeled series will support you in tuning into your highest divine light and the newest levels of ascension light and crystalline consciousness available to you now.

The series begins with a powerful clearing and cleansing of mind, body, emotions, and spirit to prepare for the powerful initiation and transformation of the 11:11 Gateway.

You will truly lift on the wings of the angels to prepare for the incredible experience of embodying your soul light.

Learn through experience how to invoke and step through the 11:11 Gateway yourself so you can carry new levels of light and codes of awakening into your life experience!

1111 GatewayThe 11:11 Gateway Activations are a powerful 3 Part Series that will be released in stages this month!

You can access the entire series for a discounted price today!

Part 1 (Available Now): Activating Your Highest Light 

Cleanse and Transform Your Energy Field as you open and prepare to step into a new level of your embodying your highest soul light.

Part 2 (Available Now!): 11:11 Gateway Portal Activation 

This is the peak of the 11:11 Gateway – Tap into the infinite possibilities available to you on your ascension path as you step through the 11:11 Gateway Activation and download the highest levels of your full soul light.

Part 3 (Available Now): Carrying Forth The 11:11 Light 

Reconnect with the incredible 11:11 Gateway, and carry forth the specific codes and energies from the realm of infinite possibility most in alignment with your highest truth and authentic soul light.

The entire 3 Part Series is now available for $55!

11:11 really speaks to the infinite possibilities for your ascension and conscious expansion.

As you listen to this 11:11 Gateway Activation Series of sessions, be open to the infinite possibilities, growth, healing, and love this series will realign you with.

Now is the time for incredible change and transformation on every level!

Click the yellow button below to sign up for the entire series, and receive instant access to this three session series!
11:11 Activation Series

As always your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

I know you're going to love this incredible 11:11 Gateway Activation series!

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler




P.S. Curious what others are saying about the 11:11 Gateway Activation Series so far?

“Fantastic release and filled with divine energy and light. This is one of the best experiences I have had to date. Thank you Melanie, angels and divine spirit.” ~Susanne

“Wow Amazing Thank you Thank you…” ~Denise

So nice and relaxing, it is so hard to come back. Feeling very bright. Thank you.” ~Karen

“I feel like I really opened up and let go. I have struggled with this before . I am new to all this . This time tears were flowing, I FELT the light , I tingled, shivered FELT like I was being lifted and even got names when I meet three guides. I am beyond joy! THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING GIFT” ~Leslie

“Wow!!! This is so powerful!!! Thank you so much, Thank You! <3” ~Cindy

“Beautiful. My whole body became all tingly during this activation session.” ~Moojie

11:11 ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! Thank you Melanie and Council of Light xo” ~Janet

Woah–the new meditation today has me feeling really clear and expanded in mind and heart but my body feels like it’s been sleeping for about 10 years! Amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~Nicole

“Thank you for sharing these Beautiful guided meditations. They are very powerful. I feel very relaxed and open. With gratitude and love, I Thank you!” ~Renee

“SO POWERFUL! Thank you Melanie… This is my first purchase and I forgot to listen to it for a couple of days. I went to log in and realized it was 11:11 am 🙂  I was feeling really sluggish and under the weather, this message rejuvenated me and brought such peace! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift!” ~Sarah

“Thank you Melanie and the Council of Light for letting us experience the infinite light and power of the 11:11 Gateway Portal. It has been powerful, beautiful and wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” ~Esther


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